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Gotcha! A game of cat and mouse! :-))

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Oliver is super inquisitive and wants to investigate, bat at, play with anything and everything!
Good thing he's adorable as well as mischievous!
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Impie, that rascal is so smart and unstoppable so I shouldn't be surprised if he starts solving on my behalf! ;-))). He's definitely keeping me on my toes, as Ella pointed out.

Thankfully marblemouse is a bit too heavy for flying lessons........and hopefully "tail" chewing won't occur to them. I've already replaced my iPhone corded earbuds that were hidden behind a cushion on the sofa.


LOL....he might surprise you one day, Nancy....he's still young :-)))


Oh, Ollie, I see you're keeping your mom on her toes! It might not be a good idea to give that Mousie flying lessons! :D


My pleasure, Auntie Patsy. :-))

I really enjoy my toys, lilliwebs, but there's also soooo much to explore, even if mum isn't always keen on what I'm doing, like trying to walk on mum's keyboard while she writes this for me. :-))

Really, Auntie Betty?!! Wowser. Tavi was trying to help mum with a puzzle at the monitor ....think I should tell him he needs mousie to do that? Looking forward to meeting your WTKiddos. I heard some just had their first birthday.....congrats!! Tavi and I will have ours on April 30th. I hear that's a great time for treats and new toys. :-))

Thank you, Anne. He's as sharp as whip.....something you noticed right off from the photo that introduced the two. ;-))

I'm not sure Mrs Impie. Just wanted to bring mousie to the chair and see what he's all about. Thank you for the compliment.
I think he may have discovered single clicks, Impie, and he has walked across the keyboard with some interesting results, but no sloping screen......yet. ;-DD

Yes, Olya, he's a handsome rascal. :-))
King's preference sounds hilarious. I went to the nearby Apple Store the other night to replace my corded earbuds. Bought two so I have a spare. :-DD And I'm keeping them in the little box they came in. The thing is, I had them stashed behind a sofa whichever of them did it (I'm guessing Ollie) had to go hunting to find them, drag them out into the open and then nibble. Talk about inquisitive!!


Oliver is a cutie :) That mouse doesn't have a chance :)

King likes to chew on headphone and power cords, but only those that belong to my Mom and Dad :)


LOL, you look so cute, Oliver, can you also do double clicks?;))

He's so cute. Nancy. You better not tell Ollie what Blacky used to do and Dorus does too.....walk over her keyboard giving her a sloping monitor screen!;)))


He is a very adorable grey kitty!

Oliver do you know you can use that mouse to solve puzzles on Jigidi as well as play? The West Texas kids say they're looking forward to seeing you in person soon!


Well, in my book, a dead mouse is still a dead mouse. This one might be needed in the household. Oliver, you need a new toy...there's a good boy ! :)

Oliver, thank you for entertaining us as well as yourself.

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4 November 2020 - 17 June 2013
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