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Cherry Blossoms (Mar17P28)

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Cherry blossoms (Sakura) are beautiful. The flowers bloom in Spring and are gone in a few days, so their fleeting beauty is seen and celebrated as a metaphor of life itself.

In ancient Japan, cherry blossoms are praised in many poems.

One of the refined and elegant poems of the Heian period was written by Kino Tsurayuki, a Japanese nobleman :

"Looking at the Mountain Sakura in mist
I miss a person who looks at the Sakura".

All credits go to the photographer who took this photo.

4th of a set of 4 Puzzles on Cherry Blossoms. Please enjoy all of them.

Puzzle 28
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Dear Wendy,

You did not missed my birthday at all. It is today, 15 June. So your birthday greetings are received on the actual day itself :-))

I will be posting a puzzle later on (about one hour from now) @jasonchung2

See you there, love, Jason.


Thank you Judy for your birthday greetings :-)

You count as one of my friends at Jigidi.

Love, Jason.


Thank you, Beverly for remembering my birthday which is on 15 June.

I receive your birthday greetings with joy and deep appreciation :-)

Best regards, Jason.


@jasonchung1 Jason, somewhere along the line I think I missed your birthday. I feel so bad! I sincerely hope you had a wonderful day and spoiled yourself. How could I miss this???? Love and hugs, Wendy


Happy Birthday Jason!!
I hope you have a wonderful day and remember you have lots of friends who love you.


Hi Jason,
In about three hours.....You will celebrate the date of your birth. I hope I have the correct day.
I wish you, from my heart, a very Happy Birthday and many more. Enjoy your day.
Hugs my friend...Beverly 6-14-18 8:19AM


You are most welcome, Mariolyn. Glad that you like this one.


Gorgeous shot! Thanks.


Lovely pink blossoms showing their delicate beauty for all to enjoy. Thanks, Wendy.


Aren't they sweet and dainty, so pretty........Wendy


Hi Nette. Thank you for visiting.

I agree, they are pretty. The photographer has taken a very good picture.


A good and kind heart and a lovely soul are more important than looks, and of course, good health, etc. Your hubby and friends love you for who you are.

Whatever hair colour you like for your crowning glory is fine, as long as you are happy. Happy thought = happy cells = happy person = healthy person.


Pretty Cherry blossoms Jason! ღೋღೋღ




All colours have their own beauty. It is just that we got used to a colour most of our lives.


Thanks Jason. Taken about 6 months ago or so. The past couple days I've been hating my colorless hair and wishing it was dark again.


Thank you Judy.

A good avatar of yourself. Nice.


Very pretty Jason. All of them were today.

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