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Finger food is usually used for starters for a larger group who are going to be wandering around. If guests seated at table then more formal entrees would be served.
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Lol Donna that’s a shocker! :))


Excellent Jaklien, plenty of choice ❤️


What is a cannibal’s favorite part of a party?

The finger foods. 😄


Just one word: wow! ♥


Most welcome Marina, yes I really enjoy trying the different finger foods.


Delightful finger food..I much prefer these tit bits than a proper meal.. I'll have a couple for breakfast! Thank you!!


Absolutely Brian, please do. 😄

Glad to hear it Donna, a girl after my own heart :-)

Juba please enjoy my dear 🙂

Excellent Dj then go back for seconds of your favourite :)

Definitely local smoked salmon, enjoy Brightie ❤️

Do help yourself Putem, enjoy :)

Finger food - the best!


Is that smoked salmon I spy xx delicious xx ♥♥♥


Oh my, these do look delicious. I'm also going for one of each! Thanks, Jill. dj


Thank you Jillian. It all looks delicious :-)


No way would I try just one! One of each on my plate for me! Thanks, Jill!


Could we be cheeky and select one of each please Lady Jillian, thanks mate.....B


@jerrys I prefer doing proper entrees but not when the grandkids are part of it as they can’t sit still that long lol

Enjoy both Lorna :-)

They are yummy even with my mocktails Judy


@goingsilver Yes. Having a little food in tummy before drinking is a good idea.
Looks good Jill!


Yummy and a perfect accompaniment to the drinks!


@JillianB Eenie-meenie-miny-mo Sumptuous spread your Ladyship. Thanks!

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