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Sunday Swirl Mosaic

49 pieces
104 solves
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................oh.......yes..............(think I'll just go to bed now)....


Correction: it WAS in 1,000 pieces, until someone with a gummy left slipper came through...


I would like this in 1.000 pieces.......Oh!...It IS in 1.000 pieces!.....


Yes, it was a bit green!........


Maybe the spray from the fountain is spotting the screen...


Oh dear!......(I'd just have to tell her my screen needs a good clean!)......


Thank goodness my daughter doesn't do Jigidi--she'd not appreciate that comment, lela...! :-DDD


Yes......which one is you?....(Heee-Heeee!).......


You're very kind, Kathy! Thanks!


Such a wonderful photo, Pat! Thanks for sharing!!


Wow! Thank you everyone! It was a very flattering photo--I got so lucky! Maybe one in a hundred makes me look good, so when I saw it I couldn't resist. Jessica is the truly pretty one, and I thank you on her behalf. I just got back from Timmy's christening today, and with the shower yesterday, I haven't had much chance to get nervous about the wedding, but I'm sure that feeling will be coming soon...

I'm so glad you liked the puzzle--the stained-glass program didn't add loads of white for a change, so I was happy with the way it turned out, even if it was very confusing...!


Oh, the picture is wonderful of you and your daughter! Congrats on her upcoming wedding, I know it's an exciting and busy time for you both, though we know the groom is just soaking up all the attention (however, my husband's secretary told her son she wished we'd hurry up and get married because he was misspelling things and he NEVER did that before - lol). Crazy puzzle, I just had to stick pieces together where they fit then stuff them into the puzzle. What a way to solve one! Loved it! 8:22 Thanks, Pat!


A fun time was had by all, including me. LOL


.Pat, I just saw your new avatar. You are one gorgeous woman and your daughter is just radiant. Easy to see where she gets her beauty from. I had to go to your profile page as soon as I spotted it and just sat and enjoyed looking at it. Thank you. By the way this puzzle is great too. Thanks again.


Mr. you mean that you're willing to let others take the gum you left on the puzzle and chew it themselves?


I enjoy these little pebbley mosaic ones! 5:11


Pat, great photo of you and your daughter! You're both lovely women. ~ Wedding in a month! Still staying calm?


Windy.....I'll just leave it for someone else to use...........


Well, lela, I have to say that this time you actually improved on my work, so I will be glad to share the credit with you--although, if anyone gets stuck on wayward bits of gum, or trips over loose tiles, the liability belongs to you alone...

Thanks, Wendy!


Almost forgot! Pat this is WAAAY COOOL too. You're on another roll today! :-)


Well, Mr. Bugosi, there's still some gum stuck on a few of the mosaic tiles. Come back and get the rest.


Oh dear - 'I did it again!' (to quote the immortal Britney).......This time I had some gum stuck to my left slipper, which loosened a few tiles.......however, I had taken the precaution of carrying a tube of superglue (which had stuck in my pocket).......As I couldn't use that, I picked some of the gum off my slipper, and managed to replace the tiles - as best I could.....
The result is very different from your I suppose you could now call it my creation......
(I apologise for any inconvenience caused by my mishap).......
Looked really good to start with, as well!.........