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Zidovský hrbitov ve Voticích - Jewish cemetery in Votice

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Dear Phyllis,
I will also compose your puzzle. It's nice that we met - you from New Zealand and I'm from the Czech Republic, a small town in the district of Tábor. I wish you much health and certainly write to you. Now I regret that I not learned English and translate using the compiler. Best regards Jarek


Thanks Jarka,

Yes, you are right if we do not learn from history then it will repeat itself I fear. I have jewish ancestry and mum used to say that had we lived in Europe during WW2 we may well have lost our lives. Doesn't bear thinking about does it! We have a very old Jewish cemetery in Auckland, it was recently vandalized, great sorrow was felt by many older people here in New Zealand.

Yes I live in NZ but I am Welsh. I came here in 1957 with my parents and siblings.
God bless you Jarka, I know I will do more of your puzzles, so I guess we will speak again.


This is the older part of the cemetery. The later is a chapel with documents about the horrific fate of the Jews during the Second World War. It is important to not forget the people and history are not repeated. Greetings to you from the Czech Republic Jarka


Shalom, good puzzle, makes one think...Thank you.