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Curious George (a.k.a. The World's Smallest Jaguar)

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This sweet but huge (19 pounds!) furry boy has the world's tiniest meow. He uses it to get me to stop whatever I am doing and pet him - works every time.
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  1. vbrewer6410:07
  2. DeDonder10:20
  3. guwisti11:14
  4. Talana11:28
  5. GrandmaJo12:20
  6. alene113:34
  7. janejig13:39
  8. TCRjazz13:52
  9. wiewiorka15:25
  10. ajandfran15:38


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We rescued a new-born black kitty that our sheepdog found on the back deck. She was still wet from the placenta, and we, unbelievably, were able to extend her life for many, many years. Because she was found on our deck, we named her "Dexter," but not once did she never meow. She had no role model to learn from. That just shows the importance of the bond created between "mother and child."


He is gorgeous! And knows how to poise. Judi


Thanks, y'all. Imma be honest, all my pets have trained me well. :D


Himbs is such a handsome house panther

Thanks for this picture of your demure looking black cat. I'm so glad you are so responsive. I have an 18 pound black cat named Raven who knows how to get me to stop anything and rub his face or get a pat on his haunches but it isn't with a tiny meow , its what I call his mewpurr, his very own cat language. I hope your beauty is as affectionate as mine -for Raven snuggles if I have a lie-down or when lights out at night he curls right up next to me and exfoliates my face and is there to do the same thing in the morning. I love cats!

Handsome Curious George has you well trained. And unlike our shy black cat Ebony, he asks for petting, not for a tasty treat.


What a little beauty. 🧡🧡🧡

Handsome guy, our house is very partial to black cats. We have 2 shorthairs and 1 longhair black kitty.

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27 February 2019 - 8 August 2018
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