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For Dusty and his Family

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A special little one, Dusty, passed June 14, 2021 from the loving home of one of our Jigidi friends. A little blurry puzzle is good so we can all blame our shared tears. May we all remember those furry ones who have shared our lives.


  1. racoonstar1:01
  2. sdewers1:06
  3. jvsofield1:12
  4. TONYBUTT1:13
  5. PutterDutt1:20
  6. Evaharriet1:26
  7. qpr1:27
  8. MoreJunk1:36
  9. holisak1:40
  10. mustang671:45


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OK, Dusty, and I'm sure she has one for you, too.


My heart goes out to your friend! Send her a hug from me, ok?
Dusty : )


So nice. I attempted to email it to a friend who recently lost her buddy. TFS




Beautifully said, AMIT!


Excellent ! So many fun things to remember.... and cherish. Thank you!
Dusty's Mom : )


@qpr @PuzzlerJL @PutterDutt @sibaj @MoreJunk And, of course, @dustydog ...

In thinking through this poem and other words we've typed here and elsewhere, I would like to think our commonality is not the grief we share over those wonderful animals we have lost, but instead the warm rememberances we have of their questioning eyes, wet noses, prancing toes, treat-filled tummies, wagging tails, and cute butts. And then there were the "So glad you are home, I thought you were lost;" "What's for supper, I think I missed breakfast;" and, "Did you know skunks aren't that friendly?" If that very first minute with them hadn't occured, we would have missed out on all the others that we took for granted. They were part of us, but we were also part of them. Dusty was one of the more recent to join this journey, but we all know his departure has given us the opportunity to open our hearts to his family while we reminisce about our own.


Oh how much poorer my life would have been without my Dusty!


Morejunk has it right.

We all understand that pain, sinaj. I hope you can smile once in a while when thinking of Patience.

We grieve because we have loved and been loved. How awful it would be to not know love.


What a sweet message! Yes, it brought tears to my eyes....but also comfort to my heart.
Dusty's Mom.

That's exactly how I felt when we lost Patience. Losing her was the worst pet loss we ever had and we have had many losses over our 50 years of marriage.


Just perfect, AMIT. I know Eileen will treasure Dusty's memories for the rest of her life.

Wonderful poem. Thank you for sharing it.

Beautiful lovely words.