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Vancouver 2017

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My son is an elevator mechanic so gets to see Vancouver's beautiful skyline and mountains.
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Unfortunately, Wendy, that wouldn't be an option for me. All my kids are here, south of the Fraser so here I will stay.-Valerie


I hear you Valerie. Maybe when I become unable to look after myself, I will seek an assisted living place in Vancouver so I can be close to my kids............Wendy


Wendy, don't know what it is about Vancouver but it exhilarates me just to be there. Would I move back (assuming I could afford it)? Probably not for many reasons but when my health was better, I would have (should have?) done it.-Valerie


My daughter was 10 when we moved out here to Mission from Vancouver, actually Burnaby, and man, when she graduated from high school she was gone back in there. She hated moving out of the city, and my son was the opposite, he would have loved to live in Deroche! The further away from the city the better. I miss it, still do even though I've been in Mission 41 years. But like you, I can drive in to my daughters and my sons places, but I sure won't venture downtown Vancouver!!! Wendy


Yes Wendy, it has changed a lot since I grew up there but still, after years of being away, I still know my way around (although I wouldn't drive there) and can be navigator for others. My oldest grandson is like me-he always says "I love Vancouver" whenever we go in. Doesn't matter where we go, it's just exciting for both of us.-Valerie


My home town and where I lived most of my life. You wouldn't believe the changes in the skyline I have seen over the years..............Wendy

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