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4 for Snooker. Mount Lorette (left)

12 pieces
121 solves
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So glad you all joined in. Thank you Tangarine. Snooker I got hooked on snowshoeing the first time, tried x country and found out it was not for me. Wish you were closer, we could have fun.
LOL, TS, I had to double check!:)
Keep warm Patsyanne, you got more snow than Calgary I think:)
Thank you for the compliment PKH, we are a group of seniors 60/75 slow but steady, loving the outdoor and having lots of fun. I would love to have all of you join us.
Thank you pkin, glad you liked it.


Awesome .... thanks for the great set Maria


So, once again, I begin at the end and end at the beginning. I have no idea if the folks out there realize what it takes to 1.) break a trail in snowshoes 2.) break a trail in about 2 feet of fluffy snow 3.) snowshoe for 2 hours.
You and your group are an amazing troup of hikers/shoe-ers, and skiers.
Thanks for taking us along. Well done!

Thanks, Maria. Sounds like a great day out. And lovely photos. We've been hit hard by the snow this week too. Clear today and melting some. Take care, my friend, and see you next week.


Sorry, I just realized that must be January 10, duh! Thanks again.


This is a spectacular photo, and hard to believe it was October 1, if the date on the camera is correct. We were still having hot summer at that time! Thanks for sharing your terrific scenery.

Hi, Maria,
Another four beauties. You are right it is a magical place. Only managed to snowshoe once in my life and that was in northern Quebec in the 50's. Was finally getting the hang of it and since I was a lot younger then, it was fun. Now, well I think I will leave the hard work to you and sit back and enjoy your great photos. The snow must be piling up in Calgary - nothing here but a little rain a few days ago and 70's F. today.
It is kind of you to continue taking us all along on your hikes - you have quite a following. Too bad we can't all break trail for you once in awhile. :) Till next week my friend. Stay healthy and safe.


so beautiful! Thanks, eaglefeather


And mountains for Patsyanne. Thinking of you. Keep well my friend.


Hi Snooker,
It was cold, windy and blowing snow when we decided to meet the group at the Kananaskis Village snowshoe trail. The drive took an extra hour but once we got there it stopped snowing. We were counting on the trees protecting us and sure enough they didn't let us down. We snow shoed for two hours in this magical place, so beautiful and breathtaking. There was about two feet of snow and it was so fluffy, I felt I was walking on clouds!
We took turns on breaking trail and in no time at all we were no longer cold! :) Oh, what a day!
Once we got home there was a sidewalk to clean and we have done it two more times since. It's still snowing but right now I am going to bed for a well deserved sleep! Good night.
Till next week, keep well my friend. Ciao for now!