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Just sunshine and happiness - Vintage Sunflower Fruit Crate Label

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Just some bright, sunshiny vintage fruit crate labels today. Even though my Idaho, USA home has snow on the ground, the sky is bright and the sun is out. Thinking of the spring flowers to come brings happy memories an peace.

I hope you enjoy these mini works of art, many of them in today's set of four puzzles created about 70 to 80 years ago. I always marvel at the art style use to create these colorful and varied vignettes. I hope you enjoy them as well.

Have a happy day in your part of the world.
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  1. Juanca28100:50
  2. dotshell1:02
  3. swimbee1:08
  4. Robbos1:15
  5. webpeggy1:20
  6. Bevlaar1:21
  7. knihomilka1:24
  8. kalasti1:26
  9. cariblue21:26
  10. leak19691:28


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Dotty for my long descriptions I write it in my word pad, which doesn't have a spell check. I paste it into the Jigidi description and all my misspelled words get corrected there. Then I copy the corrected description back to my word pad. Then the the next three are a cinch to copy back into the next three. That is what works for me. No matter hich way you go, it is still work to cut and past. I do find it easier to past from my word pad than from the Jigidi. I use my lap top and can easily have two puzzles open at the same time and that is also easier than from an I pad. Good luck.


It works fine on a PC. I don't know anything about iPads. Sorry @dotshell


@ringleader, Thanks for your comments. I've tried that but on my iPad, I can't make it copy. I'll try again but I think it's because I'm using an app on my iPad, not going through the website.


I'll butt in here, Dotty. Write want you want at one of the sizes and Save. Then copy it from there and paste it in the descriptions in all the other sizes where you wish to say the same thing.


Peg, I am so excited to see sunny sunflowers AND rainbows from you! All bookmarked to enjoy! Can you help me with something? I can't figure out how to have the same description appear under puzzles that I do in different sizes (like your comments above that start with Just some bright, sunshiny, . , .) Do you first write the description on a Word document and then copy and paste? I just wondered if there was a button for copying the same description within the Jigidi program. THANKS! Hugs to you! Dotty


Mother123456, you are welcome.


Sending a smile and a hug! ☺♥☺back to you.


Shirley, so glad you enjoyed. You are welcome.


Ardy, thanks. Hugs.

You too grandmapegs!


Take care! Sending a smile and a hug! ☺♥☺


A lovely sunflower and a lovely quote, Peg, Thanks so much.


Lovely sunshine in these flowers. I posted one this morning too on ringleader2. A wonderful, label. Thanks, Peg. Hugs.

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