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Ash - Snow? Hmmm, don't think I'll want out this morning!

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  1. krenov10:05
  2. pnorg4610:35
  3. Impie11:44
  4. Carol6612:04
  5. Lynetteoz13:16
  6. lindaleigh15:26
  7. Parker3616:43
  8. Legalbeagle19:38
  9. channellery19:58


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Impie, Ash must be very wise then! He's not very fond of 'weather'!

Soo, it's almost all gone this morning so no snowmen (or should that be snow kitties) for Ash today!

Yes Jimmy, we know where all the comfortable spots are! ~ Ash x

Pammi, you have the best ideas! ~ Ash x

It does, Lynetteoz! ~ Ash x


Yes Ash I agree with Pammi - the radiator bed sounds like the best option :-)


Hi there, Ash. Oohhhhh, that looks a bit too cold for the sweet little furry tootsies. It might be better to give it a miss and seek out your radiator bed. You think? ♥♥


Hi Ash, I agree, it's much more comfortable inside!


A little sniff of the cold air and then back to bed ♥ Leave making a snowman until another day ☺☺


Wow Ash....that's a lot of snow!....very wise decisioun to stay indoors. ☺♥☺


He did think very carefully about it this morning, Carol66, before deciding it just wasn't worth it! ☺☻☺


I'm with you Ash. Better to just admire it from a cozy window perch!

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