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We have done 5 markets so far this year. We are currently doing 4 markets a week. On average ... 60 loaves of bread, 5lbs of fudge, & 5 dozen jars of jam go home with happy customers each week 😊

Sioux Center's market is every Wednesday morning, held in the corner of the mall parking lot right in the center of town. This is our 4th year in Sioux Center, and we have " a few" regulars we see almost every week. 😊 It's also our earliest market, starting the first week in May, and going into October.

Rock Valley and Orange City both began in the beginning of June. Rock Valley is Thursday night, and held in the City Park. This is their second year holding a farmer's market, and our first year with them. Their market is the first to close in mid-August.

Orange City is on Saturday mornings. This is our 3rd year at their market. It is held across the street from Windmill Park. They close off Central between First and Second Streets and line both sides of the block with vendors. This is our biggest market with at least a dozen regular vendors. They are the only market we go to that has an indoor alternative in case of rain, and their market ends on the last Saturday in September.

Akron and Hawarden open their markets @July 4th, this year it was June 30th and July 1st. Akron is Wednesday evenings, Hawarden is Thursday evenings. Both are held in their respective City Park. As my wife and I are two of the market managers in Hawarden, we stop going to Rock Valley. Akron's market ends the last Wednesday in September, Hawarden's will go into October, weather permitting

Even though we have only started Rock Valley, we have already created a following. Some, friends of my wife when she worked in Rock Valley years ago. Others that know of us from other markets. We will be back in Rock Valley July 22nd, and again in August before they close for the season.

With my wife turning 55 yesterday, and I get to be 59 this year, we have talked at length about using this as a retirement vehicle. Even as busy as I get, we both enjoy doing this. We get out, see different people, and have a good time together. Since we feed off each other, everyone that stops by has a good time too 😉
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thanks all 😊 ... and the little woman says thank you for all of her birthday wishes too 😊

@PutterDutt ... yes it is Ellen, and it's kinda tasty too 😂 lol

@ringleader ... actually Ardy, we went to another's "surprise" birthday party on her birthday. one of her girlfriend's turned 60 on June 29th. we have always celebrated her birth on the 4th, even though her birthday is July 2nd

@Bubble ... I've been on disability since '98 Bubs ... it's great to do anything besides twiddling my thumbs 😂 lol


Great to retire at a younger age, go for it John and Happy Birthday to your wife 🎂👸


Happy Birthday, to your lovely bride. It's great that you both enjoy this, and have fun with it. Hope it continues to go well. :)


I suspect your wife spent a busy day to celebrate her birthday. You two sure are busy. If you make a decent profit from your labors sounds like a great project for retirement but that another 6 or so years in the future. Good luck. Thanks, John, for sharing.


Happy Birthday to Mrs. John!! What a great way to combine business with pleasure!

That was way to hot. The last thing you need is for the jars to open. Or what is inside to melt.
It worked.


@Ianto ... it was 96° that Thursday evening, the ice was used to keep the jars cool so the jars would not "pop" & break their seal. we stayed home the week before, it was 99°, and came up with the buffet cooler solution.

@JillianB ... thank you 😊 a little extra pocket change is nice, especially when it comes to spoiling the grandkids ... mostly I think it's because we enjoy it. we have a great time, and it's contagious ... we infect our customers with it 😊


John you certainly both seem to be making a marvellous go of it. Good on you, it’s lovely to see all your hard work paying dividends in both monetary reward and enjoyment.

Happy Birthday to your wife.
You both will have a lot of work to do, if you decide to do this full time. Go for it.

I noticed the ice in Rock Valley.


@nanab ... you're welcome BB ... we've had years to "work out any kinks". we have come a long way since we first started back in 2011 😉

@CJ45 ... I will Clive and thank you 😊


First John say happy Birthday to your wife fom me and every one else on this page.
So pleased that you are doing so well. keep it up and enjoy your profits.


Thanks for sharing all of the market info John, it's a busy schedule.
I think it's a perfect way to spend some of your retirement time, you have a great routine in regards to harvest, prep and preparing and you have a good time doing it.


if you start heading to Hawarden now ... you should get their before the market closes for the season 😉


Ah, I NEED that.


@iceng ... thanks Alex, glad you're enjoying the ride 😊

@msbonne ... in the Akron pic ... honey 😊 in the Hawarden pic ... ok ... ya caught me, it's scotch jam 😂 lolol


What is in the jars?


Fun following your well described and successful market events. :-))


@rswestley ... as per your first request, we will have Spell Check authorities examine said passage and get back to you. I get his autograph every time I sign a check 😉

@ulangariver ... it's taken a long time to get here Nev, but the journey was well worth it 😊 oddly enough, COVID actually helped. last year, markets were one of the few places people could "shop" at ... and being outdoors meant folks would gather in small groups away from others to talk, so markets became social events. a lot have returned 😊


If you are planning on using this picture on your publicity brochure, check the spelling. Sue is spelt S-U-E, not S-I-O-U-X. And did you get an autograph from Dick Butkus... the guy in the bottom right hand picture?


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