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  1. JennyG660:17
  2. Robbos0:19
  3. Syke0:19
  4. perleblanche0:20
  5. Dilubreuer0:20
  6. truck0:21
  7. PLG19580:22
  8. barbpuzz0:23
  9. Gladstone0:25
  10. Lassandra0:25


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I'm sure that you do:(


You're welcome. I miss him.

Oh no. So sad, thank you for letting me know.


@Ianto Sorry he won't see your comment as he passed away less than two months after posting this.

Someone w,ill need a bath when they get home.


Jax is a golden retriever, but really loves the water.
Young and full of energy.


Water dogs only care about water, they don't seem to be bothered by temperature.


ptti, I would think that cold water would NOT be very inviting.
Goofy dog.
Thank you.


Even in the cold? Wow!


They got Jax as a puppy and now getting to be a larger Golden Retriever.
I sent Donna a copy of her picture/puzzle.
Thank you, Val.


Brave Jax, great photo thank you Floyd, Donna and Jax☺☺


Juba: and probable a warm bath.
Truck, this is a little unusual for a dog, I think.
Ardy, it was 8-9 C today so a lot of our snow is gone.
The house is nearly snow free but some on the garage.
Jacki, Donna said this guy really likes water.
Barb, I am not sure the temp but probably 10 C or so.
That what you have to do, Bargb if you want a wim at this time of year.
oldnanalarissa, this little guy i enjoying the water.
Fred, I agree, not for me.
This guy and his friends,another golden retriever and a cat have a great home, Suzy.
Thank you all for your visit and welcome comments.


A dog's life is a good life. :)




I am impressed. He looks like he's meditating very seriously. I see bits of ice. There is also snow at the other edge. Thank you for posting. This is a wonderful picture.


LOL, he had to break through that ice but I really don't think he minded the coldness of the water because he looks right at home. Such a fun photo, thanks to you and Donna.


Must have been a hot summer day....Thanks Floyd and Donna for a fun puzzle :)


Happy dog as well as handsome dog! Just about the same color as the grasses, too.


I hope it's not as cold where Jax is as it is where you are.
Cute picture.
Thanks, Floyd and Donna.
We are finally up to 7 C although it feels like 4.
Sunny and windy.


I had a dog like that once, she was part dolphin, if there was water nearby she would be belly deep in it waiting for me.


Brrrr! Hope he gets to come in and warm up after.

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