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Locomotion at Tyseley

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  1. elmersandy13:18
  2. auershop15:42
  3. drattenbury16:30
  4. EastClintwood16:52
  5. PompeyBob16:59
  6. ian194817:34
  7. DelticBC19:25
  8. dds4820:02
  9. Subs21:39
  10. dad222:02


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auershop, I agree with Paddy and hopefully normal service is now resumed. There's no point in having a friend unless you miss him when he's not there. I think that makes sense... I'll read it again later.


I'm so glad we are all still friends and not feeding the establishment with anything they desire. I promise never to mention your age again ferret... until memory fails me as it frequently does.

East, after due consideration I have decided not to take action against you for your cruelty. I concluded that the distress of paying anything to a solicitor would outweigh the pleasure of getting money out of you.

You never know maybe I´m his solicitor


ferret, please tell your solicitor that I apologise for any unintentional offence caused. If you provide me with the relevant details I would be happy to send you a couple of boxes of tissues to assist your discomfort. My intention was merely to make you feel more relaxed and comfortable with your memories.

auershop I am normally very sensitive towards the feelings of old folk but promise to try even harder in future to respect their emotional defects. No offence intended.

East you could be a bit more sensitive with our old friend or did you mean the train in the back ground ?

My solicitor has advised me that your cruel utterances constitute a gross libel. I suggest that you gather as much money as possible and await the impending claim for damages. I must stop, the tears are making the keyboard all sticky.


I thought a few pictures from your youth might cheer you up ferret !


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