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Rippled Rings

100 pieces
75 solves
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Thanks whatnauts - it's been a lot of fun, I hope you enjoy the final few once you reach them in your bookmarks folder!


I actually did not recognize the I's on the I puzzle - I was too focused on the Eye.
The H puzzle - I recognized it immediately, I had previously bookmarked the larger version, but I haven't solved it and it's doubtful I would have recognized the H's,however I do remember wondering about the title.
And the T puzzle - well I missed that one completely, but have since bookmarked the small version.

Thanks very much for giving me these links and also for the series. It was a lot of fun watching for the puzzles and then solving them.


Thanks whatnauts - I'm smiling that I caught you out!! However, you did actually solve I!! Your name is still on its leaderboard -

It must have been so sneaky you didn't notice the Is... or you've slept since then and forgotten it!!!

Here is H -
and T -

Have fun, and thanks again for being so involved in this "game". I've really enjoyed coming up with letter ideas, so I'll probably do some more in the fulness of time!


Yes, it took me awhile to catch on to some of the sneaky techniques you were using and I was too lazy to look back, so I'm thrilled you've kept track because I want to solve all your alphabet puzzles. I missed H, I and T, so I suppose you could say my technique was 'hit' or miss. hehehe

There's no hurry - would you like me to remind you on the weekend when you'll likely have more time??? TIA


Thanks whatnauts. This was the final letter.... you must have missed some. I'm going to do a puzzle with them all on it soon.... if you want to know when I posted the ones you missed just ask... I've kept dates!! I deliberately tried to be sneaky with some of them.... so I'm smiling broadly that I succeeded!!!


Another fun alphabet puzzle, monza. I believe you have three letters left, or have I missed some???


Thanks Wendy, I was pleased with the end result... after a long time of fiddling around... and it is a shame the thumbnail didn't show it off well... c'est la vie!!!


Thanks BillieR - it lovely of you to stop to tell me :~)


Mandy, this is just GORGEOUS, but the thumbnail doesn't show how lovely this is at all. It looks WONDERFUL here though. This is an ingenious design!

Loved your puzzle, bright and all those R's.