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  1. evina560:44
  2. like921150:50
  3. papavera0:51
  4. Bizarra0:56
  5. Grandma_W0:58
  6. hurshy1:00
  7. lorellzanolli1:04
  8. jbow1:05
  9. byron1231:08
  10. Charlena1:10


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Jana- Sorry it took me sooooo long to getting back to you, don't you just love these two little beauties! Their so sweet, I wish I could have them both so much! Hope you have a fun-filled weekend planned for yourself my friend!...Big hugs for you sweety!

Adrianna- Thanks so much my friend, I'm very happy you like these two little girls! ':-))))))))))))))))))


Loveble picture x hug


I love them, thank you Monica sooo much :-)))))


Anitas- I think so too, thanks so much for commenting on them Anitas, I always like hearing from you!

Janine- Yep, their coming along too so come on girl, we can't start without you! L.O.L.

Denise- Hey there friend your going on the picnic with us aren't you? Thanks, I thought I'd do a purple theme this time since it is my favorite color after all! I'm so glad you liked this whole set! :-))))

Smllpkg101- Thanks so much sweety, I'm so happy you like these little cuties! ':-P

Talia2- Hey there Denise, thank you very much, it pleases me that everyone likes these little cuties! :-DD

Gene- Your quite welcome my friend, I'm glad you like them! Have a great day/evening! ;-)))))))))))

Patricia- I know, aren't they just the sweetest kitties you've ever seen! I want them both! L.O.L. Thanks so much for commenting on these two little sweeties!


such a sweet couple. ..Their innocent eyes filled with curiosity!


So adorable Monica ... thanks for posting it :))))


Monica soooo two cute kitten. I like this picture. Thank you.


Adorable kittens!


Love your theme of purple. The entire set is so lovely and I enjoyed them all. Thank you Monica:-))

With these two...? I'll be right there....thank you so much....Janine.


Sweet babies.


Well come along then Bizarra, it wouldn't be the same without you! L.O.L. Thanks for commenting friend! Have a wonderful week!


Yes, wait for me! Soooooo cute!!

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