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Patrick's One Thought

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It's a good thing he's pretty...and sweet...because there ain't much going on upstairs. It's mostly thoughts of food, "must get sister", love mom love papa. That's it folks. 3 thoughts. Oh and ghosts. We have lots of ghosties.
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  1. niggae21:51
  2. srazz25:54
  3. puppsgal26:44
  4. vbrewer6428:32
  5. tisketsmum31:54
  6. tapsak43:56
  7. greyhound0554:12
  8. Ontheroad55:39
  9. jojo531:10:46
  10. gagagodfrey1:11:32


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@beyondwords Yes, his official name and what his papa calls him is Patrick. His mama, me, calls him Patty Cakes. :D

Is Patrick aka Patty Cakes?

I love Patrick! He's so pretty!!!!


@beyondwords YES! Posting three more puzzles in just a few minutes. :D

Fascinating! I do believe in a spirit world, and spirit guides. But I'm not yet convinced about ghosties, though sweet Patty Cakes and his humans apparently believe in at least one.

By the way, can we see Daksi again sometime? ~Patsy


@beyondwords Now, I didn't hear this. But my husband used one of those apps where voices can come through and went in there the other day to test it out. Patty Cakes (what I call Patrick) came walking in between his legs and on the app he said he heard the words clear as day say "Sweet Thing". And he is terribly sweet.


@beyondwords Well, as cats do, he sees things. He sees more things than our tortie...or maybe she just doesn't care. We think we have a little girl ghostie in a spare room. Have ever since I moved here 16 years ago. That's his favorite room, when he's not with us and that makes me happy to think he's keeping her company.

Cute! And those 3 thoughts are quite sufficient most of the time. Tell us about the ghosties.


I love this :-))))

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9 November 2020 - 3 July 2016
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