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Our daughter has a purple and yellow trim house in her neighborhood! It's been there for years. Of course, ours in a shocking medium blue with white trim.!


Laurajane- Thanks so much Laura, I thought that was pretty clever of them to do that too! I asked my husband if we could paint our house and mailbox the same color, and do you know what he said to me? Well, actually I don't think I'm aloud to repeat it here on jigidi! hahaha but I can tell you it wasn't very nice that's for sure! l.o.l. I love purple, it's my favorite color but even I wouldn't paint my house purple! hee, hee I was just teasing him but I sure had him going for a while! I'm sorry that it took me so long to answer your comment, between my therapy sessions and my prevention courses and taking care of my hubby I've hardly had time to even breath let alone put puzzles together, which is my most favorite past time! Thank you so much sweety for keeping us in your prayers, it's helped more than I could ever say! You are so very sweet, I am so lucky to have friends like you in my life!...Big hugs ;-)))))

Fileusa- Hello there Patricia, I'm so happy that you like this purple house too, I saw this and couldn't resist I just had to post it! I love how all the greenery surrounding it makes it sort of "POP" Thank you so much for taking the time to comment while at work, I sure hope you didn't get into any trouble with your boss! tee, hee It feels so wonderful to be back again, things are going so well for me, I'm healing inside and out so much quicker than I ever thought I would and I just absolutely know for a fact that it's because of all the wonderful people here on jigidi praying for me! Thank you so much for that!...Big hugs for you my friend! ;-))))


This is so attractive, Monica. Amazing how the colour purple works with all the greenery surrounding it. I just love it.
I am at work now but I thought of you and popped by to see how you were doing. I am so happy to see you back. :D Thank god for answering prayers.. Must go, boss is coming... Lots of love and Hugs... Patricia


What a pretty little purple house, Monica. And I do love the matching mailbox. I think this is tastefully done! I pray that you get better and stronger every day. Blessings!


Grandmajojo- Thanks, purple is my favorite color! I'm so glad you like it! ;)))

Javasage- Hi there Libby, I like how they matched the mailbox up with the house too! So cute! I'm doing so much better, thank you for asking!...Hugs

Gnt1041- Hey Gene, how are you doing these days? I too, think that this old house is great, love the color too! :-D

Smllpkg101- Oh I LOVE the color choice, but of course purple is my most favorite color! If my husband would let me, I'd paint our house purple! hee, hee Of course I don't think my neighbors would like it very much! l.o.l.

Ringleader- Hello Ardy, how are you doing? Yes, I think your quite right about our purple and pink! I LOVE those colors together! Oh wow, how I wish I could see these purple houses on your way to school, I'll bet their beautiful! Purple is a startling color, for both houses and cars! I have you in my favorites list too, it feels so wonderful to be back again, as I've missed all of my friends, you are one of them of course! Thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers, I believe everyone's prayers has helped me to heal so much faster! I am a strong believer of prayer! :) Have a wonderful day/evening my good friend!...Love & hugs

Loveydear- Hey Ami, how have you been doing lately? Yes, I'm doing so much better these days, and it's all because of you and everyone else here on jigidi praying for me these past few months! :) I am and will always be very grateful for everyone's kindness towards myself and my hubby! Don't you just love how they painted the mailbox to match the house? I wish my hubby would let me do this to our house and mailbox! hee, hee

Annjax- Hello my dear Mamacita', good Lord no, my hubby would NEVER let me paint our house purple! I've already asked and he flat out said "over my dead body" hawhawhaw Oh well, it was worth a shot! Too bad too, it would have been so very beautiful! hee, hee And, what's up with that?Your always on Gary's side, your MY Mamacita'!!! tee, hee, hee..............


Oh my gosh, Monica---have you gone and convinced Gary to paint your house purple now?! Oh that poor man! SHEESH! ;-)) ..................


Thanks monica, just seeing that you're posting now and then is a sign you're doing better. The house and the little birdhouse or mail box are similar in shape and color, very cute together!


Your purple and my pink go well together, Monica. I have you in my favorites and have watched every day for signs of activity on your profile. Somehow I missed the posting five days ago but made o\up for it by enjoying all the dewdrop pictures now. I chose to comment just once. Love your purple ones from today as well. When I drive out to my school I go down my street just over half a mile, turn left and go about one more mile to the school. On that short trip there are two purple houses. They are a little startling but not unpleasant to look at.

So glad you are doing so much better and can post again. You have been missed. Know you and your hubby are still in my prayers for complete healing both physically and emotionally. Have a good day. Love and Hugs, Ardy


Odd color choice, but it works!


Great old house Monica :-)))))


Cute mailbox, too! Hope you're doing well! Thanks ;-)))


Love that colour. Thanks for sharing, Monica.

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