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Brookside Gardens At Christmas

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Good sized mushrooms and lots of lights in this area.
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Thanks, Mila. Cameras don't like cold weather. (Neither do I but would bundle up to experience this. ☺)


Thanks, Lunie. I think that is a tree rather than a crane. The mushrooms were neat.


It did a great job acting up, she knows you are the master!


And the crane is lighted too? Love those oversized mushrooms...Thanks Ardy.


You're welcome, Mila. My camera was acting up so I was lucky to get anything. ☺


Ardy this is a masterpiece of a photo! It looks like a painting, so beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us! Mila


You're welcome, Shirley. I'm happy you have enjoyed them. Just a few more. ☺


You're welcome, Barb. So many different designs. It was great fun even though it was cold. Hugs 😊💖


Thanks, Pam. There were quite a few of them. 😊💕


You're welcome Jacki.


Thanks, Faye. I feel so bad that the weather is against you. Maybe there is some reason you should not make the trip? Some extra prayers sound like a good idea.


A magnificent display of lights, I've enjoyed all of them, Thanks, Ardy.


Great, Ardy. Looks like they've had it beautiful in every part of their gardens. Love this one with the mushrooms too. Thank you and hugs 🙂❤️


I like that some lighted mushrooms have been included in the holiday display!
Thanks, Ardy. ♥︎☺︎♥︎


They're very well organized! Thank you Ardy.


Hee hee...I think of the dancing mushrooms in Fantasia! Such a tremendous amount of work attaching lights along each branch...but such a wonderful effect! 💖💖💖

P.S. Had planned to leave tomorrow but such a downpour last night that the highway further up country is once again closed because of avalanche hazard. ☹️


Jacki, you also pay $10 per person to enter. Tickets are dated and timed to help control the crowds. That probably helps too. (I remember when it was $5 per car!! ) You have to get the tickets on line and in advance so watching the weather is a factor.


That makes sense Ardy.


You're welcome, Jill. This is one of several displays in my area but the only one you walk through.


What a feast for the eyes you had visiting these Gardens. Thanks for sharing them with us, beautiful.


True. Maybe they have their own generators?


If they can afford it, we can enjoy it! hugs


You're welcome, Jacki. I've had that same thought about the electric bill too. But it is beautiful. Hugs


Amazing! Yet another beautiful display and more to come. I wonder what their electricity bill for December will look like! (I hate it when I get practical) Thank you Ardy. They certainly are creative at Brookside Gardens.


Thank you, Sandi. It really is a fairyland of lights and all showing things of nature. I'm coming to the end though. There are enough to finish this week. Have a great day staying warm.


Me too. Thank you US_femail.


Thanks, alias2v.


Beautiful! Brookside must have been an absolute fairyland of lights. I sure have enjoyed your photos. Have a wonderful day.


Nice. I love seeing all the light displays this time of year.


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