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Goofie: Please....don't stop what you're doing.....

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Getting a neck rub from Bro☺☺


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Love to see him getting loved .


He sure is Lynetteoz....:)

Oh Jimmy Bro (maegi) I'm so sorry to hear that..... I get my neck rubs from MY 'human' mum's husband (my human daddy) also died (2,5 years ago)...sometimes when I hear a car park that sounds like ours did ....I listen carefully and sit in the hall and wait for the front door to open (?), my mum thinks that I probably expect my daddy to come in any minute....and then I get more rubs from her!!!......
....I also have an even bigger Bro who gives me rubs when he visits.....


I really know this position when mum give me neck rubs (she hasn't a brother and her husband died 7 years ago) so she must do rubs by herself, except Bigi is here...


You sure are loving that aren't you Goofie :-)


LOL tisketsmum ☺☺

So glad you understand Milly....I'll see you in my dreams..♥..Love Goofie xx

Soo...this brings back (bad) memories.....when my hubby and I got married, my mother-in-law told me right in my face (and not just this once!!!) that I had "stolen" her son!! So sad... she had been going out of her way to delay or even prevent our marriage, tough luck for her...our love for eachother conquered all !!!☺♥☺ (I guess a Queen wouldn't even have been good enough for her son)☺☺☺


I know you love your mum Goofie and I know she loves you to bits, I love you too but I will never take you from her ........ sweet dreams (of me). Love Milly xx


Maybe that smile is left over from Saturday night? ☺☺☺


I believe you catslave!

Thank you LadyLouise.

He fully agrees Rebecca :)

I do Mrs.soo☺☺
I really enjoyed your company Milly's nice to be back home though....I think I'm more of a mummy's boy than I thought I was after all! Love Goofie♥♥♥


Wow, look at the size of that smile!!! You really are enjoying that Goofie ☺☺

Hi Goofie, nice to see you back at home with your family. I really enjoyed your company on Saturday night ...... miss you. Love Milly ♥♥♥


That's what humans are for - all those spots that are tough to reach. :) (And to cook F.I.S.H.)


handsome Goofie sure gets lots of loving,
he sure deserves it, beautiful boy.


i think I can hear Goofie purr from here!