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A doggie friend resting near the laurel hedge ...
okay ... so she was waiting patiently while I took some pictures!!!


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Ah! I understand now. Thank you Ank for your explanation!


Cathy you wrote "Thank you Faye. Funny how most people like buttercups but not dandelions. Discrimination !?" No, I tell you why. The leaves of dandelions kill the grass. Buttercups, don't. I would I had buttercups in stead of dandelions. And the problem is, there are so many dandelions. I try to keep my garden clean of it, but that very difficult. There are always so many seeds in the air.


Thank you Sue!! And your mum was right. They are pretty yellow flowers!!


What a QT! She looks so good among what my Mum used to call, "pretty yellow 'flowers'"! Thanks for posting.


Thank you Suzy! Yes, I think she was!

Thank you Jacques! I agree.

Thanks Rob. Usually the hedge behind a cute dog just disappears but this one is getting some attention too!!


She's a real cutie Cathy!! I love the hedge - it's spectacular!!!




She is smiling for you!


Thanks Sandy! I'm always happy to find a note from you!


What a cute pictue. And the yellow ball sets off the yellow flowers. Nice one Cathy.


Dekujeme za vasi poznámku. Anezka.
Vase fotky jsou nádherné taky!
Thank you for your note.
Your pictures are wonderful too !


Sympathetic friend, your sheltie. Laurel plot is wonderful, I can only laurel growing in a pot, us in the winter frozen.
Thank you for a wonderful view...


Thank you Faye. Funny how most people like buttercups but not dandelions. Discrimination !?

Thank you Li. She is a real sweetheart! When she brings the ball back to me, if she puts it too far away I just have to say 'closer' and she brings it right to me!!

Thanks Laurajane. Someone told me that laurel hedges are great because you can prune them back and they quickly grow new leaves and look fine again.

Thank you Lorna!! She is both long suffering and cute !!!

Thank you Ank. I will do that!!


Love this pic. She is so sweet, just waiting. Give her a belly rub.


Poor long suffering (and rather cute) dog!!!


Will you look at that hedge! Wow!


Beautiful dog, Cathy! I've had Shelties in the past and just love them. Great picture!


I remember lots of buttercups while growing up, and then they seemed to disappear. It looks like they're making a comeback as they're in our lawn now, too...sunny little flowers. :)


Thank you Denise. Yes, I posted another picture of that hedge a few days ago.

Thank you Janine! They are Buttercups. You are very welcome!

Everything is it's own way. I even like the Dandelions in the lawn,
or is it Buttercups ? Thank you cevas, it's a good one ! Janine :-)))


Beautiful doggie and beautiful hedge:-))
Thanks cathy:-))