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Granny Goes To The Carnival #34..........

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Radish and Race-Horse............


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LOL Fun time again at SLOG's place!!! To me, the radish looks like a carrot and a woman. I also think it would be a lovely dress for you SLOG!!! Thanks SLOG!! :))))
(time, 1:17)


SLOG wouldn't mind, she will love the lacy gown, with the red cloak and green skirt she'll think she's an Irish Queen. Why should the guys get all the best dresses anyway. And come to think of it why not women Cardinals, it is said that there once was a woman Pope


i think the radish is a guy, a priest or cardinal jacket, lace gown over its grand greenery, with a bible in hand. reminder of the lenten season. now the race horse/jockey is quite the dandy in NOLA!

great fun slog!


Yes, it would suit her........


oh granny do buy the radish dress it's lovely


The pictures are from the Mistick Krewe Of Comus Costume Designs, and date from 1873 (they were made for the Mardi-Gras Parade)..... They are now in the Louisiana researh collection in Tulane.....I suppose the numbers could be reference numbers of some sort (I don't know the name of the artist).....


charming illustrations sweet little old granny! looks to say maybe Clive? G 33 and Clive H 92. i wonder if that is part of a year or a print number. wonder who the illustrator was Clive or whatever it says? THANKS!!!