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You're welcome @kayboblee


Yes, it is -- and thank you!! @Jaklien. ;-)) ❤️💕❤️


@kayboblee Giving someone a smile on his/her birthday is the best thing there is, congrats!


Yes, it wants to know: Are you making fun of me? What does this mean? Do you really think i am that BIG? Such a cute expression on its face. Thanks for the laugh--oh, and I see it was posted on my birthday--makes it even more special. Thanks, @Jaklien. ;-))


Me too, Marina ☺


Lol! I love the offended cat's attitude!


Indeed Zolly. B.t.w.: always welcome!


Gospelgrandma: ☺♥


Oh my dear Val, I'm so glad I could bring you a smile ♥


@jerrys Wow Jerry, quite a run at the mall. Better there than in the cold outside. For a change ;-))
Buying sunglasses in the middle of winter? Is especially important if there is a lot of snow. I'm not aware of the eyeglass stores here, luckily I don't need to be there for the time being.
Here it is - almost - no winter. No spring feeling either. Gray, wet and dark early almost every day. Not so good for people with a depressive disposition. But there is improvement: two more months and it will be spring, yay!
Stay warm and safe ♥


I think it too, dear Janet ♥


Needless to say, dear Carol ♥


Dadkins: thanks for stopping by.




LOL! ☺


Lovely thank you Jaklien, I am still smiling ☺♥


@Jaklien Aha! Thanks for something to chuckle about this day that began and now ends in single digit temperatures and a breeze! Strolled about a mile and a half at the mall today since I had to go there to have batteries replaced in two watches and to pick up my new prescription sunglasses (trifocals as usual [sigh]). My new clear lens spectacles should be in next week.

There has been a major delay in getting them this time (normally two weeks at the most and week four just passed) due to pandemic labor shortages, etc. and here, workers can "bank" pre-tax money from their pay toward medical expenses and it must be spent buy the calendar year's end or it is lost! Eyewear shops are among several medical providers that are swamped with orders starting in early December with clients who need to drain their medical accounts.


Thanks for a laugh Jaklien, I think that is really what the cat is saying! Hugs. ♥


Jaklien, did you have someone's kitty in mind! ;)


hahaha! I really haha'd out loud!


Very much appreciated, Deanne. I love making people happy ♥


CarlaMarie, I'm happy for your mom ☺


WOW, that's a surprise !! And your competition is as white as you! He just has a bigger belly!
Jaklien. great photo joke, you amused me a lot, thank you ♥:))

my mom just took a picture on her phone of this puzzle because it is sooooo nice


Oh Sara, good of you to stop by. I'm glad I made you smile ☺


Ik vind het eveneens heel leuk, Annet ☺


I needed a good laugh for today. Thanks for giving it to me.
Cheers from Sara



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