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Ebony 2021/04 - 3rd of 4

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Ebony is usually a sweetie. But today he played games with me as I was trying to feed him after everybody else had eaten. It took a while for him to decide where he wanted to eat. Finally he chose upstairs under the bed, where he sometimes eats, especially when he's afraid one of the other cats will steal his food.
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Thanks for sharing ebony with us.

When I get up in the morning, I feed the cats upstairs--in the bedroom that was originally their safe room or in the hallway. Ebony sometimes eats at the same time, sometimes a little later (I save his bowl for him). I always supervise to make sure the others won't push him away and steal his food. He's a rather slow eater, so I use the time to do some stretches that won't scare him.

Today Ebony showed up just as I was going into the shower. I fed him in the bedroom and shut the door to keep the others out, but didn't stay with him as usual. Then I forgot him! After my shower, when I was finally ready to go downstairs, I noticed the closed door and opened it. He quickly escaped and ran all the way to the basement, where the litter boxes are. I vowed not to forget him again.


Where cats eat can be very important. Sight lines are important, but also probably factors we can't understand... Often my Charlie wants his food in a walk-in closet where he knows he's safe from food-stealing Foxy.
Ebony is a beauty... thanks for the pictures.


He is a cutie, Patsy❣️ and a little extra spoiled ☺️ Thanks for sharing Ebony❤️❤️


This bombay cat looks just like my Sinister. He is beautiful.


Oh my. He creates extra work, lol.

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25 April 2020 - 31 March 2019
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