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Arizona Snow man

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Florrie ♥


Thanks Neville


Nicky , I think their called Acronyms, I may be wrong . They're sure are a bunch of them . btw, thanks Nicky. Jim


smllpkg , Thanks , I thought so too. Why didn't I think of it, some one probably made a million dollars thinking this up. Jim


This is so funny, Jim! Some more letters for you to add to your list (I think I used them on a post on one of your others puzzles) is btw (it means by the way!)


Very funny!


Dear Eva, when you make a snow man send a photo.

Vážení Eva , Eva staví sněhuláka , pošlete fotografii .

No, this was not enough snow, but it's not the end of winter, they might snowmen in March
Ne, letos bylo málo sněhu, ale ještě není konec zimy, možná budou sněhuláci v březnu


Evo , Glad you saw it , do you have enough snow this year to make a snow man?

Jsem rád, že jste to viděl , Evo stavět sněhuláka v letošním roce? Jim


Jo , I thought it was funny when I saw one on my tax mans desk , looked it up and found this one.
Glad you enjoyed it . Love and hugs back, Jim

Ano, už vidím, mrkev i uhlí. :-)))
Yes, I can see the carrot and coal. I looked wrong:-)))


Janet , My Tax man had one on his desk when I had my taxes done last Thursday. His said Snowman in Key West Florida. Hugs back dear friend. Jim


Evo Look closely and you will see the coal and carrot on the bottom.

Evo Podívejte se pozorně a uvidíte uhlí a mrkev na dně . Jim


RebeccaB, I had to ask my wife what ROFL meant. Only letters I knew were LOL and WTF. Now I know , Thanks , Jim


Dear Jim, looks like he has melted to me. FUN ONE Love and hugs Jo :-))


Ha Ha! Jim, very funny! Thanks and hugs dear friend.

Co se stalo? Vidím jen klobouk.
What happened? I see only a hat.



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