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Fly on a Magic Carpet to attend an August Celebration. All Are Welcome (Aug20P04)

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"When two friends understand each other totally, the words are soft and strong
like an orchid's perfume."
- Sara Jeannette Duncan.

Hello my dear friends,

It is August and I would like to welcome all of you to my 1st August 2020 puzzle where I am hosting a virtual party on a Virtual Alaskan Cruise for all to celebrate the birthdays of August babies, as well as wedding anniversaries and all happy occasions :-)

On this virtual cruise ship there are lots of onboard activities, shore excursions, and dining options.

Ah, I see friends and guests arriving on the Magic Carpets that have been sent to them to fly them over to this cruise vacation.

Here come the birthday cakes displayed on a trolley that is being rolled in by a virtual server. The cakes are offered in a variety of flavours and are beautifully decorated.

Let us sing "Happy Birthday" to all our August babies. Let us raise our glass of champagne to wish them good health and happiness. Cheers, everyone.

By now, all of you must have known that I love food. Well, the virtual food on this Virtual Cruise Ship to Alaska is just amazing and delicious. Their specialities are seafood - salmon, cod, halibut, Alaskan king crab, spot prawns, oysters and more.

We can dine at all the restaurants and and/or enjoy the buffets aboard the cruise ship. The food is simply wonderful and delicious.

During our shore excursions, friends who would like to try non-Alaskan food will find that there are Alaskan restaurants where they can choose from a diverse array of delicious foods - and yes, from all over the world.

Since we are in Alaska, it will be a good idea for us to try homegrown and homecaught food. May I suggest that we try fresh-caught Wild Salmon, huge Alaskan King Crabs, Sourdough Bread Bowl filled with Salmon Chowder and Alaskan Wild Berries.

In Summer, we can enjoy Alaskan flavourful and sweet wild berries. Alaskan blueberries, high-bush cranberries and other local wild berries are delicious. They are also available in jams, candies, pies and cobblers.

Friends who prefer non-seafood meal will find that options are always available for them.

While we are onboard the Virtual Cruise Ship, there are plenty of places for us to visit and lots of activities to keep us entertained, fit and healthy or looking beautiful. Here are some examples :

Gym, Spa and Beauty Salon, Hairdressing Salon, Art Gallery, Restaurants, Bars and Lounges, Family Lounges, Pool Deck, Outdoor and Indoor Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs and Whirlpools, Onboard Library, Movie Theatre, Games and Card Room, etc.

For folks who like to engage in sporting pursuits there are Basketball Court, Ping Pong Tables, Miniature Golf Putting Course, Golf Driving Range, Shuffleboard, a special place for Inline Skating, a Rock Climbing Wall, etc.

There are many opportunities to learn something :

Dancing Classes, Language Learning Program, Jewelry Making, Folding Artistry Class for napkin and towel design, Culinary Demonstrations and Wine Tastings, Cocktails Mixing Demonstrations and Guest Lecturers sharing tips and advice on topics that they specialise in, eg weight control.

Deck Parties, Sports and Game Competitions are daily events.

And more Entertainment - movies, music, broadway shows, comedies, magic, etc.

Do remember that that there is Onboard Shopping for fine, duty-free merchandise - eg Swarovski, Chanel, Calvin Klein, wines, high-end jewellery, local crafts and souvenirs.

A day before we reach Alaska, the Virtual Organiser and his friendly assistants will be happy to give suggestions, advice and tips as well as make arrangments for day trips on land and activities that may be of interest to all of you.

Anchorage is Alaska's largest city and from here we can travel to the other areas.

A visit to Juneau :
Juneau is Alaska's Capital City. It is located in Southeast Alaska.

Among other activities, a visit to Mendenhall Glacier and whale watching can be arranged at Juneau. How about taking a chartered helicopter tour at Juneau. We will have an unforgettable perspective of the majestic mountains and glaciers of the vast Alaskan landscape. And then, there is The Taste of Juneau walking tour or the Alaska Fishing and Wilderness Dining experience - this is where we will catch fish and cook it over a fire.

A visit to Seward :
Seward is one of Alaska's tourist attractions and it is one of its oldest and most scenic with the steep Mount Marathon behind this town. This seaside village has a busy harbour, quaint shops and galleries. It is a 2.5 miles scenic drive south from Anchorage. We will enjoy a stroll along its Waterfront Park. Keen on dog sledding? We can try it here. Whales watching? Ok, let us head for Kenai Fjords National Park in Seward.

Ride the Alaska Railroad Grandview Scenic Train from Anchorage to Seward :
This wilderness train route is scenic and relaxing. We will see picturesque glaciers, towering waterfalls, lakes, rivers, and mountains.

Cruise Misty Fjords near Ketchikan :
We will see green mossy cliffs as we cruise along this stunning and gorgeous landscape.

Rent a bike and explore Anchorage's Coastal Trail :
We can do The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail which follows the shore of Cook Inlet from downtown Anchorage to Kincaid Park. We will cycle along this 11 miles of paved path and explore the surrounding areas. As this trail is near the coast, we will get sweeping views of the rugged forests and the expansive ocean.

Visit Denali National Park :

This is a vast wilderness of taiga (boreal) forests of pines and spruce growing below towering peaks. This coniferous forest covers the hills and valleys of the northern part of Alaska. We will see aspen groves and spruce and then there are the meadows, marshes, lakes and rivers with wild animals. Denali is North America's tallest peak. Denali National Park will be an attraction for folks who like the wilderness, the wonder of spruce forest, snow-capped mountain peaks and fresh air.

Visit Glacier National Park :
Sail and admire the icy beauty of impressive glaciers, for example, the Hubbard Glacier and theTracy Arm Fjord.

For folks who are interested in shopping, this can always be arranged.

Dear Friends, thank you for joining me at this Monthly Virtual Party. Thank you for being such wonderful and friendly guests. I can see that many of you have mingled happily with mutual friends and have joined in various onboard activities as well as enjoying excursions together.

Before we disembark from the Virtual Cruise Ship, I would like to present all my friends with some souvenirs from Alaska : Birch Syrup, Jams and Jellies made from handpicked Alaskan berries. I hope that you will like these gifts.

I hope that all of you have enjoyed this virtual cruise and that you will enjoy solving this puzzle, too.

See you all on the 1st September for another virtual adventure.

This puzzle is available in 4 sizes - 12, 108, 252 and 540 pieces.

Jason :-)

jasonchung2 is my main account.
I also post puzzles at jasonchung (my second account).
jasonchung1 (my third account) is now a sealed account, however, you can still solve puzzles there.

Puzzle 780
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You are welcome, Marina.

May your wish come true ;-)
Many of us are wishing and praying for a life that is happy, healthy and without any stress or worries.

Smiles of Hope,
Jason :-)


Thank you for the magic carpet. I hope it takes the pandemic away and we all start a new life without illnesses and fear.


Dear Jean,

The September virtual party is already on.

I know that you will arrive in style :-))

See you, soon.

Party Smiles,


It's Sept 1- l have to check your site for the September party!


Hi u2walkn3,

It is good to see you again :-)

You are most welcome. I am happy that you have enjoyed this virtual tour, especially since you love Alaska :-)

Virtual Tour Smiles,
Jason :-)


Love Alaska, where much of my family lives, thanks for this virtual tour:)


No worries, Robin.

The Magic Carpet knew that you will be late in arriving to this party and the reason for it, too. So, it just waited patiently till you were ready and then off it went with you and your hubby on board.

Welcome, welcome. This virtual party is always on. It never ends :-0

A Belated Happy Birthday to your hubby. I wish him good health and lots of blessings :-)

Happy 37th Wedding Anniversary (it is just round the corner). A cruise to celebrate a wedding anniversary - how romantic, relaxing and exciting :-)))

John and I so happy to hear that you are feeling better and are enjoying yourself.

We are well - calm and fine :-)

Celebrations Smiles,
Jason and John :-))


Hi Jason. Sorry I am so late to your August party, I see I've missed a lot. Luckily the magic carpet is prepared for late-comers. My hubby had his 72nd birthday on the 4th and our 37th anniversary is on the 18th. It's been a busy few weeks and relaxing on your special cruise is just what is needed. I think I'll start at the spa, then lounge by the pool with a cool drink, then maybe catch a movie. I feel better already. Thanks, and I hope you and John are doing well.


You are most welcome, Irena.

Just help yourself to all the yummy food that you would like to have. There is plenty of food for everyone and all these delicious food are meant to be enjoyed :-)

Smiles of Good Food,
Jason :-)


Thanks for the kind words Jason. It's always good to be together with you and your friends and enjoy everything you have to offer ☺
We now have very warm days. Please, I'll have some cold drink and ice cream.
Thank you and many greetings to you and John.


You are always welcome, Chelsey and Chelsey :-))

Have a wonderful August.

August Smiles,
Jason :-)


What a great honor for Chelsey, I am proud of him. Have a great August, you and John, and see you in September. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!


Chelsey and Chelsey,

Thank you for being with us at our August virtual function :-)

Chelsey is the best behaved and most independent furry friend on board this cruise and for his good, obliging and charming behaviour, all the furry stars at Cats Talents have voted him as Mr Personality. All of us clapped and cheered as he went on stage to collect his award :-)

See you in September, my dear friends.

John and I will be waving goodbye to both of you at the upper deck.

Smiles of the Next Virtual Function,
Jason and John.


Thank you, Jason, for a wonderful time we had, both of us. We will see you in September, I can hardly wait.


Hi Irena,

As host of this event, I would like to welcome you to this Virtual Cruise Party. Thank you for accepting the invitation to attend this celebration for August babies :-)

I appreciate your compliment :-)

See you in September.

Smiles of Gratitude,
Jason and John.


Hi Jason and John. Thank you for another beautiful invitation to the spectacular celebrations! Your wishes are always so original! I'm already looking forward to being among you and we will spend beautiful moments together.
Regards Irena.


Happy birthday to everyone who has them in August. Mainly health ! Keep everyone safe ☺ ♥ ☺


Goodbye, dear Helen. We can always meet again at my next puzzle or at yours, in fact, anywhere in Jigidiland.

John and I thank you for being such a wonderful friend and guest. It was fun and adventurous going on outings with you.

The Magic Carpet will fly you home and then return to me for our next trip arrangements. No seat belts ar required and no one has ever fallen or slide of my magic carpets ;-0

Waving Farewell Smiles,
Jason and John :-)


And l look forward to getting together with you, Helen-


Thanks so much for this lovely cruise, Jason and John! I have had a wonderful time with you all. I find I must wish you goodbye and look forward to the next one, Jason, and yes, Jean too!!!!


Suzy, it is wonderful to see you :-)

Thank you for your good wishes :-)

Let me toast to your good health and lots of happiness. Cheers :-)

Smiles of Good Health,
Jason :-)


Safe, happy and healthy....fine wishes for all.
Happy August, Jason. May all good things come your way this month. :)


Thank you Sparky for the compliment :-)

I am just an ordinary guy trying to find a niche at Jigidi and decided to have it as virtual parties cum vacation on a big scale (sometimes much smaller and more quiet ones). So far, friends seem to enjoy my endeavours and have been giving me good support and encouragement :-)

In real life, I am a quiet person, not a social media one (No Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc).

Competitions of any kind are not for me, so much so that for about 2 years now, I will make sure that I will not be on the Leaderboard of other puzzle creators as I do not wish to draw unnecessary attention (one Jigidier just seems to want to compete with me at our mutual puzzle creators' sites, not that I am very fast, it is just that my name always appear before hers) ;-0

Finding a Niche for Myself Smiles,
Jason :-)


Dear Jason and John, thx for hubby's wishes, Believe Me NO-ONE CAN FILL YOUR SHOES WHEN IT COMES TO ENTERTAINMENT - I think you would make the most magnificent Tour operator or Cruise Director ♥♥♥♥


Dear Jean,

You have already thank me more than enough at this puzzle page of mine :-)

You have been a good friend and guest at this virtual party. Knowing that you had a good and fun time is already a big "Thank You" from you.

There is no need for you to send me a virtual private letter of appreciaiton.

Best regards,


Jason, l am curious- where do you and John live? Obviously not Alaska! a native would not know half about it that you do!

l want to know because l am going to send you a virtual private letter of appreciation for all this fun!


He will be absolutely fine. Chelsey knows how to take good care of himself :-)

Look Chelsey, here comes the puppies :-))))))

Puppy Smiles,
Jason :-)


Thank you, Jason, I am sure Chelsey is going to have a wonderful time, so will I. I can't hardly wait. See you soon.


Thank you, Helen.

A picnic lunch will be ideal. I have a picnic basket filled with sandwiches, all sorts of finger food (salmon patties, bagels, salmon spread, veggie wraps, fresh fruits, etc) along with wine and hot beverages. Don't worry - all cutlery, plates, bowls, etc have been taken care of.

These are wonderful photos - all the husky puppies are so cute and adorable. And they all have character.

They have melted my heart. It is so difficult for me to leave this place now. However, I must gather my courage for there is still so much to explore in this vast landscape of Alaska.

Before we leave this place, let us have some refreshments.

Smiles of Exploration :-)
Jason :-)


My pictures aren't copying well, so will give you the link to these cuties!!


Oh look, we are there already! See the cuties....


Help me with the seat belt, Jason, please? I do hate these things, but they are so necessary as well. Thanks, friend!


OK! All done. I wonder if we should take a picnic lunch?? I am so looking forward to those cute puppies, Jason!


Thanks so much. I will change quickly, and charge my cell phone while I am at it!!!


No worries, we will wait for you, Helen.

Just take your time.

You will love the husky puppies. Be sure to take plenty of photos :-)

Husky Puppies Time and Smiles,
Jason :-)


Of course! We had such a good time together in the helicopter ride, we should do more together! When will the trip begin? Do I have time to change into some fresh jeans????


Certainly, Chelsey, you have been booked for the trip to Husky Homestead. It will be a wonderful experience.

Chelsey will be having a quiet time playing with all his new toys. A virtual assistant will drop by frequently to check on him and to keep him company as well as to attend to all his needs. He will treated like a king with butler service always at hand.

Smiles of Huskies,
Jason :-)


That's why we did not see you, you were on the other boat with Jean. I see you are going to visit Husky Homestead, I would love to come with you and John, if you don't mind. I leave Chelsey in our wonderful cabin, he does not like dogs.


You are welcome, Helen.

It is so nice to have friends who appreciate virtual parties along with virtual food and activities :-)

The edible gold leaf chocolates were inspired by your suggestion of a flying "visit" to ghost towns in Alaska.

John and I would be visiting Husky Homestead - if only just to look at and be with the adorable puppies as well as to take a peek at Alaskan lifestyle. It will be fun, educational and entertaining. Would you like to come with us?

Chocolates Smiles,
Jason :-)


Wow!!! You are a wonderful planner. That chocolate was so creamy and flavorful! I have never had anything quite like it. Thanks again, Jason.


Yes Jean, we were in the same boat.

Virtual land is a place where we can spoil ourselves or let others spoil us :-0

So glad that you like the gold leaf covered chocolates :-)

Best regards,


Chelsey, probably John and I were in another boat.

Wasn't it exciting to be out in the open seas and watch the whales.

Thank you for keeping a lookout for John and me.

Having Whale of a Time Smile,
Jason and John :-))


Hi Rob,

You are most welcome :-)

The edible gold leaf glimmering on top of the chocolates beckon me. Seems decadent and extravagant. But it is virtual and it is to round up the sightseeing over an abandoned mine (perhaps of it was a gold mine), so I thought "why not?" ;-0

Your brother got rewarded with a free petrol (gasoline) ride home. Well, it was a worthwhile experience.

Smiles of Gold,
Jason :-)


They were with us on the boat, Chelsey- l could see Chelsey from there-but l did not see you.

Jason, the gold leafed chocolates were decadent! Oh, to live like this! And l would have missed it all had l not met you -

smiling fortunate smiles


We had a wonderful day, thank you, Jason. We both went whale watching and that was amazing. We always saw humpbacks in winter time in Maui, having their young ones there in warm waters. This was the first time we saw them feeding in Alaska. We saw a few people from our group on the boat, enjoying themselves too. I was looking for you and John but could not see you there.


Jason, you're the best. Thank you so much.
What in the world could be more delicious and guilt-free than virtual chocolates?

A not-at-all-tall tale from my brother: in the 1980's he decided to drive from Kingston Ontario (at the east end of Lake Ontario) out to British Columbia to pan for gold. That's a 5 day drive unless you really push yourself.
He later told us that he'd found enough gold to pay for his gasoline back home.


Oh, gold comes to my mind. (What a mine.)

Maybe, there are a few tiny nuggets of gold in the rivers nearby.

This reminds me that a box of edible gold leaf decorated chocolates will be sent to everyone's cabin this evening.

Gold Leaf Delights Smiles,
Jason :-)


Or, perhaps silver????


Hah! I bet if there are some doing that right now! Say, look at the tailings.... green, must be a copper mine??


Yes, I can see it now.

As the helicopter approaches nearer ... Look over there - looks like a mine. It is quite a structure - probably some cheeky ghosts are giving it a new lease of life as a roller coaster :-0

Helicopter Ride Smiles,
Jason :-)


Haha! I do agree, no ghosts allowed. I will be happily satisfied with a fly-over, my friend! Coming from desert areas in Calif., old empty buildings are not unusual! Oh.... do look over to the right! I do believe I see an old abandoned cabin among the trees! Do you see it too?


Wow, Helen you have an adventurous spirit :-)

There are some old ghost towns in Alaska - old abandoned buildings, nobody, I do not know about ghosts or how many are staying there now since there are no human in sight. I am not that brave, you know. So, maybe, just a flyover will do as to land at one of these spots may be a bit too creepy. I am saying a prayer now. And no, ghosts are not invited to the virtual party.

Smiling Bravely,
Jason :-)


Oh yes, thanks for pointing out the need to duck! are quite comfortable! Much better than the plane seats. I am looking forward to seeing the lovely Alaskan scenes! Fresh caught fish will be wonderful. I do hope we can also see some old ghost towns from early mining days!


Of course, there is a seat for you on the helicopter ride, Helen.
John and I are happy to welcome you, this time on board a copter.

And the surprise - besides, the scenic aerial view of Alaska and some of its towns, villages and glaciers, we will particpate in an Alaska Fishing and Wilderness Dining (we do not have to trek as the helicopter will land us near the location in question (Ha, ha, a short cut).

I am not a fisherman, so the guide will do all the fun work for us - catching the fish, cleaning it, etc right down to the cooking. I will just watch and share the catch of the day with all of you :-0 Of course, of course, I will partake the food, too.

Just hope that a family of bears will not join us for this humble feast. No worries, we will be in safe hands.

Come on, young lady, let us hop on board. Duck your head. It is time to jump into the helicopter for an exhilating ride into the wilderness.

Dining in the Alaskan Wilderness Smiles,
Jason and John :-))


Jason, is there room for 1 more in that helicopter?? I have never been in one and would love to join you and see the Alaskan coast, etc., from above???


Hello Nancy,

Thank you for the compliment :-)
It is my duty as host to see that everyone is having a good time at the party.

It is a pleasure to know that you are enjoying yourself at this virtual party and cruise :-)

You will definitely enjoy the Scenic Train ride, Nancy. Remember to keep a lookout for the wild animals in their natural habitat. Take plenty of photos of the glacial rivers, waterfalls, and gorges for keepsakes.

Train rides can be nostalgic, romantic, awesome and more.

Yes, Nancy, please feel free to plan your itinerary the way that you like it.

I heard that some folks have gone whale watching. They have spotted humpbacks and orcas. Some of the whales were quite playful making sure that our sightseeing friends had a whale of a time :-0

John and I will be taking a scenic helicopter ride later.

Having a Whale of a Time Smiles,
Jason and John :-))


@JayneH We all have been indoors too long and we can let our imaginations and dreams run wild at Jason's wonderful parties. You should go to last month's puzzle and check out that trip too! Jason is a natural when it comes to event planning and the BEST Host ever!!!!
Jason, I'm taking that Scenic train trip today and I'll join the ship in the next port. ok? I adore trains ever since my parents took me on 1 from Denver to Chicago !!


Hi Sparky,

I would like to wish your hubby a Very Happy Birthday. May he enjoy good health and have much happiness :-)

Thank you for the compliment.

John and I are glad that you have enjoyed this virtual Alaskan cruise and that you have enjoyed everything that are offered here.

I will continue with my monthly virtual parties and vacations as this is the niche that I have found for myself at Jigidi. So far, I think that I am the only Jigidier doing this at this scale. If, there are others doing it (eg in the future), then I will probably retire from this and find another niche for myself or else be resigned to just drawing, creating and posting puzzles without any virtual parties which is a lot simpler to do and far less time consuming. If ever more time is needed to take good care of John, then I will post only 9 or 12 pieces puzzles and forget about posting the other sizes.

By now, you would have known that I am not a social media person as I prefer puzzle solving to chatting. It is only at my puzzle page that I write longer replies to folks who have written comments on my puzzles and so far, I am blessed with kind and understanding friends.

After the Magic Carpets have sent everyone home, all of them will automatically return to me for cleaning, inspection, maintenance, storage and in preparation for their next assignments :-0

Coming Home Magic Carpet Smiles,
Jason and John :-))


Oh Dear Jason and John - You are spoiling us and it is Wonderful ☺☺☺ I LOVE IT thank you - How did you know we always wanted to go to Alaska on a Cruise ♥♥ this is probably better than the Real thing and thx for sending your magic carpet to fetch us, You are the most Gracious Hosts - as Ever and the Entertainment is Tops and the food - oh my lord I am drooling ............ amazing excursions!!!!!!!!! You have the most incredible imagination and a wonderful gift for Story Telling that transports us to your Magical World. THANKS FOR ANOTHER STUNNING EXPERIENCE and happy birthday to all August Birthdays - my hubby is on the 8th ☺☺☺☺


From Jason :-)))

From John :-)))


Thank you for the compliments, my dear friend-
Thank you to Joh as well for his contribution to the fun.

With smiles of delight at the memories-



Thank you, Jean for your appreciative note of thanks and compliment as well as the account of your sightseeing tours :-)))

I am very happy that you have enjoyed yourself tremendously on this virtual trip.

The Midnight Buffet drew quite a crowd of food enthusiasts. Beautiful displays of various kinds of food became eager subjects for photography as well as gastronomical delights.

The spa facials and body scubs, wraps and massages, as well as the manicures and pedicares are very well received by the ladies. They also enjoyed the hairdressing services - very special at this virtual cruise - it is a whole package comprising a feet wash, hand and forearm massage, cleansing and a light massage of the face, hair cut or trim, shampoo, blow dry followed by hair styling.

You know, Jean, I have many guests on board asking me with a discreet nod in your direction "Who is that gorgeous looking lady? Is she one the models for the fashion show this afternoon?"

You are a very good dancer, Jean. Those spins, turns and swirls - you have done these movements so elegantly and yet exeuting them with fun and enjoyment. You made me look like a good dancer. Thank you.

I am delighted that you have tried the bike coastal tour and that you saw the bears as well as the spectacular glaciers.

No worries, Jean, there is no need to reciprocate my virtual parties or tours.

Dreams Come True Smiles,
Jason :-)


Oh, Jason-

After l was magically transported back home, l had a chance to reflect and appreciate the amazing (l use that word seriously) cruise you took us on-

Thank you for the preparation that made it such a memorable adventure-
The guests were delightful- The midnight buffet offered a chance to sample all the sea food grown in Alaska- yum,

l got to look beautiful thanks to the spa, the salon and hair dressers- l am always well-turned out as you can see on my avatar, but this was special for the Ball- So nice to have many handsome partners. (Jason, you are the best dancer!)

The adventures in Anchorage and the bike trail were the best- and the glaciers, oh my!

Most impressive was the the gorgeous scenery we passed, viewed from the comfort of a chaise-longe on the shady deck- l had hoped to see bears and l did; that mother and her two cubs were charming.

All in all Jason, this was the vacation of the year.
Just know that you have memories that will last a lifetime.
Perhaps in time l might be able to reciprocate all the pleasure you gave us-

Appreciative smile-


Good memories last forever, Chelsey :-)

John and I want to meet up with those adorable cats, too. It will be a delight to see them. Ah, the talented ones and loving, too.

Smiles of Talented Cats,
Jason :-)


We can hardly wait to meet all the cats after the show. I remember well Chelsey's Hula dance performance in Hawaii, I will never forget John's birthday celebration, it was the best.


Jayne, a warm welcome to you :-)

Hee, hee, Jayne. We are mixing reality with virtual stuff and making the latter looks and sounds so real.

I am delighted that you are enjoying yourself as you read all that is written here :-)

This is a very nice group of friends. I feel comfortable and at ease with them. Maybe, they must have read somewhere that I am very sensitive and that I do not like to be teased and I do not like to tease others.

Looks like if many folks are enjoying my monthly virtual parties, I will continue with it as I have made that my theme for quite some time now and I think no one is doing that on Jigidi - at least, not in the manner that I am doing it :-0

I must admit that they are more sensible than me as such virtual parties do take up a lot of time to organise and a lot of comments to reply to.

Virtual Parties Smiles,


Patti, welcome :-)

Welcome to this virtual party and welcome on board this Virtual Cruise Ship :-)

I am so pleased to hear that you are having fun.

We have lots of activities and sightseeing going on here.

Lots of friends, too. Very wonderful and fun-loving people :-)

More Smiles for you,
Jason :-)


My pleasure, Chelsey and Chelsey :-)

Our friendship went way back :-)

Oh, I forgot to say in my previous reply to you that The Cats Talent Show features real cats who have won many awards for their various talents. And all of them would love to have Chelsey and you backstage after the show to meet them as they have heard so much about Chelsey. Remember his hula dance performance on stage at John's Virtual Party in Hawaii in April 2019? Yes, that was the first virtual party that I host and organised and it was on board a virtual cruise ship, too.

Talented Cats Smiles,
Jason :-)


A small dollop of reality here . . . I am in hysterics reading all the comments of the most imaginative party-goers in the World!!! Just plain hysterical!!!! Thank you, Jason, and all the rest of the 'attendees' !! LOLOL!!!


Sounds wonderful! And thanks for the fun puzzle, Jason!


Chelsey was so happy when I told him that he will be sitting next to John. He knows you and John from the previous parties and the two of you are his favorite people. I am sure he will enjoy the CAT show and I know I will love the main show, Moulin Rouge. Thank you, Jason, for all the arrangements you made.


Chelsey and Chelsey,

I have already reserved 4 of the best seats for you and Chelsey. John will be joining us and asked if he may sit next to Chelsey.

When the Virtual Cruise Director heard that Chelsey will be attending tonight's show, he made a special arrangement for our furry friend - a show featuring talented cats. This will be shown just before the main show of the night which is Moulin Rouge.

May all your dreams come true, Chelsey and Chelsey.

Where All dreams Come True Smiles,
Jason and John :-))


Thank you, Jason, and please, reserve a seat for me and for Chelsey. After the show we will take a stroll on the upper deck, I can't hardly wait. Thank you for booking a cabin with the balcony for us, it is so nice to sit there at night, it is so relaxing after a busy day. We have to get ready now and we'll see you later in the Show room.


Hi Chelsey, good to see you again :-)

While you were in the poker room, I was taking a stroll with John on the upper deck and enjoying the soft light breeze and fresh air. Walking is good for John as he needs to exercise regularly.

You are right, Chelsey. The show tonight will be great. John and I will see you at the show. May we reserve a seat for you?

Then, I will wait for the Midnight Buffet - just to see what are being offered at such occasions - not that I will be eating a lot :-0

You know, a guest on this virtual cruise will always be able to find food on board at anytime - early morning breakfast, lunch and dinner whether at the main dining room or at any of the ship's restaurants and eateries, tea breaks (morning and afternoon), midnight buffets, snacks corners offering sandwiches, tacos, etc as well as self-service drink stations with packaged snacks which are available 24 hours every day.

Next time, I will talk about something else :-0

Smiles of Contentment,
Jason :-)


I was not tired at all in the evening so I left Chelsey in the cabin and I went to the ship casino. It was not that busy and the poker room was open, so I played Texas Holdem for couple hours. I am going to enjoy my day today, I hope to meet new friends and just have a good time, there is so much to do. I heard there will be an excellent show in the Show room tonight and I don't want to miss it. Maybe I'll get to see you there, Jason.


Thank you to all friends and guests who have joined us on this Virtual Alaskan Cruise :-)

And thank you, too, for keeping my puzzle page a happy and positive one.

In real life, I am a serious person who do not like pranks or negativity. I guess this carries on to my Jigidi life. So I am very grateful to find that everyone here is so friendly, pleasant and amicable. It makes me feel blessed :-)

Thank you, too, for not writing or mentioning any unpleasant or negative real life news at my puzzle page. Jigidi is a place where I come to dream a little and be away from the stress of real life - before I return to it :-0

Smiles of Blessings,
Jason :-)


I slept in today as well, Jean! Everyone must either be sleeping in or out on a margic carpet tour! It was a blast of a cruise. Thanks again to all who made this trip a joyous pleasure!


l got up late- still groggy from last night's grog


Good morning- Is anybody else up this early?
l'll get some exercise walking around the ship a few times. And l like to chat a bit with the cleaning squad...
See you at breakfast.


You are welcome, Lunie.

Travelling Smiles.
Jason :-)


Hi Jean! @myself1935 . Pleased to meet you here too! Jason is very kind to take us to places from time to time.


And I. Good night everyone ♥♥♫☼


As it is nearly 11PM, I will say goodnight and Sweet Dreams to all and retire to my cabin. See you on deck for breakfast ♥


Good night Jean, and safe travels.
We might even hear you humming "A whole new world" as you fly away.


Yes, I will be happy to oblige, Rob.

I am sure that our friends and guests will be happy, too.

My magic carpets are versatile and obliging ones. Always happy to serve and to please. And oh, they love to be captured on camera :-0

Magical Smiles,
Jason :-)


Jason, although you are "a bottle of actual fresh air", I sympathize.
Ionizers and little activated charcoal air filters can do some good...

IMHO though, your cruise is doing more good than anything else we've done today. Thank you.


l am going to say good night, Jason, John, everybody... This fresh air and all the food and drinks has knocked me out-

See you all tomorrow-


A fine idea Jean, if Jason's plans allow for it. Thank you for thinking of that.

If Jason's magic carpet is as versatile as we think, we might even be able to take some of guests beside the bears, deer, lynx and eagles.


Thank you, sweet Helen :-)

Sweet Smiles,


Rob, if only I can have a bottle of actual fresh air :-)

Meanwhile, the Alaskan virtual fresh air is good enough for me :-0

Smiles of Happines,
Jason :-)


Rob,will you be giving virtual photos as guests leave the ship?


Thank you for the advice and compliment, Nancy :-)

Smiles and More Smiles,
Jason :-))


Thank you for pointing this out, Robf! I had not thought of that aspect of our cruise. As I am certain that the cruise will last for at least 2 days, and thus I will look for these as well.

Thanks again Jason, and all of our Jigidi people who have such wonderful imaginations!!!! As I know many of you are on the east coast, i will say goodnight to you now. I will check in before I nod off this evening and give a late one for we west coast people! You all are wonderful friends!!!!


Dear Jason, we just respond to your big heart, friendliness and positivity*!* Generally, the kindness you spread will be returned ten fold. You are a wonderful person and a shining light ♫(◠‿◠)


I have my partner Jean to thank for an extraordinary virtual camera, which will be used to distraction on this cruise. The totem poles, those mossy cliffs by the misty fjords, a helicopter trip...
it all promises to be unforgettable.
And of course the fresh air out here! That can't be bottled and taken home.
Except maybe virtually, it can.


Though this is only my second party.....I do concur, and look forward to more of these wonderful virtual trips!


Yes- Rob, truly exceptional-


Nancy, the truth is - I do not decide on where to go - not in the sense of planning. I just let the inspiration come and then I flow with it.

When I first started hosting virtual parties, I was a bit apprehensive about it as I do not know what response I will get from Jigidiers. Thank God that all folks who attended these parties were positive and friendly people.

Smiles of Blessings,
Jason :-)


Helen, I used to play every Johnny Mathis song on the juke box and "Chances Are" was my favorite!!!! I love all the other artists that you, Jean (Time in a Bottle) and Robf have mentioned. Maybe tonight is oldies but goodies night...both music and us lol!!

Jason, I'm curious too about how you decide where to go next when planning these wonderful parties. I've been on 1 real cruise in '93 to Mexico and it was wonderful!!


Helen, maybe it is because I have travelled a lot - 3 months per trip, one in Spring and one in Autumn.

John does not participate in virtual trip planning. He left everything to me.

Thank you, Helen for letting me know that you appreciate what I am doing. I am grateful.

Smiles of Appreciation and Gratitude,
Jason :-)

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