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66xkeroadster- Since I think you are probably new to solving my puzzles, you might like this one as well. I post puzzles using two aliases.


Mandy, Ardy, whatnauts, and 66xkeroadster, I'm delighted that you all like this one so much. I watched and/or listened to the videos of the new "The Voice" shows while I was creating this, and it put me in an exceptionally good mood. If anyone is interested, here are links to the shows that have been aired so far.

Just so beautiful. I'm keeping it so I can look at it frequently! Thanks!!


Terrific bouquet!!


Wendy, when I first saw this I did not recognize it as a 3x3. After I read the comments I did but before that I just saw a puzzle full of lovely flowers. it's an exciting thought that you might have more like this coming. I would certainly welcome more.


Wendy, this is fabulous and your choice of colours works really well, and I love the way you have collected the puzzles, without separating each bloom completely from the others.


OK, Katie, I'll make a point of creating more 3 by 3s...but maybe it's just these kaleidoscopes and the cool colored background against them that you like so much. I'll post this tomorrow using one of my other ones where it's not neatly organized and see what you think of that one. :-)


I like the 3 x 3's better sometimes. I like this one with all the similar sizes that way. I guess it's kind of hard for me to say really. Today this just struck a chord with me.


But Katie, the layout in all the rest is not "organized." The kaleidoscopes are all over the place. Do you really like the 3 by 3s a lot more than the others that are placed randomly?

Speaking of Pat, she has a few top spots on my puzzles.....and anyone who ends up with a top spot that sticks on my puzzles has got to be pretty darned fast. So if she didn't get lost so often, she's be really, really fast. :-)


Terrific design Wendy! Keep working on those others 'cause I want more! I really like the layout - makes the puzzle more challenging. I wonder how fast Pat would be if she didn't get lost!


Pat, I made a thousand...well, not really a thousand....but a lot of versions of this last night and none satisfied me. This one was the most organized and different from the rest so I posted it. I still have to go back to the drawing board and see what I can do about some of the others. But I thank you for the word "fabulous." It will give me a bit more incentive to work on the others until I can be really satisfied with one of them.


This is fabulous, Wendy--really loved the arrangement, even though I kept getting lost in it (I sound like lela now...!)--great fun, and beautiful!