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Bishka after bath

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cute! 8D


my baby loves getting into any body of water but when the bath time comes she needs some convincing and bribing. she just had a very nice bath last night and today it was raining and she got to play with her friends in the grass. all muddy again.
Bishka looks so pretty. must be feeling & smelling great after that wash :-)


Poor Bishka, first a bath and then posing. ☻ What's the worst? ☺ You look beautiful again but pity we can't smell you, that will be good too. ☺ First thing most dogs like to do is finding something real stinky and then roll over in it, just to get that shampoo scent of. ☺ Do you too? I send you some belly rubs and Bella sweet licks. ♥♥♥


Thanks everyone. The van is all enclosed and heated, and air-conditioned in the summer.
She is inside the entire time, and they dry her good with a dryer, no cage drying or anything
like that, she was so happy when she came back in the house, not like the salon she use
to go to. She never came home happy, so we will continue doing this from now on, it is
easier on both of us, more expensive, but worth it. She also has a flower that is on her
collar, really pretty, and she doesn't mind that, she doesn't dislike the bandana either,
she is so mild tempered, Cali hated having a bandana on. Yvonne, I wrote to you this
morning too. Thanks everyone for your nice comments.


The bath was INSIDE the van ..;so don't worry friends Pat wouldn't dream of one outside when it is so cold.
Bishka doesn't look happy because as Pat says she doesn't like to pose.A shame as she is so beautiful.
Bishka ,sweetie, Artus says he is very proud to have such a lovely girlfriend !


Hi Ardy, I thought the bath tub was in the (heated) van? Was it outdoors?! Than I think Bishka was glad to be back in the house again!! :)))


I would have thought it would be way too cold for an outdoor bath. Brrrr. I bet she was happy to get back in the house again.


Wow Bishka! You look beautiful! And a wonderful Spring like bandana! Does she like the bandanas Pat? If I remember correctly Cali hated them! Not sure. That is a great idea, a mobile bath tub! And you can stay home! Lots of cuddles for Bishka and love and hugs for you :))


Thanks Ardy, she was really happy when she came in the house after the bath, but she just
doesn't like to pose. I had a lady with a van come and bathe her right in my driveway,
which was easier for me and her, worked out real well and she was happy. Hugs to you
too Ardy.


I hope that was easier for you Bishka. You're not looking real happy but the bath is over and soon the picture taking will be too. You are a lovely dog. Hugs to you and Mom.