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On an Ever Spinning Reel! (medium)

81 pieces
144 solves
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We're having a fabulous time at the coast! The weather has been sunny and cold and our daughter has been delightful company on long beach walks.
Just a reminder.....I will not be able to comment or solve for about a week. Thanks! and happy Jigidi-ing! Jan


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Gorgeous wheels, Jan!! Thanks so much. But better still is to hear that you're having a terrific time. Keep it up! :))))


They are very delightful!! Thanks so very much Jan, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!


I'm on at #9, Jan. Delighted to hear that you are having such a good time. Glad the weather is clear even if it is cold. Love the puzzle. Thanks, Jan.


Love this puzzle, Jan. The pieces just seem to fall into place.
Glad to hear your having a lovely holiday with your daughter. :-)


Have a wonderful time! !
Love this puzzle. Good job! Will
enjoy doing it. ruglady/Sharen