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Abandoned Barn

30 pieces
360 solves
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Wonderful old barn looks like Nebraska of east side of Wyoming maybe even Idaho. Looks like so many abandoned old buildings along and either side of the Rockies, who knows? Thanks for posting


Glad you enjoyed the old barn shirley and lyndee:)


Love it. Thanks chookies.


Thanks for passing by buckeye and punkin:)


interesting old barn this one, with some stalls on the side for animals, Good one chookies. Thanks.


Well hi there Deputy, Deputy Sheriff tex - well it looks as if everything went well whilst I was away!! Not many problems after all - I knew I'd be able to rely on you to do a good job although I don't like the sounds of chickie running off with Jacques - I hope she came back!! It sounds as if YOU behaved yourself because you were the one that concerned me the most...afterall, you do have a track record when the cowpokes come into town, but havin' so many duties to fulfill, I guess you didn't have time for to go messing around with 'em!! Thanks for all your help Deputy, Deputy Sheriff, you can now go back to being what you do best - your madam duties!!


Nice one.


Great photo. It's beautiful and sad at the same time. Sure would be nice if someone could salvage some of that wood for another use.


Hi, girlfriend! Welcome home. I missed you--liquor suppliers cut me off because the bill didn't get paid, had a major jailbreak when Morris and Robbie (my backup) had passed out from the free booze! Chickie ran off with Jacques on his new bike, so I only had Gracie to help out and she ran off with some smooth talking city slicker! I'll be leaving for an extended vacay tomorrow.


Thanks sue and granny for your comments:)


I do love your abandoned barns....


Great puzzle, thanks. 1:18