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What Do You See?

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It sure looks like feathers and could be an Indian too, thanks, Taisia. Like your description :)


It looks like color feathers. I can see there an Indian motive.


That's the best attitude, thanks, Kirsten (✺ᴗ✺)


Some freaky faces! But I don't want to focus on them. I want to see a beautiful kaleido! Thanks Barb. (❛ᴗ❛)


So glad you like it, Janet. Thank you. I hope you had a great time today and the doc visit was OK too....Hugs my friend ♥☺


It's beautiful thanks Barb and yes I see the butterflies and Oriental faces too. Gorgeous colours. Hugs my friend. ♥☺♥


I very much agree, surfer, I hate to repeat myself, so please, read my reply to Ardy :)


Ardy, those oriental faces in blue were the first things I noticed when the kal came out of the blender. Butterflies and the pairs of orientals in profile were second for me....I love when this happens with or is it to the kals....LOL Hugs.


Thank you for loving the kal and seeing things, Liz and nice to see you too :)


Goes to show yah what we all see, now that it is brought to my attention l see the butterflies, oriental faces, gotta love it all!!!!!!


I see your faces, Barb. But the butterflies are easiest to see. ☺ Hugs.


I see the same things you do Barb. I love this, thanks for sharing


Love your description too, Jeanette....thanks for your comment ⚽


Very interesting, Ardy and I can see your bugs and feathers too, fun!
Here is what I see. In the inner, pink part, on the bottom, I see the oriental faces, etched with blue color. On the outside ring there are two oriental faces in profiles, facing one another. And/or, ignoring the faces, I see large butterflies, flying away from the center.....LOL Thank you so much, Ardy....Hugs.


Surfer, they definitely can be both, owls or lynx cats.....thank you for sharing your description and for liking the kal.... :)


I see feathers Barb, perhaps an elegant dream catcher, love the pink! ࿇


Barb, I see feathers - lots and lots of feathers. Sometimes they are butterflies, other times wings on birds - that's the outside ring. Inside are lightning bugs with the light on the wrong end of the bug. LOL I also see a beautiful background. Thanks, my friend. Lovely kal. Hugs.


00000 Sunny l love this, the colors, the design and the Great Grey Owls, or are those Lynx, cats?
Very interesting kal buddy.