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Merry Christmas latch hook

32 pieces
89 solves
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Thanks, Ank. :-)


Lovely Ardy, and a Merry Christmas to you too


You are so welcome, Pat. Thanks for coming by.


Gorgeous ... Thanks for sharing..


Thanks, Josie :-)) Hugs.


Dear Ardy, I enjoy, no, relish your presence here, you silly girl. Hugs.


Thank you, Josie. I'm glad if I have something you can enjoy. I certainly love your plaids.


I love your work, Ardy, and I really enjoy some of the comments, you are loved. Thank you for the seasonal needlework. Very nice.


Nothing really recent though, Hanne. Thank you for coming by. I enjoy your visits and comments.


Jan, You are 13 seconds faster than I was. Glad you like it. You've changed your avatar. Bet Maggie is happier. LOL I like this one too.


Thank you, Michelle, for the wishes and for the wonderful story about your dad. Such little things can trigger so many memories.


You have really been busy, emroidering, latch hooking - Ardy it's very sweet!! Thanks so very much!!


What a wonderful latch hook! It is quite pretty, Ardy! I really enjoyed solving it. Thanks!
(took me 2 minutes to do!)

Nice memory, Michelle!


And a very Merry Christmas to you too, Ardy! I remember doing latch hooking with my daughter when she was little (a long time ago), but haven't done any in years!

btw: My dad was laid up at home with an injury when I was young and wasn't allowed to walk much at all. He got a lot of reading done but he's a doer and got bored. So bored that my mom (a wise woman) ended up teaching him punch work. Well, he ended up making his own designs and then, when he was better, turning wooden legs on his lathe and making footstools. LOL I had forgotten all about that until I did this puzzle. Fun to remember. Thank you. Michelle