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A picture taken 2 years ago of one of Hermann's Royal Lipizzan Stallions performing at Roseland Cottage in Pomfet, CT. AMAZING!! ;o)


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I've seen one horse showing and I was only in my early twenties. But I do remember that they were all so very pretty, and the tricks they did were amazing! I'll never forget that. So much fun! It must take a lot of time and energy to teach them to do all of these tricks, I could only imagine!


The things these horses can do is just absolutely amazing!! We try to go see them every year. ;o)


Oh how lovely, I've always LOVED horses. I've never owned one but it sure would have been nice if I had. We live in Henderson, Nevada so there's no place to keep one! This one though is really quite gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing this pic, it brings back a lot of wonderful memories as I used to go horseback riding all the time with my best friend when we were a lot younger....Monica


Thanks for the reminder of a beautiful memory. My late husband and I went to see them a few years before he died. It was a spectacular performance that we both loved. Mary


They are amazing creatures!


Yes they are, pieceXpiece.
Thanks, cevas. They're amazing to see in person!! ;o)


That's a great photo Myladydanes!!!
I saw the Lipizann Stallions perform once. It was an amazing show!!!

Grace under pressure. Amazingly beautiful.


They certainly are, ruby18. And so calm. They had it set up so you could visit with the horses between performances. Hoping to go again this year. ;o)


These horses are magic!