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Dutch equivalent of the Suez Canal blocking.

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  1. ljcowles3:33
  2. AnnaFrancesca3:54
  3. rlmarker4:09
  4. Ittld4:28
  5. flgo4:31
  6. Murfy4:53
  7. Googly4:59
  8. GSchnabli5:28
  9. dartman19655:44
  10. GreenWyvern5:45


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Good night, Helen- It'd after 11 here-sleep well!


Yes, Jigidi U is a wonderful place to get truthful news~ Thanks Jean.... a cute puzzle. Hope it doesn't take as long as the Ever Given is taking. I too heard it was free. Yay to all who helped free that baby!!!


Hahaha...good one!!!


Hello Michael-

VOEX- It is known as Jigidi University-




I get most of my news from the Jigidi site, it seems. Thanks, Jean


YEA! Thanks for the news, DJ_


The ship is free and all is back to normal again in the canal!!!!!!!


Thanks for sharing the good news, Sylvia- l thought it was the superior might of the US Navy that was going to save the day, but l am pretty sure the Dutch have more experience-


Haha, you are so funny, Jean. Looks like the Ever Given will be free later today. There's a Dutch salvage company working on her, the Dutch are famous for this, they were successful before, so there's hope! Nevertheless, fingers crossed!


Explains the situation perfectly :-)


@boilerbill- Thank you for your comment-
According to my google search, this is in Holland, which most likely has the same types of waterways as the UK-

@Googly- and @Donna- Maybe the two men can do it, and maybe not- It is not the Suez situation by any means, but cause a bit of inconvenience-

Looks like a near perfect fit!


This one could maybe be pushed off the bank by that man. I don't think he can push that one off the Suez!!!! *LOL* dj


It is a house boat, but usually called a narrow boat because of all the narrow canals and locks in the UK


My pleasure, VOEX- thank you for your comment-

This is by far the most desirable situation. The difference in scale is everything. Thank you for posting this one.


It looks like a houseboat- Still, the problem is the same only of different magnitude-


Faulty piloting here, but they are not costing, $$$$ here!


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