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Circles in Squares.....I'm pretty sure

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Hester, you came back to see if I responded! I'm really trying to take it easy now. I have wanted to visit you and your puzzles to see what Growly has been up to, but whenever I do that, I like to do it when I'm in the mood to relax and enjoy the goings-on. I think you're a special kind of person....and Growly, even more special. LOL I'll have to check soon and see what kind of New Year's resolutions you've both made. I'm assuming that Freddy hasn't made any because he's basically good. LOL again! Of course I wish you love, happiness and a wonderful New Year. :-)

Sue, thank you so much, dear. I think I may have already wished you a very Happy New Year, but just in case I haven't, you know I wish that for you. :-)


So happy to enjoy your work again, Wendy. Thanks for the fun. 2:06


Wendy, your presence was much missed! I am so glad you are feeling better now. Just take it easy and don't rush things. I had a good laugh with Growly's antics over Christmas! His,( and my!) bad habits are being taken in hand now that new year's resolutions are being attempted. That'll last all of 2 weeks probably! IF we're lucky LOL

Take care of yourself and I wish you love, happiness and much better health for 2013. :-))


Oh, dear Hester! Thank you so much for the Christmas wishes. I haven't been on Jigidi for quite some time because I was VERY sick and am just starting to feel better now. I had teased you about Growly's presents because I had planned on making a puzzle with him and Freddy with a bunch of presents....but I haven't been able to do any of the things I had planned on doing. And now it's a bit late to be thinking about Christmas presents. :-( I'm so glad that Growly has been given an unlimited supply of eggnog. hehehe Have a Happy New Year, dear. :-)

Mary, you're confusing me! Well, all I have to say is that I hope you have a Happy New Year as well (as well as Hester). ;-)


Oh, dancing the Bells in Squares Dance while ringing at the same time! Good thing these are all 7th octave so I can handle them all by ringing four-in-hand and switching the pairings as needed when the blasted key changes! LOL 5:30 Thanks, Wendy!


Wendy , I'm thrilled you are posting more smaller sized puzzles! I have had very little time for solving this week and just popped on to wish you and yours a wonderful, joyous Christmas. Today was bathtime for Freddy and while he has dried out nicely, I am still seriously soggy. :-( Still, at least he will be smelling sweet for the festivities (or 24 hrs at least!) The bear is quite happily ensconced up the tree and every so often there are calls for more eggnog! I think he's having a bit of a party up there!
Smiles and hugs, dear Wendy, from me and the gang :-)))


Ardy, you need to pay attention more often! LOL and a wink ;-)


And I didn't recognize my own bells. Shame on me. They are so much more colorful than when I last saw them.


Ardy, you of all people should know that these are the interior of bells that I borrowed from you.
I hope you have a Merry Christmas as well....and thank you. :-)


I thought maybe these were megaphones playing Christmas music. They are very colorful with good depth to them. Thanks, Wendy. Nice to have you posting today. Just in case you're gone for the next couple of days I'd like to wish you a Merry Christmas.


PJ, thank you very much. I think I kind of like it too. Actually, I KNOW I do. LOL


How fun, Wendy. Enjoyed the design, the colors - and the solving!


Tootie, I was wondering if Teddy Bear Albert knows Growly....

And yes, those dots are a menace to society. LOL!


Tricky because the small dots can throw you off! Well, at least for me.