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Close up of Tweeds, a long haired calico cat
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  1. thebetterhalf3:28
  2. DeDonder3:35
  3. ofehoyos3:36
  4. togocat4:20
  5. lindaleigh4:22
  6. Impie4:32
  7. carrps4:33
  8. gbp4:49
  9. cdw894:50
  10. ajandfran4:52


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Tweeds is a beauty!


Tweeds is a beautiful cat. She was so lucky you found her and took such good care of her. You are so blessed to have each other. I rescued Daphne (my picture) when she was maybe 5 weeks old. I had her for 16 years and I still miss her. My current cat is Charlie. He came in from the woods and adopted us 11 years ago. We think he might have been abandoned as he weighed 16 lbs. It was a couple of weeks before he let us touch him. Now he is king of his castle.


Thank you for the beginning of Tweeds' story. Your patience and caring have paid off. Hope to see more photos and read more stories of Tweeds.

I found Tweeds by my door the day she was born 10 years ago. None of the outside cats wanted anything to do with her, so she became a bottle baby. (Searched all over and did not find any other kittens.) Before anyone chastises me, any cat that shows up more than once for breakfast at my house wakes up one day---surprise!---spayed or neutered! Tweeds had attitude early on. She traveled to work with me (so she could get a bottle all the time!) and she couldn't resist grabbing that "thing" that kept flipping around. Then she would get even more mad when she "caught" it and bit her own tail! She is now an indoor only cat and is much happier than her stern face would indicate!

Beautiful cat. Thanks for sharing.



Hello Tweeds! You're gorgeous. I hope you know that. Please tell us something about yourself. And come back soon.


Don't mess with Tweeds!


Look how pretty you are!

She looks rather fierce

Tweeds has an attitude that matches her Diva personality!

Hello Tweeds! I also have a longhaired Calico! She is a gorgeous cat called Cally!

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14 April 2019 - 8 March 2017
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