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Jigidi is for fun and pleasure - but not at the expense of others. Keep this in mind when creating and commenting on puzzles.

Jigidi is for everyone

Jigidi is not only for kids or families. There is always a risk that an offensive puzzle will appear. Keep that in mind when you let your children puzzle around - and please report puzzles you find inappropriate to spare other users the experience.

Make sure the 'Filter Content' option in your profile is enabled to remove most of the possibly offensive puzzles.

Do not upload obscene material

Images of violence, animal abuse, dead bodies and the like intended to shock or disgust are not permitted. Any puzzle that is reported as being inappropriate may be removed without further notice. If it's deemed appropriate upon review, it will be put back online, so please don't re-submit a removed puzzle.

Do not upload illegal material

Illegal material includes racial hatred and child pornography. Any illegal material will be reported to the proper authorities with all available information (e.g. IP address).

Don't use puzzles as personal messages

Public puzzles should be for everyone. If you wish to create a puzzle for specific users, don't publish it, but tag the users in a comment. You tag somebody by adding a @ in front of their username. And please don't use public puzzles (or @-tagging) to contact the Jigidi Team - always use the support form.

Be nice when commenting

Always be polite and friendly. Funny is cool too, but be careful with irony and sarcasm. If you dislike a puzzle or disagree with something, don't be rude or crude about it. Speak your mind in a respectful manner. Comments may be removed without notice, if these guidelines are not met.

Be careful around political, satirical and religious content

It's OK to voice your opinion and engage in discussions, but Jigidi should not be used propagandistically to further any religious or political messages. Puzzles with a political, satirical or religious focus should never be marked as "I'm sure this image is appropriate for all users".

Erotic images are allowed - pornographic are not!

Where eroticism has high-art aspirations, pornography has an underlying commercial purpose. Images only intended to arouse and watermarked images from porn sites are NOT welcome and will be removed. If you aren't sure, don't post it and always mark erotic or provocative puzzles as possibly inappropriate. Seriously, please don't create public puzzles with pornography. This includes visible genitalia.

Please read this carefully if you intend to post erotica on Jigidi.

Only upload images you actually own - or ask the copyright holder for permission before using an image. You are responsible for the material you upload on this site. If you believe that your work has been copied in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please contact us.

Do not use Jigidi for any commercial purpose

Please don't upload images for advertising purposes. Your images may include a watermark or a link to your website but creating puzzles with the intent of directing traffic to your website is not permitted. If you or your company want to advertise on Jigidi or use a Jigidi puzzle in some way, then contact us and we will reply if we're interested.

Please take these rules seriously and try to respect the spirit in which they were created.