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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I save my progress?

Make sure you're signed in or join Jigidi if you don't have a profile yet. Your progress is saved automatically. Just make sure you are connected to the Internet.

Where did the pieces go?

You probably moved them off-screen. Look for small dots at the edge of the puzzle window. These point to off-screen pieces.

How do I change the background color?

While playing, you can change the background color by clicking the small color swatches in the side panel to the right.

Why is there a "Remove" by all my comments?

This link allows you to delete your own comments, should you regret making them.

Can I play on my iPad or Android/Windows tablet?

Yes. The Jigidi website is fully compatible with mobile devices.

How do I protect my privacy Jigidi?

Jigidi is an online service with open access to the world as we believe in the power of worldwide interconnectivity. If you are curious about how we as a company, go about protecting your privacy, you can read more about the measures we take to protect your privacy in our Privacy Policy (in this policy you will also find a link you can follow to have your account on Jigidi deleted should you wish to).

Adding to this, we have written down some sound advice on how you, as an individual, can take action to protect your privacy when online. Read more here.

Can others share my puzzles?

Yes, they can. Either via the sharing buttons we offer on the puzzle page (see more here), or by copying the URL of your puzzle (you can find it in the internet address bar in your browser). You can read more about sharing options on Jigidi here.

Are unpublished puzzles, visible to anyone other than the person creating them?

Puzzles that haven't been published are just that: unpublished puzzles, meaning while you can solve them and invite others in for a chat, their existence is not known to the general audience of Jigidi and the world around us. But they are not protected safe spaces, as it is possible for those with access to the puzzle to let others know about it. You can read more about unpublished puzzles here.

What are the small symbols displayed on the puzzles?

The heart symbol can be clicked to toggle the bookmark for the puzzle. The tick denotes you solved the puzzle, and the pie shows how much progress was made on the puzzle.

What is the number in red/blue to the far right in the menu bar?

This shows if you have any notifications. You can follow a user or a puzzle, to be notified if a new puzzle is posted or if a new comment is made. Look for the "Follow" links on puzzle pages and user profiles.

How do I disable my AdBlocker for Jigidi?

You'll find a Quick guide for disabling your AdBlocker for Jigidi here (and a BIG thank you from the Jigidi team!).

If you are happy with Jigidi but find ads too distracting, you can join Jigidi Plus for 18 USD annually. By doing so, you help to ensure the continued operation of the site.

How do I control the maximum number of pieces for a jigsaw puzzle?

The number of pieces is determined by the resolution and aspect ratio of the uploaded image. Larger images can be divided into a higher number of pieces. 1800x1200 (or larger in the same aspect ratio) will take your puzzles to the maximum of 600 pieces.

How do I bookmark and un-bookmark puzzles easily?

To toggle the bookmark for a puzzle, hover your mouse over the puzzle and click the heart icon. When the heart is filled, the puzzle is bookmarked.

Why are there ads in the puzzles?

We rely on the income from ads to maintain and develop the site. If you find the ads too distracting, you can choose to remove them all by purchasing a Jigidi Plus membership for your profile. When you become a Jigidi Plus member, you'll enjoy the completely ads-free Jigidi experience. Also, you directly support Jigidi, and thereby help us be as free as possible to make Jigidi even better every day. Read more about ads on Jigidi.

Why can't I publish more than 4 jigsaw puzzles?

We have established a limit of 4 puzzles within 24 hours per user to guarantee a varied choice of jigsaw puzzles. You can still create more puzzles but will have to wait 24 hours before you can publish new ones in the Jigidi community.

How long will my puzzles stay on the site?

Puzzles are kept indefinitely. Inactive profiles or puzzles may be subject to some spring cleaning, but as a rule of thumb, puzzles are most likely kept indefinitely.

Why did my jigsaw puzzle disappear?

If several users report your jigsaw puzzle, it is automatically either filtered or removed – all depending on how many users report the puzzle. We then consider the complaint under our review criteria. If your puzzle upon review is found to be within the Jigidi guidelines, it will reappear on Jigidi.

How do I report a case of suicidal or self-harming behaviour?

If you see another Jigidi user share content online that suggests their life is in immediate danger, please first contact your local emergency services and ask them to take over the matter. After this, please also report the incident to us - but please do note that, it's very important that such matters must first be taken to your local emergency services. Read more about how to approach this.

Last revision: 10 February 2021