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Erotica on

Only slightly suggestive puzzles allowed

The purpose of this page is to clarify our position and actions regarding erotic content on

New guidelines for erotica on Jigidi

Please note that as of July 2018 we have new guidelines regarding erotica on You'll find our new guidelines to be distinctly more restrictive than before.

No pornography allowed at

We do not allow pornography of any kind at Within erotica, only puzzles with a very light, suggestive theme are allowed.

We'll explain below what this means for you when you pick which images to create puzzles from.

Never mark suggestive puzzles as appropriate for everyone

You must never mark puzzles with even the slightest hint of a sexual theme as "I'm sure this image is appropriate for all users."

Please note that we review reported puzzles from the following perspective: It's not only a matter of what is shown in the puzzle, but also a question of how it can be perceived (you know the difference).

Do's and dont's

Here are some general markers to steer by when posting suggestive images:

  • Subjects in puzzles must generally wear clothes (underwear and swimwear will not suffice).
  • Artwork (drawings, paintings, and the likes) can be too explicit to be allowed at Jigidi as well.
  • We do differentiate between artwork and images of real people. But as a general rule don't mark suggestive artwork as "I'm sure this image is appropriate for all users."
  • Be respectful of your motifs - for instance, fake photos of celebrities and degrading comments or titles for your puzzles are not allowed.
  • Do not post links to material (including links to private puzzles) that does not comply with these guidelines.

If you are in doubt whether an image may be too much for Jigidi take that as a clue that it probably is and refrain from posting it.

Why stricter guidelines?

Do you remember the time before the internet? The time before we gained access to knowledge and each other in this mind-blowing way? Neither do we. We've all gotten so very used to it. But we have to be smart about it if we want to make the best of it. We have to add the right stuff to the conversation.

At Jigidi we choose not to feed what distances us from for each other. Explicit erotica splits the waters, and in that, it does not add the right stuff to the Jigidi conversations.

Jigidi is a venue for celebrating connectivity, and through that learn of the world and ourselves. Grow an understanding and, if we're lucky, sympathy for people and standpoints across the world. We grow together - that's not just an expression. It is a metaphor for our minds broadening through the knowledge and inspiration we share and give each other.

Thank you for your understanding.