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Welcome to Jigidi Post

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Welcome to Jigidi Post

Jigidi is a place in the world.

A real place that becomes tangible through your contributions.

Every day you enrich each other’s lives with all your puzzles and solves - along with the connections you make with your fellow puzzlers from all over the world.

And a real place with real people needs a local paper.

Jigidi Post is just that. A spot where we can share user stories, Jigidi news and relevant insights with each other.

Over the years of developing Jigidi, we have come by so much of beautiful knowledge about the human mind, and we have been looking for a way to share some of this with you all. Because it’s fun with insights about yourself – but mostly because new insights can take you to new places.

Beyond these insights, we’ll cover the significant add-ons to Jigidi that come along the way as we continue to develop Jigidi (this should get Joan’s Frozen Seawater puzzle of the hook as for becoming the city town hall on those very occasions).

Now, any decent local paper understands that it is the names section its readers really are interested in.

We’ll do a Jigidi version of that and explore what the data tell us about our-Jigidi-selves. And in addition to this, we’ll also take deep, individual dives with ‘Jigidi User stories’ where generous fellow puzzlers let us in on what is in their heart and mind then and there.

If you’d like to participate in a Jigidi User Story, we’d love to hear from you on

What’s left, for now, is to once again wish you a warm welcome to Jigidi Post where. We hope you’ll enjoy reading along and share your reflections with fellow Jigidi puzzlers ♥


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I like many of your nice puzzles. I solve them and save them to my screen saver to see over and over. I DESPISE the rest of your setup. I can never find puzzles if I didn't copy the title correctly, and going back to the page where I found the puzzle does me absolutely no good, the puzzle are all or mostly all different. I'm constantly frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello, I am new to this site and so far love it. But I am wondering if someone can tell me why the sound goes on and off with no apparent reason? I love the sound of the click when I place a piece correctly. Also, is there a way to separate the pieces without having to move each piece individually when beginning? Thank you anyone who can answer my questions!


Yes, we do!

You can find our sudoku puzzles on

Enjoy 🙂

are you still offering sudoku puzzles?


Hopefully, I'm in the right place... I've enjoyed jigsaw puzzles for as long as I can remember... (just about any "puzzle" will get me in) now there is an actual JIGSAW PUZZLE GROUP!!! Wow, I'm in my ellement here, I love making puzzles, love making pictures, so if I upload a puzzle please be kind.


Thank you for making resizing possible. I like bigger puzzles to enjoy the photo/puzzle more!!

Why can't jeannie post her word puzzles anymore? I was not a big fan of these but love her number and color puzzles - try to do them every day. I am sure others were similarly dedicated to her word puzzles. If she was to stop altogether, I would probably have to leave Jigidy and try to find a different website. Perhaps you should consider the need you have for people like her if you are to continue to have a successful website.


FYI - we have a missing persons puzzle where we post to try and find people.
here is the link

Re 'cheating' Every puzzle I do has 'impossible' times on it so hope Jigidi can continue to try and even it out for competitiors.

Does any one know where woodowl is and if she is ok. I miss her puzzles!

So glad to see you back, Nutmeg! I hope you are well. I love your work.

Anyone know if there is a way to find creators who display Charles Wysocki pics?

Hello All,
I began following Nutmeg(Nuttmeg) just before Sept. 11th, last year, because I am a fan of her work. She used to post around four puzzles a day. She hasn't posted since Sept. 11th. I am posting this because I am concerned. Does anyone know her? Can anyone find out if she's okay?
Nutmeg, I hope you are okay. Miss your posting. Nancjs

I so appreciate this Jigidi experience and the kindness and positive sharing I see with each puzzle. This is nearly magical. Sometimes it is enough to look through the new posts as one looked at a picture book while young. Other times, seeing the work a new-to-me artist or an simply an unfamiliar artwork can send me off to read and learn more about the artist, or her style or school of art, or the history of the artist or artwork. But, of course, the fun of puzzling is paramount here, and I appreciate this space in which to indulge.

Ever notice how often the best looking puzzle on the page is the ad in the middle?

There was a puzzle this morning, a photo of a woman with nose plugs and a sanitary napkin over her mouth, with the caption that this was mask wearers, I found it incredibly offensive on several levels. As someone who had Covid, and as someone who could be at risk, I would much rather tolerate a mask than suffer Covid and it's aftermath again. And I would rather be slightly uncomfortable at times than to expose someone else who might be at risk. Also, I didn't appreciate the nasty politics being given a space in the place I come to relax and enjoy other people's artistic contributions. Whoever posted that photo, come back and tell me how much you hate masks and mask wearers AFTER you've had Covid!

why can't I solve a puzzle more than once?

I would like to know how some folks can solve a 600 piece puzzle by finding 5 or 6 pieces a minute. I think it impossible without somehow cheating.

For Nutmegg: whose work I love... These are glasses that let colorblind people see color.
She's probably aware of them already, but in case, not, I wanted to pass this on. I look for your puzzles every day. Thanks for posting them.


I wish more stats were available. How many new puzzles are posted each day? What times of day? Will my puzzle get more plays during busy times or slow times? How many followers do I have? Is that a lot, average, or just a few? My puzzles get around 100 plays each. Is that a lot or only a few?


I enjoy solving the black and white very large puzzles'....and for people like myself, it would be helpful if there was a category for the black and white puzzles'

I really enjoy this site and have no problems other than on occasion with the adds section, but honestly - not a big deal. I know how its is no easy matter to update/improve software, but - here's a feature that would help me enormously in the following type of scenario:

Your modus-operandi involves gathering piles of pieces of the same color. You're working elsewhere on the "table" and realize that a pile of pieces, way over the other side of the table fit here. So, one must tediously, pick up each piece and move them over, one by one, oh man - so lame ! Wouldn't it be great if :
Using the mouse or the touchpad, you left click, then draw a circle, or oval, whatever, around the pile you want moved, drag the pile to where you want it, and release the left click to drop it there.
Meanwhile, thanks for the countless hours of Covid fighting fun you all have provided us!

For some reason, my puzzles are now being completed in a black background. I do not like this and do not find how to change it back. I know that before there was a choice of several different colors but now I do not know how to find that, or is is gone? I am going to give up on jigidi for this alone!


I love the way my photos are processed by Jigidi to give them a matt/cardboard look. Can anyone tell me how to achieve this outside of Jihidi. i.e. in Photoshop or a similar program?


Why do I have to re-post category and size after each check of how I did after completing the puzzle? Why change the former setup wherein you just enact the side box and shows how you did comparatively? You have flummoxed me!


Not crazy about the large dropdown that includes my time. Don't see its point since I can find my time when I back out of the solved puzzle. I have had no problems seeing, solving, commenting and being commented upon. I visit Jigidi several time a day and post nearly every day. I made the jump from Adobe when first its demise was announced. Thanks for all you do.


The new format is not user friendly. No matter what I do, I can't get rid of the ad in the corner and I have to make the puzzle so small to fit around it, that I can't see the puzzle pieces. Plus, why change the 'stop' feature and making it full screen buttons? Now I have to click on several things to change. Please change it back.

the old puzzles were great....this new s... is awfuil...been using this site for years...dont think I'll be using it much more...yes...its that bad...Harry

This is a gorgeous puzzle (Santa Maddalena Village) and I really enjoyed solving it. However, I think I must be doing something wrong. I'm not trying to compete but it seems that after completing almost every puzzle my time is twice the amount of the fastest person. Am I missing something? By the time I have done the outside pieces, others have finished. Maybe I'm just slow but these truly are fun and relaxing! Any help would be appreciated. Ann

I agree with 1quilter. I hate what you have done. It ruins the puzzle experience to see an ad at the bottom of the page. The Adobe flash was so much better. I find ads to be intrusive.

A nice comment from the past Adobe days says, "We can collect puzzles to show friends- or just enjoy", (my words, with apologies). Would that we could with http5. I've clicked different characters, including [Jigidi] but all to no effect.

I hate what you have done to this site …...change it back.


Thank you for giving us a place to explore our creativity and make new friends. I was inspired to create a muse named Frieda Frogg as my signature.
She soon evolved into The Adventures of Frieda Frogg and friends. I create puzzles and storylines with Frieda's adventures in mind.
I have met some really nice people who follow Frieda and her adventures.

I would like to have some round puzzles along with the squares and rectangles. They are fun to work.

OK. So I found out how to do full screen, but I solved the puzzle with the best time and no ribbon! (sob!)

I can't get back to Adobe. I don't like the new puzzle app; I can't get a full screen on it. How can I get it to open and allow me to use Adobe again? It doesn't give me a choice, just automatically opens to the new one.


In one of the advertisements it says you can rid the ads if you pay 18 ? American dollars. I would not mind doing that , but I do not do anything regarding money on the net. Is there another way? Maybe snail mail? 7-14-2020


I was curious about a jigidi player known as 19Tiger49. He has not been seen since April 20, 2020...Does anyone know? I did not know where to stick this question and I found this maybe someone knows if he is with us or not. Bev 7-14-2020....11:07A.M.

never mind about the Number of puzzles. I found it. But you still need to bring back the pause option

how do you know how many puzzles you completed? there is a completed section but it doesn't say how many. Also you need to bring back the pause option. You lose too much time when it does it on its own.

Here is a list of the top 20 all time jigidi players as of June 25th 2020.
1 wshealy 10, 135,539 11 wjl1015 5,681,779
2 lordmojo 9,525,5247 12 mariolyn 5,413,607
3 Dillubreuer 7,099,187 13 mm60 5,370,746
4 Purplestar 7,056,428 14 Lefleur 5,252,071
5 jcarroll 6,408,312 15 twosmiths 5,075,955
6 ibilly 6,165,638 16 patience1992 5,021030
7 Cobbscout 6,042,825 17 pholmes 4,955,097
8 dvt1957 6,036,058 18 Karenbyassee4,869,888
9 pescia512 5,927,818 19 SurrealHeidi 4,869,520
10 Ribs 5,791,251 20 KdePina 4,868,730
Please note this list is completely unoficial and I may have missed one or two. Please complain if I missed you. Cheers to all!

I guess I will have to find a new puzzle page, Jigidi you sold out to advertising and I hate the "new" format.

I love statistics. (Don't ask me why.) I have compiled a list of the top 1000 jigidi players in terms of pieces completed. Let me know in this blog if you want to know where you stand. You need at least 1,530,000 to make the list. Wshealy is #1 with over ten million pieces completed!!


I am fairly new to Jigidi and thoroughly enjoying making the puzzles. I live in the Channel Islands. I used to have two holidays a year when I was in full-time employment but now I am retired, I'm not able to travel as much (and because of the lockdown), No-one has been anywhere for a while. I was so pleased to discover Jigidi during this time. I have tried other online puzzle websites but Jigidi is definitely the best in my opinion. I don't compete with other people to make the puzzles quickly because I feel it spoils the fun. I concentrate on the colours etc and take my time - also on Jigidi you can save all the puzzles you make and show your friends!


I've stated it in a direct comment to headquarters,but will say it again: THANK YOU for providing a creative outlet for people whose outside worlds have shrunk during this trying time. Judging by the influx of new names I see on my leader board I see that many of them are recent members of our community. Stay wall, all.


Why do I have to sign in after each time I close my laptop.

Love Jigidi. But I am a little confused about one thing, the leader board. What's up with that? I love puzzles for subject, design, color, difficulty, etc,etc. I don't know long it takes f I enjoy it. I know it is IMPOSSIBLE for someone to do a 500 pc puzzle in 35 minutes without a computer assisted program, so the speed others complete puzzles means zero to me. Just saying.


Hi Jigidi Team, like a lot of people, I'm not liking the new changes that have come in. Not to be a whinger, it's very frustrating, as a puzzle creator as well as player, to have a perfectly good system change. Our Creator pages are harder on the eyes and also more confusing (despite what I think was meant to be easier). My biggest issue there is the Description Box - could it please be larger?

I work on a laptop screen and such a narrow-band for text is ridiculously small! I used to be able to save what I'd written and then check it over at the top of the page (below the puzzle pic). But even that feature is gone too!

Please, please return the former features! They worked just fine. Or devise a system that suits smartphones and similar small screens separately to the system that worked for laptops and larger formats!

There's also a LOT of us who love the 300+ pieces, but your new system doesn't allow that sized puzzle to be made. Don't take that away, please! It would also be really nice to have a better choice of background colours, as the current ones are not necessarily compatible with the eyes, thanks.

I hear you @jerrys it's lovely when people share a little about themselves or about their pictures :)

Yes @grammagen I know! What happened to the Kids! All of my puzzles have a Kid's-friendly size and I include the tag-word 'Kids' in my smaller-sized ones.

LOTS of people would like this too @Senior1 because for many of us, Jigidi is our social media. I have so many friends who would agree with you and also would use this page all the time :)

Well, enough of my money's worth here. Thank you Magnus and Mette and those who form HQ for providing this family-friendly puzzling fun site. Thanks also to the 1000's of Jigidiers who make us puzzles to play, and thank you to the wonderful people who leave positive comments of our puzzles :)

Kyrin XO

why all the dark puzzles, hard to see

Without notice while solving a puzzle my background color changed to a darker color which I hate. How do I get my old color back?

Your new changes made my iPad unusable


I love this site and am on almost daily. I do wish more members had at least a short biography so that I could "get to know" some of my frequent solvers.



Thank you, Magnus and Mette for Jigidi :-)

Best regards, Jason.


Hello fellow Jigidi-ers. Every evening I put on my headphones and groove on some music while solving a couple of Jigidis. This is one of my favorite places to go.


Thank you. Blessed to be a part of this.


Hi all, thank you so much for reading along and joining in with your comments. We read them all and take them to heart as we continue the work with Jigidi and Jigidi Post. Several of you have asked how you can follow this blog - you do this by following @JigidiPost.

If you have support questions please address these via the support form. We can help much better from there.

My grandson, age 7, loves to do puzzles when he visits. I noticed that there isn't a kids section. Did it get cancelled or what. Anybody else have this problem ? How did you solve ?


@pasta is having difficulties with jigidi, she can do everything except solve puzzles and i do not know if she has email - sorry to contact you here Dear @Mette @Magnus - it has been going on for the past 3 days - pls see if you can assist xx many thanks inadvance


Magnus and Mette - you continue to do such good in our Jigidi world - words are not even enough to express my gratitude - is it possible to follow jigidi post? God Bless you Guys and Jigidi too ♥♥♥ love @brightspark @sparklightie xxxx


I agree! Thanks for starting this!


It would be great to have a page where we could discuss our experiences, preferences, and strategies, and get to know one another.


What a wonderful idea that you have created for us solvers to enjoy more areas of Jigidi, as well as to contribute more, thank you, Mette☺


Terrific idea! I regularly do a Jigidi puzzle in between clients (I'm a CBT Counsellor with a very full diary) - they help clear my mind and refocus.


Hi Bonnie and Ardy.

Thank you so much for your kind response to this new concept!

You can access Jigidi Post from the front page for the first couple of days after a new blog post (this box goes away after a couple of days till the next new post) and also from here the top menu under ‘About.’


This is a wonderful idea, :)

Good question Ardy :) - Bonnie


Sounds informative and fun. After today how will be access "our paper?" Thanks, friends. You truly make a difference in my day. Ardy (ringleader and ringleader2)