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Welcome to Jigidi Post

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Welcome to Jigidi Post

Jigidi is a place in the world.

A real place that becomes tangible through your contributions.

Every day you enrich each other’s lives with all your puzzles and solves - along with the connections you make with your fellow puzzlers from all over the world.

And a real place with real people needs a local paper.

Jigidi Post is just that. A spot where we can share user stories, Jigidi news and relevant insights with each other.

Over the years of developing Jigidi, we have come by so much of beautiful knowledge about the human mind, and we have been looking for a way to share some of this with you all. Because it’s fun with insights about yourself – but mostly because new insights can take you to new places.

Beyond these insights, we’ll cover the significant add-ons to Jigidi that come along the way as we continue to develop Jigidi (this should get Joan’s Frozen Seawater puzzle of the hook as for becoming the city town hall on those very occasions).

Now, any decent local paper understands that it is the names section its readers really are interested in.

We’ll do a Jigidi version of that and explore what the data tell us about our-Jigidi-selves. And in addition to this, we’ll also take deep, individual dives with ‘Jigidi User stories’ where generous fellow puzzlers let us in on what is in their heart and mind then and there.

If you’d like to participate in a Jigidi User Story, we’d love to hear from you on

What’s left, for now, is to once again wish you a warm welcome to Jigidi Post where. We hope you’ll enjoy reading along and share your reflections with fellow Jigidi puzzlers ♥


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I love this site and am on almost daily. I do wish more members had at least a short biography so that I could "get to know" some of my frequent solvers.



Thank you, Magnus and Mette for Jigidi :-)

Best regards, Jason.


Hello fellow Jigidi-ers. Every evening I put on my headphones and groove on some music while solving a couple of Jigidis. This is one of my favorite places to go.


Thank you. Blessed to be a part of this.

Jigidi staff

Hi all, thank you so much for reading along and joining in with your comments. We read them all and take them to heart as we continue the work with Jigidi and Jigidi Post. Several of you have asked how you can follow this blog - you do this by following @JigidiPost.

If you have support questions please address these via the support form. We can help much better from there.

My grandson, age 7, loves to do puzzles when he visits. I noticed that there isn't a kids section. Did it get cancelled or what. Anybody else have this problem ? How did you solve ?


@pasta is having difficulties with jigidi, she can do everything except solve puzzles and i do not know if she has email - sorry to contact you here Dear @Mette @Magnus - it has been going on for the past 3 days - pls see if you can assist xx many thanks inadvance


Magnus and Mette - you continue to do such good in our Jigidi world - words are not even enough to express my gratitude - is it possible to follow jigidi post? God Bless you Guys and Jigidi too ♥♥♥ love @brightspark @sparklightie xxxx


I agree! Thanks for starting this!


It would be great to have a page where we could discuss our experiences, preferences, and strategies, and get to know one another.


What a wonderful idea that you have created for us solvers to enjoy more areas of Jigidi, as well as to contribute more, thank you, Mette☺

Terrific idea! I regularly do a Jigidi puzzle in between clients (I'm a CBT Counsellor with a very full diary) - they help clear my mind and refocus.

Jigidi staff

Hi Bonnie and Ardy.

Thank you so much for your kind response to this new concept!

You can access Jigidi Post from the front page for the first couple of days after a new blog post (this box goes away after a couple of days till the next new post) and also from here the top menu under ‘About.’


This is a wonderful idea, :)

Good question Ardy :) - Bonnie


Sounds informative and fun. After today how will be access "our paper?" Thanks, friends. You truly make a difference in my day. Ardy (ringleader and ringleader2)