Solve, create, share and talk about jigsaw puzzles

Would you make my day?

No, sorry, scratch that.

Would you make my, yours and everyone else’s day by reaching out to one of your fellow puzzlers in the comment’s sections?

I promise, it feels good - and there’s a reason for that: We’re biologically wired to communicate with each other ♥

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Social medicine ♥

You are wired in a manner that ensures you to pay attention to, read intentions and feelings, feel empathy, and communicate with other people. Taking this a bit further – we’re continually assessing groups and communities looking to establish: am I a part of this group?

If we pick up signals and read into them that we are not part of a group but instead feel excluded, we feel physical pain. That’s how hard-wired this is into us.

We are all entangled by design and by necessity receive clear signals telling us to seek other people.

Now, there are roughly 7.7 billion people on the planet. 40.000 of these people come to Jigidi every day. They come from all over the world to get inspired by your puzzles, stretch their creative skills and get induced by the kind and supportive community.

Focusing on the latter: around 4.000 of this group of Jigidi puzzlers are actively communicating via the comment’s sections. That leaves 36.000 fellow Jigidi puzzlers short of a warm hug!

On Jigidi, we are all part of the same group. And you are someone else’s fellow Jigidier.

Here’s why reaching out is a solid and beautiful investment.

When you communicate positively with someone, you are effectively practicing social medicine. Social interaction builds mental resilience and lowers our stress levels. And – this is a fascinating fact - merely observing empathic and supportive behavior also increases our mental wellbeing and reduces our stress levels.

Isn’t that something? We need each other on a biological level to be healthy and happy.

And, also, social interaction builds your cognitive reserves – how much depends on the character of the social interaction. How challenging it is in terms of executive functions in your brain (in general the analytical skills).

Let’s end off on the part of making everyone’s day: When you come upon a puzzle today that speaks to you, would you consider saying thank you to the creator of the puzzle for sharing it, ask a question or share a reflection you have on account of the puzzle?

We hope you will. ♥

With lots of love, Jigidi


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Hello Jigidi fans. I’m relatively new to the group and usually work puzzles that that are 50-100 pieces on my iPad or desktop. It takes me a couple of minutes just to separate pieces to be able to complete the border. As I’m separating I try to keep pieces together by color. Am I missing some trick to make this process easier or quicker? Just curious. Thanks in advance. Happy ‘puzzling’.


I have posted puzzle. I stopped some time ago. I may post again time will tell.
I do but rarely leve a comment or have anything to say.
I don't like confrontations after having a few on Jigidi is why I rarely leve any.
But I do give a thank you more then not.

GOD bless ALL

Where is Deb? I am especially partial to her and you don't give me enough.

I haven't seen the works of jhoyer57 lately. Enjoyed all chosen illustrations, especially those from the pages of my treasured children's books!


Thank you inventors of jigidi! Thanks to you, my view of the big world has become more interesting and I know that nice people live everywhere.
I feel at home here, thank you ♥♥♥


I absolutely love this site! It makes me just as happy to create puzzles for others as it does to solve them. An added bonus is the social interaction with other members. Yes, we may be strangers in a sea of accounts, but sometimes that simple "Thank you" can be a small (but perfect) gem received in one's day. Thanks, Jigid - we should all be so blessed to be the recipients of these small gems.




Me and my other half both love Jigidi. We are in the same office at home, yet on two separate computers doing Jigidi at the same time. We love sharing the Jigidi puzzles with each other when we are done. "Look at this one", "Wow that was hard", etc. He does the bigger puzzles than I and I do the smaller ones, but we are both so Blessed to find you and all the wonderful people on here, and the places we get to go to, by doing the puzzles. Thank you. Please continue with such a wonderful blessing. Namaste.


I love jigsaw puzzles, but I love interacting with my friends even more. So many wonderful people here on Jigidi and I think that is a reflection of the creators and managers of this site. So thank you for doing this for us and keeping it free.

I think a fun topic for one of your blog posts would be for people to explain how they came up with their user id. I have seen some really interesting and fun names and I am always interested in hearing people's stories.
Thank you Mettem


. . . to repeat what my friend, Lia, has said "Thank you jigidi for having come into my life, and thank you Jigidi family for being here!" and of course, wonderful Ank (puzzlejac) "Thanks for being there. ♥" Because of jigidi, and my desire to connect with these wonderful people, I found myself getting on an airplane and flying thousands of miles to meet them!! I remember sitting at a luncheon table with Ank on one side and Lia the other, thinking "two days ago we were communicating through jigidi, and today we sit side-by side!! In addition I got to know other "jigidiers" who have enriched my life in such a wonderful way. Jigidi is a "united nations" of the soul ☺♥☺


I agree with everyone's comments here. Jigidi is open 24 hours a day entertaining and keeping people company all over world. Keep up the good work Jigidi Team, and Thank You.


Wanted to add my thanks to the creators of Jigidi as well. I don't even bother with other puzzle sites bc Jigidi is truly the absolute best from the puzzles to the people to the comments. It is also very addictive and I find I have to force myself to get off the computer and take care of every day business. I tell everyone who loves puzzles about this site!

Hello. I grew up doing puzzles. It was a great way to bring the family together after dinner. I was introduced to Jigidi by co-worker, and have been a Jigidier every since. Jigidi is a wonder place. I love the beauty, the playfulness, the colorful and dramatic of the puzzles. I work in an intense job and care for an elderly parent. Jidigi keeps me sane. And, mom loves it when I work on puzzles and share then with her. It makes her smile and feel a part of the world. Thank you to all the puzzle creators. I leave comments occasionally, but will strive to leave more comments. I know when someone responds to my comments, it makes me feel good. I'm a novice photographer. Time to learn to create puzzles, and spread some cheer.


Hey there everybody here at Jigidi. I just wanted to say: Jigidi is a great thing, and I'm still happy I was told about it by an australian chat-friend some years ago. Unfortunately he isn't here anymore, but as you can see I'm still here :-) I love to solve puzzles and I love to create them, I love to give positive comments and I love to get some myself. I simply love to make people happy, and here at Jigidi it's pretty easy, and we all can see: it doesn't need very much to make someone happy and smile. And what else can be a nicer way to say "thank you" ? So I send a big smile as a big thank you to the Jigidi-Team for having that great idea some time ago :-)

Hi Jigidi. I really enjoy this site. I appreciate all the interesting puzzles. Even if I don't solve them I love looking at the pictures and have learned about many places that I didn't know about before I saw the puzzles on Jigidi. I will try to send more positive comments and vibes into the universe.


Life was tough for me after the loss of my hubby in Febr. 2012. Then in May I joined Jigidi and learned how to post puzzles of my shy kitty boy Goofie (my avatar). It actually lifted my spirit getting nice comments and compliments to my kitty. I do apology for not replying in the early beginning, I just didn't know I to do that, but once I found out...I got me started......!!!! It was the beginning of the friendship of a lovely group of friends from all over the planet. In 2016 and 2018 I even met up with Jidigi friends in real life when they visited Europe....I think it's safe to say they are my friends!!♥
For years I used to make a kind of daily photo weblog of Goofie and people seem to love and enjoy him and looked forward to it every day. I did turn me into a "Mammarazzi" but Goofie didn't really seem to mind my camera and often posed nicely for me!☺ When he crossed the Rainbow Bridge Sept.2017 I got a lot of support here and it made a lot of Jigidi friends very sad too....some were afraid I would leave Jigidi now too! But.....
I still love taking pictures of my garden, plants, flowers and things I see on my way outdoors. I guess many Jigidi-friends can relate to seeing any object and think "that would make a nice puzzle"'s the reason I'll usualy carry my pocket camera with me. I will keep on posting and enjoying Jigidi as long as I can☺☺
Thank you Jigidi creators for being YOU!


The above is so true. Jigidi is so different from Facebook or Instagram or that kind of communication. It is a Jigidi family and Jigidi University and Jigidi all-around-the-world and always give me a positive feeling when I read the comments and see the postings. So different in form and from such different places. Lots of people that are old, elder, feeble, ill, lonely, secluded, unhappy.... and that feel better because of being part of Jigidi.
I scrolled through the comments below and am happy because there are so many names I recognise! Not that I have daily contact with all, but often with some and sometimes with many!
And some of the jigidi family do much more for others than one would think. Like placing a yearly list of week-items that we can respond to, or making birthday cards for any person that would like one.... or placing (spiritual / philosophical texting) postings that lift us up when we are sad ...... and I can go on like that.....
Thank you jigidi for having come into my life, and thank you Jigidi family for being here!


well said "jigidi"....there are a lot of us who say "hi" or "thanks" or "how are your new glasses".....this was part of the reason I joined.....I don't make puzzles but I sure do admire the people who do...and leaving a little comment might just make someone's day......thanks for the reminder....robin

This is the best jigsaw puzzle site I've been able to find. No longer looking! I usually end my day with at least one puzzle, but usually more. I sometimes even find myself doing puzzles in my dreams!

I agree with all these posts. Jigidi is a fabulous site! I stumbled upon it a few years ago and have been solving almost daily since. I start each day with at least one puzzle to bump-start my mind (eating breakfast does slow my chance of Leader board times), sometimes one during the day to soothe my busy mind, and of course I solve more to wind down at the end of the day. That's the magic of Jigidi - there's something for every mood! The range of sizes and subjects is amazing, and I can choose on impulse. I've learned so much about the world from the pictures, the descriptions, and the added comments. Thank you all. I love reading the posts, and often make comments.


I was told about Jigidi by a woman at my grandson's psychiatrist's office and have been playing nearly every day since. I am a retired elementary schoolteacher and I agree with what you said! I am a chatterbox and was starting to worry that my comments were too long, but I love the interaction and everyone has been so friendly! I live in the U.S. but I have a passion for other cultures and have learned so much here!! I can't thank you enough for creating this site and keeping it clean and friendly for all. I'm sending smiles and hugs to all my Jigidi family! :))


You put it beautifully @spires285630, exactly what jigidi is for me as well.


Oh, yes indeed. In my own little jigidi "group" we've acknowledge this in many ways. And at this point, I really do love reading what my friends around the world have accomplished in their lives, and how they are doing and feeling. Blessings....all


Jigidi is where I go every day to find calm. Even if it is just a few minutes, I can go back and face the world. Thank you, everyone.


The great thing about jigidi is that people get to know people from all over the planet.
People make friends through comments.
Some can do nothing more than solve puzzles because of limitations or old age. I am so happy to be able to make puzzles for them and everyone else.
I will never forget the people who are no longer there, creators and solvers and all the others who can no longer solve and create puzzles due to illness.
Thank you jigidi and puzzle friends, ♫ ☀ ♥ ☺


i found jigidi puzzels published on an other side and since that day i have so much fun to solve and create a puzzle! I love to share things i like and it makes me happy to get a kind word of someone who,s liking the same. It is very good to socialize via jigidi and it is free to give some attention and a compliment for whatever. Making someone happy is making a better person of yourself. Let,s share contacts in these world. With love for all puzzlefriends♥♥♥ marion


Special greeting to everybody who comes to Jigidi with physical or mental limitations: You are welcome here, and you are definitely not alone!

Puzzles give me a beautiful way to create art within my abilities. When I participate here, I feel well. And I've made some wonderful friends from faraway parts of the world.

Thank you, Jigidi! (and feel free to check out the collaborative puzzles my friends and I make under the username KaleidoKrew. We look forward to seeing you there.)


That's why I like Jigidi so much. The kindness of people, the sympathy with each other.
I'm glad that you worked hard to make Jigidi a safe place. Some interventions were not popular, partly because they were not understood by everyone.
I start and end my day with Jigidi, I hope I never have to miss it.
I make birthday cards with a virtual party for everyone who likes it. Sometimes I notice that that is the only way the birthday boy/girl celebrates. Then it feels good to realize that I made someone happy.
Jigidi made my world much bigger, I met so many good friends here. I even met a few in person. I met here my best friend.
Thanks Jigidi. Thanks for being there. ♥

My friend pointed me toward JIGIDI!! I LOVE this site! It is a stress buster for me..I am here EVERY day..The variety of puzzles is wonderful Thank you so much...


You make my day every day. Thanks for the opportunity to connect with folks all over the world.


A VERY WARM WELCOME TO JIGIDI POST xx I thank God and Jigidi everyday for enhancing our lives day in and day out and sometimes through sleepless nights too. Jigidi you have united us in fun and friendship right across the world - keeping our minds and fingers busy. I have been on jigidi since feb 2012 - for the first two years i just solved and then i discovered how to create puzzles too ☺☺☺ and its been such fun especially to communicate with puzzlers and solvers who have become dear friends. Sometimes i do not always answer messages as i work most of the day too ..please forgive me but I try to answer as many as possible. Jigidi is so good for destressing and it is fun for all ages too ☺ Hugs and much love to every one in need of a Hug ♥♥ love @brightspark and @sparklightie


Jigidi is a neverending source of enjoyment for me. I love creating puzzles, completing puzzles, commenting, reading comments, responding to comments, what a happy place. Thank you to Stefan and Magnus and everyone else who has made this the very best online site!!

I work with young people. Frequently listening to the stresses that live inside them. They are often too young , or the stresses too big, for them to get out from under them and get free for a while. So I let them play a jigidy puzzle on my computer. Youngsters who are still in kindergarten love jigidi's childrens' puzzles, often going for Disney themes. I have their parents put jigidi on their phones. Preteens often zone in on superheros or sports. Teens get on fashion, cars or movie and music stars. For the time it takes to do the puzzle, the stress backs away. The mind thinks of pleasanter things. Thank you jigidi for helping them cope with their lives.


Jigidi is a large part of my day, every day. Most of the time I comment on the puzzles I solve and sometimes I comment on puzzles that just catch may eye for beauty or fun. I never knew that 40.000 people are visiting Jigidi every day. Wow! That's a lots of folks. Thank you Jigidi for being there for all of us participating.


Jigidi is a visual delight, colorful images to fill our minds.
Jigidi is a constant challenge, and always in the size we choose for ourselves.
Jigidi is a daily dose of warm fuzzy comments, some left, some received.
Jigidi is always open, 24/7 and the welcome mat stretches worldwide.
Jigidi is a post open all hours of the day and night where friends can chat back and forth.
Jigidi is pieces~ puzzle pieces~pieces of scenery, nature, art, buildings, flora, fauna, and all subjects~and bits and pieces of information~pieces of fun~pieces of culture, histories~and pieces of lives shared
Jigidi is bits of this and bits of that
Jigidi is a safe place~nurtured and gently monitored and protected by its creators to keep it a safe place for a worldwide network of persons who love more than just the many pits and pieces that make a puzzle, but the many bits and pieces that make it a worldwide community of friends.


genevap - Happy 4th Jigidi Anniversary tomorrow!!! ●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●


My wonderful son-in-law introduced me to Jigidi a couple months ago and I cannot live without it since. I start my day doing a puzzle and I also end it this way, Jigidi has become an important part of my old life.
I am 76 and I have arthritis in both hands, which makes me a slow puzzler but I don't mind, I'm not in a hurry (any more).
I fell in love with Jigidi right away and I'd like to say thank you for creating this inspiring site. I haven't commented so far (shame on me!) but I will from now on.
My heartfelt thanks to everybody who contributes these wonderful, relaxing and amazing puzzles. Some make me laugh, some make me cry, I love all of them and they sure make my days.
Thank you so much, Jigidi!


Just thanks :-)


Thank you, Jigidi.
Who knew that solving jigsaw puzzles on line could bring cultures together? Who knew that it could become so important in the lives of so many? Who knew that so many friendships could be formed? Who knew that so many of us would meet each other in person? Who knew that Jigidi would be a venue for outrageous thoughts, moral support, information and snort out of your nose laughter?
Thank you!


People have so much fun, the 'banter' that goes on has me in 'stiches'. Laughter is a lot like a stone being dropped in a calm lake. Once you drop it in, it will send ripples of happiness in every direction, happiness never decreases by being shared. To be kind to all, to like many and love a few, to be needed and wanted by those we love, is certainly the nearest we can come to happiness.


My day starts with, and ends with, Jigidi. It makes me smile, sometimes cry and fills my need for human contact with friends from all over the world. I have a dear friend who is dealing with several health issues and suffers bouts of depression, so I collect up the funny and beautiful pictures to send to him. It helps both of us. Thank you so much for this wonderful site, filled with caring people!


Jigsaw puzzles have been a source of enjoyment for all of my adult life. I found Jigidi a few years ago and presently it is now part of my daily life. It relaxes me. There is something about finishing a larger puzzle (300+) that gives me a feeling of accomplishment in these days when the world seems to be spinning faster and is a little out of balance. I very much thank the creator(s) of Jigidi and the great folks who are and have been regular contributors of new puzzles. My thanks and best wishes to all.


Jigidi puzzles are the most relaxing and rewarding for me. Almost like meditation - takes one away to the puzzle scene. I thank Jigidi for coming up with this. And, yes, I do leave comments and communicate with others. They are always friendly and open. Thank you so much for starting Jigidi and continuing this amazing site. Thank you, Judi


I love Jigidi and see the same people on many posts since we like the same kinds of puzzles. I meet new people and see my same friends again. Thank you for making my day!

Jigidi keeps me sane in the troubling world in which we all live. I, too, have met the loveliest people through comments here. I favor puzzles showcasing art, and the variety is astounding. I always lean a great deal in our enjoyable discussions about these pictures, too. This is my chance to thank not only my puzzle friends, but also to let Jigidi's caretakers just how much I love their creation. Thank you!


I, too, have been working jigsaw puzzles for many years, and I like the way Jigidi puzzles always have the pieces face up and top up. Especially the way the pieces snap together if they actually go together, or don't, if they do not match.

genevap: I developed carpal tunnel twice, and found that instead of curling my hand when I sleep, if I slid my affected hand under my pillow to keep my wrist straight, my carpal tunnel syndrome went away. Give it a try; it's far better than surgery!

Don't know how long I've been doing Jigidi but I'm so glad I found this site! It has been great to do these puzzles, with so many selections. I too have problems with shaky hand, with carpal tunnel in my right hand, which is also my writing hand. Therefore, I've not been the fastest but occasionally get on the leaderboard, which is nice. I love the comments and always read them. I have had conversations with different ones which helps me since I'm a real people person and I always learn something new. Thanks to all my friends and great puzzles!


I stumbled onto Jigidi in 2008 and it was a case of instant infatuation with the variety of images posted from people across the world. It has been great discovering a corps of followers as well as a flock of puzzlers whom I follow. I freely dispense comments and greatly appreciate those that I receive. Thanks, Jigidi.


I have an anxiety disorder with depression. I'm on meds but sometimes I getting to a breaking point; that's when I get on the computer and solve puzzles on Jigidi. I then can turn my attention to solving or even creating puzzles. By then, I'm calm and can think straight. So, THANK YOU!!!!!!

Thanks jigidi :)


It is a very special group to be a part of; we laugh and cry together and pray for each other and kid around and learn new things and see places we will never see in real life. I usually comment and apprecitate it so much when I get comments on my puzzles. This is a wonderful thing you have created and again, I thank you! :)


This is an extremely nice site or I would not introduce my Daughter, as I have :-)
I also think it keeps my mind active young..
Puzzle solving is a way of life for me and so I rarely post if I do not get on the leader board as a reward for being able to control my shaky hand :-D

I am one of those who has found Jigidi to be the best place to come for not just the puzzles (though there are the best I've come across) but the friends I've met are a great bunch of people!!! I a one of those shut-ins and am bed-ridden primarily due to MS but I also have many other health problems some due to the MS and others just because diseases like to hook onto us humans but the best way to deal with them is to ignore them the best you can and find things to keep your mind active and your hands busy. I grew up doing jigsaw puzzles and they have always been a favorite activity for me. Now, they help with the cognitive problems I have due to the MS and Fibromyalgia. (Not a great combination to have.) But the first thing I do when I turn to my computer for the day is to go right to this site and start the day puzzling. I want to thank all those puzzle makers who have been kind enough to put up with my frequent requests to have puzzles downsized. I truly appreciate you all for doing this. When I am having a MS flare-up it is harder for me too do the big puzzles tough I will still try but the smaller puzzles (63-99 pieces are about all I can do) but I still request the larger ones (anything below 250) because one of these days I will be able to do them and even some of the larger ones (under 400 pieces). So thank you Jigidi for all you have provided for us and thank you all who post them. If you haven't commented yet you are cutting yourself short of having a wonderful experience and I urged you to give it a try because you'll meet some of the best. most friendly and supportive folks anywhere!!! So come join the fun!!!


My day is never complete without 3 to 4 hours spent on Jigidi. Aside from the fun, we learn a lot and we feel this is a place we somehow belong. I agree with Ardy, at this point, high time to have some statistical profile for us to think and say about our best love online platform. Thanks JTeam!

I generally leave comments when I am browsing through the puzzles, or when comments I have left come back to me, and I almost always leave a comment on puzzles I have completed. I find this is a wonderful forum for positive energy and love to hear back...and, of course, I enjoy leaving the birthday and anniversary messages. The puzzles that I work on do speak to me in some way and I like to comment on them...I agree with everything you said...and as always as so happy that I found Jigidi...Sherry :)))


I always leave a comment after solving a puzzle and will continue to do so, that's the way I was first welcomed to this group, by commenting. I have met some wonderful people here, and look forward to meeting many more. Many thanks for the reminder and for the Puzzle Palace you have created.


We're free to "picture" others through their choices of puzzles they post or puzzles they comment on which were puzzles we selected also. That certainly causes me to feel "We must be very similar and I'd really like to be friends with that person! A pleasant comment feels as good as seeing a beautiful smile when you pass someone on the street that you don't know (and may never see again).


Beautifully said.

I would add that we collectively find we learn so much from one another, we affectionately call this Jigidi University.

As many Jigidiers are homebound for health reasons, or live in isolated areas, for some this is their primary social outlet.

Thank you again to Jigidi and Jigidiers alike for making this such a wonderful and safe place.

Many many hugs.


40,000 people a day is a lot of people. I'd be interested in seeing some more statistics - like the ten top number of pieces solved and number of puzzle completed. Maybe who are the ones who were earliest on Jigidi that are still here. Profiling them would be neat if they were willing. You make my day each and every day. Thank you Jigidi. ♥