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Sharing is daring

Publishing a jigsaw puzzle on Jigidi is a courageous act. You share a little bit of yourself. This is, in essence, an act that makes you vulnerable as it is for the world to see and react upon. Even in a compassionate community such as Jigidi, this is bravery. But the reward can be profound.

Beyond brain training, the reward for the work you put into selecting or creating your jigsaw puzzle is the experience of being seen by your fellow puzzlers, whom you are offering a framed room for connection.

Framed by your perspective on what you thought to share with the Jigidi community today.

Sharing is caring

(I know… but sharing IS caring, in this context also).

Your sharing is mental nourishment for your fellow puzzlers. We all get to see, solve - and maybe also comment on your jigsaw puzzle if we dare take that leap. Commenting is a similarly courageous act.

This is where we get a glimpse of you, and you, in turn, get the privilege to make a mark on our day.

Compassionate connection

I just recently came upon Brene Brown's work. She is a research professor at the University of Houston who studies difficult feelings like shame and vulnerability but also courage and empathy. Brown maintains how allowing ourselves to let our armor fall and express ourselves is tremendously more growth-giving and shame-crushing than acting from behind the armor, all ready to counter any attack.

Our guidelines aim to frame Jigidi as a community where little armor is needed. This so we can reach each other across differences and obstacles – and grow from it.

Check our intention

Now, we do not have to go soul-searching with each other if that's not really who we are on a regular Tuesday in between paying the bills and mowing the lawn.

But a social safety net that is supportive by nature and operates with an open line and without judgement grows hearts and minds. It just is so.

Honouring that we must remember to be gentle with each other's input on Jigidi by checking our intention with the input we give.

When everyone is daring to share what is in their hearts and minds, and we communicate while honouring each other's strengths and paying gentle attention to each other's struggles - this will lead to giving experiences and a culture of paying kindnesses forward.

On a regular Tuesdays also ♥

Video-guide on copyright

So, having established that putting yourself out there with sharing a little piece of yourself by publishing a jigsaw puzzle on Jigidi is an act of daring and caring, how can we aid you further along on this path?

We already have our guides for creating jigsaw puzzles waiting for you. But we also wish to point you in the direction of a video guide on copyright we have created for you all.

Yes, we know. It sounds – well, awful. But we promise you it isn't!

Because we teamed up with the brilliant video production team at Brain2Business, who visualized what we wanted to share with you in such a joyful and disarming manner that it's hard to remain arms-folded, and talented voice actor Heidi Katrine Schubert who gave gentle and melodious audio to our writings.

Beyond copyright, the video also touches upon what drives us when we reach out to each other by sharing images online. And (spoiler alert) – it is not infringing on someone's copyright ♥

So, go pour yourself a cup of your favorite coffee or tea and let us take you on a guided tour around the matter of copyright online with this copyright video guide.

And after that, we hope you are ready to dare greatly on Jigidi and share a bit of yourself and make all our lives richer for it.

Lots of love,



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i´am living in germany, ostwestfalen lippe. it´s nice when enyone knows where i find geochaching puzzles. thanks for helping

were can i find geocache puzzles? can anyone help?


For sydneyz375 Make them on anything


I just want the finishes on my puzzles


I am an almost daily participant in the community that is Jigidi. The only "share" I would like to see more of is at least a country of origin of solvers posted as a profile. It's not revealing, but fun to know where some followers reside.


I'd happily share a few more, if the daily upload limit wasn't 4 puzzles a day though :)

I haven't seen any new puzzles posted by Nutmeg/Nutmegg for a while. Love her puzzles and hope she is okay. I sent a message, possibly to the wrong place about Enchroma glasses that let colorblind people(as Nutmegg has said she is) see color. You probably already know about these, but I thought of you when I saw some videos on Youtube. Hope you are well. I'm a fan. N.


I didn't know Paddy or Hilda. But I did occasionally enjoy Naughty1's puzzles of paintings by Ludwig Deutsch. Others sometimes post them too, so it's no great loss if he was otherwise an unsavory character. Jigidi doesn't need those.


I too, defended Paddy. liked Hilda. I'm sorry he felt it was okay to be two-faced. I love Jigidi. Administration does their best to make it outstanding and I feel they succeed. I comment positively on most of the puzzles I solve. And I thank the artists who compose them.

@Bill_I_Am ... for a few weeks now.

I defended Paddy numerous times when his puzzles of Hilda were filtered, but had no idea he was also Naughty1. within a day of my post, and Bluebonnet's reply, both accounts were deleted


@Bluebonnet, @julie88, @SPaceDinVADerOne, they are both gone now.


Thank you, Bluebonnet. Julie.


@julie88 @SPaceDinVADerOne

@PaddyNZ and @Naughty1 are the same person.

In regards to PaddyNZ's puzzles of Hilda, I am a 80 year old woman and many would call me a prude. I have worked and reworked Hilda puzzles many times. I enjoy her free spirit and since she is covered where it counts, I find nothing sexual about the puzzles, but they are a work of art. I have seen other puzzles on your site that turned my stomach. I ask you to please let Hilda remain on this site as she lifts many people's spirits as she does mine.


I do not post, However, when I work a puzzle or just view a puzzle I like, I will add my thank you ...for all the effort the poster goes through. I like this site a whole lot. and I do like my friend Paddy Cakes, who allows me to call him that. God Bless one and All!



I agree with @SPaceDinVADerOne I dislike the snide postings of @Naughty1. He is not an artist. More a pornographer. I enjoy the puzzles of @PaddyNZ. They show enjoyment of life from the viewpoint of a woman not unlike myself.
I love Jigidi and enjoy it everyday. Thank you. Julie

@PaddyNZ ... bravo!

sexual objectification ... made up words. especially when blatant nudity is allowed.
and this puzzle is not a fluke, it happens daily with this user, under the guise of "art". maybe if you change your name to "Naughty2", they'll stop filtering your puzzles Paddy 😂 lol

of course, if "the powers that be" practiced tolerance and encouraged the visitors to their site to do the same ... instead of censorship as they try to mimic the tech giants, this thread probably wouldn't exist 😉

I put too much time into Jigidi when I should be doing something else. Best pastime activity.


Love this site!
Please do not add time to the clock or restart it for pausing or leaving a puzzle!

@alfa24 I have learned to ignore completion times that seem wildly unrealistic. However, adding time or restarting the clock when puzzles are paused/exited would penalize anyone working puzzles that can't be completed in one sitting. What if we need to answer the door or take a phone call? Or need a coffee........or the loo? LOL! I enjoy challenging jigs, often with ~600 pieces and work on them over several days and many hours as my schedule/other commitments permit. Having my time docked for pausing/exiting would be a huge negative.


This was an informative, passionate and warm read so first of all let me Thank-you for this wonderful site.

For me this is relaxation and fun although recently after years on this site I have started communicating with-puzzlers through their comments and found a world of wonderful people.

I understand the mentality of those whose only goal is making the leaderboard and that is OK as we all have different agendas. However, for me I find the puzzles an interesting challenge often (many times) playing games with the pieces to extend the pleasure.

I considered suggesting to jigidi that a single puzzle once posted might offer the puzzler the ability to choose their own size rather than require the poster to re-post the picture one or more times in various sizes, After doing many puzzles and reading their comments I find some lack the patience or for various reasons the ability to do a puzzle posted only in a large size although they would like to solve it. And as you probably know, the community doing the smaller puzzles is much more warm and friendly. On the other some would like to have the smaller puzzles posted in a more challenging size. Then I thought since jigidi exceeds my computer skills this idea was considered, So the same as playing with the puzzles this paragraph extended my post

You site is great and first class although it took me (and probably others my age) some time to stumble through it. Not being from the computer generation, programs are frequently a challenge to figure out.

Again, many thanks for this site



It is interesting that cheating has been brought up here as some solving times are unbelievably fast. I recently did this puzzle where someone solved the puzzle in 19:43 minutes.

Colours don't fit together well on their own, shades are similar, many of the outside pieces are identical, it doesn't flow, so I think the fastest time would be impossible if solved honestly. There are 400 pieces that take about 10 minutes just to move into columns and rows.

I had assumed some people were cheating by using puzzle solving software, it hadn't occurred to me to copy, pause and study the pieces to achieve a faster time.

I have a suggestion.
- Start the timer as soon as the puzzle is shuffled. If the puzzle is reshuffled, restart the timer.

- Add 10 or 15 seconds to the timer every time the puzzle is paused or exited.

For a large puzzle, this might add about one minute to the total time taken for breaks. I need a break about every 15 minutes so not an unreasonable time added on.

But it could make it not worth it for cheats who presumably would pause many times.


I find it quite sad that some folk who give us lovely puzzles, don’t reply to those who make comment on them. But to counteract that, on looking at many of their puzzles, solvers don’t bother to comment.


Thanks @Bluebonnet and @SkyGlass. I think there would be loads of my peers (folks who make their own works into puzzles) who feel the way I do. They perhaps just don't feel so comfy to speak up.

I also think that "carrot and stick" approaches are good to use in compliance. Give people a reason to participate, and the support they need - like this educational material. The carrot. But also make clear what their (in this case, legal) obligations are, and hold them responsible for meeting them. The stick.


The Attribution box already leads to the copyright page ("Read more" link), and obviously people are not reading it.


I agree with @RandomWorship - the copyright options need to be fine-tuned. Here are some possible solutions:
"I own the rights to this image" = that's fine
"I have permission to share this image" = the user must fill out the attribution information in order to proceed.
"I am required to give credit to the artist" = the user must fill out the attribution information in order to proceed.
"I don't know" = should be removed, or it leads the user to the copyright information page.

The users can publish only if they give proper credit, or created the image themselves.

Also, a link in the copyright area that explains the the basics of a proper copyright, along with directions on how to use the copyright dropdown, would be helpful.

Some users may be unhappy about copyright enforcement, but most will quickly find free images that meet the copyright requirement. Even though it seems like copyright is based on opinion, it's not: it's based on the law, and I'm happy that Jigidi is politely addressing the issue.


@RandomWorship Thank you. Unfortunately, the majority of people just don't care about this issue, and quite a few Jigidi users don't even bother to read the guidelines or blog posts. There's a limit to what Jigidi admin can do, but they could and should take a harder stance.

Even though I don't have a particularly optimistic view of human nature, I think it's appalling that any Jigidi user would appropriate another Jigidi user's work and then post it right here on Jigidi. That behavior, once reported, should result in one warning and then a ban of the thief's IP address. That is something Jigidi admin can do.


As someone who makes their own original work to post as puzzles here, and who highly values the copyright and ownership of my intellectual property, I appreciate that Jigidi is taking a proactive role in educating its users about copyright.

However, as someone who has also experienced my own work being re-posted here without permission, as well as it escaping out of Jigidi into the wider internet and being used all over the place without my permission – I think that education is just one aspect of ensuring that those who post on Jigidi are made aware of their legal obligations.

For all the options available in the drop-down copyright box that you have to fill out when you post a puzzle, I think there should only be three.
1. I own it.
2. I have permission to use it, and can provide evidence of permission if required.
3. I am only required to credit the owner, and have.

I don’t understand why there would be a “I don’t know” option, which surely can only encourage unauthorised use of work.

In addition I think there should be a further pop up or tick-box that says something like “I’m aware that I am legally responsible for copyright compliance for this puzzle”. You could include a link to your educative material.

I would also like to see common terms like Google, Bing, internet, email, Facebook, Instagram etc not being accepted in the attribution field – as none of them are copyright owners, but places where images are found.

Lastly, I would also like to see Jigidi take a more proactive role when a non-owner reports copyright breaches on Jigidi. Particularly when the work is by one of the people who make and post original work on Jigidi. You may not want to immediately take action against the poster, or remove the puzzle. But you could contact the copyright owner, alert them to their work being used, and ask for their instructions regarding removing it. This would be Jigidi taking care of its own community.

Thanks for this first step, in an important journey.

Agree with BIGKARLS about Firestarter's idea of waiving copyright rights.

As for Docdee, yes, you should consider Spellcheck and learning basic grammar rules - because what you have to say is important! I admire you for not only not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings but for having had a father who told you that no matter how bad off you are there is always someone worse off than you. Very wise man who obviously raised a wise son.


this was such a lovely read omg, just skimmed but still i never thought because this that i would able to find a community of people through solving puzzles. it just started off as an outlet to cure some boredom but now it feels like a small part of my identity. i love this darn website to pieces, pun intended, loll



"Lastly, some of you write that there are other ways to cheat than with the pause button, and you are right. We are aware of several cheating applications which present us with different kinds of challenges."

Stop banning auto-solver.

Thank you for your work on our behalf. I've loved this site ever since discovery, and it just gets better!


@Docdee You're a good man. And thank you for letting me know you appreciated the info. :-)


Bluebonnet I do believe we ALL on this earth anyway have to meat our maker.
So I feel the LORD will deal with each and every ONE of use and deal out our just reward.
But that being said I feel sorry for some.

God Bless all

Bluebonnet I also wanted to say I did copy all those web sits down and thank you for them. :):):):)


So I dared greatly and shared useful information about observing copyright, and almost no one cares. The truth is, it's unlikely that any copyright holder will take any action, other than possibly asking Jigidi to remove the offending puzzle. And since Jigidi clearly states in its guidelines that we must not post copyrighted material, it has probably met its legal obligation. If I were an artist or photographer, I would watermark everything and make it very difficult to download, or not make it public at all. I suppose if they don't care about protecting their rights, we shouldn't care about respecting them.


@Docdee I'm so sorry.


Thank you..


Jsem ráda, že jsem objevila Jigidi, díky tomu mám motivaci cvičit si mozek, vidět krásu ve svém okolí, podívat se do míst, kam se v reálu nedostanu. Děkuji, za pěkné a zajímavé prostředí, příjemné lidi.

Thank you!! I enjoy everyday your puzzle and the people who is here, simply I love them!

I love doing puzzles and enjoy doing hand on ones especially but living in a nursing home with limited space it is just isn't possible to do them. Since 1999 I Have been in 3 assisted living facilities and 2 nursing homes. Space in all of them has been a major factor in not being able to do hands on puzzling - which is my favorite way to do them so since this isn't a viable option I went into my laptop and searched the internet for puzzle sites and was thrilled when I found Jigidi. I also have 3 or 4 others I go to from time to time but most of my puzzling is done here. I have met some wonderful folks here - ones I otherwise would never had the pleasure of meeting. I feel like we are a family of puzzlers who support each other and encourage each other through the ups and downs of life. I don't know what I would have done this past year if Jigidi wasn't up and running. You have helped me get through the loss of 5 important people in my life and for this help I say a very heart thank you! To all who post such wonderful puzzles and to the many friends I've made I also say thank you for making my life better by your puzzles and encouragement. Jigidi founders, to you I also say thank you for a wonderful site and the constant support and help you have given to us all. You make it an enjoyable site to come to to "play" on our puzzles and also helping is to keep our minds functioning to their best levels. May God richly bless you all. --Jeri--


Thanks for the advice Bluebonnet but I have no idea how to post from my phone. I had a good camera BUT my good NOT son stolid that along with about 2.200,000 in old coins and tools plus more.
I just get so mad. But I do my best to let it go or I'll go to jail for--------- .


@Docdee If you stopped posting mostly because of copyright, why not take photos of things around you and make puzzles of them? Animals, plants, buildings, farm equipment, even what you have for dinner can make an interesting puzzle. :-)


Thank you
Ilikeboats and Bjresh

For your kind words but so many people can be judgmental these days I'm just so tired of it. I know some of those people are just jalice. But I've been dealing with it my hole life I just need to speck out now and then.


Thank you.




hanks, I enjoy solving the puzzles here

(`・θ・´)ゞThank you for everything♪




Jigidi is where I go almost every evening just to relax and chill. Working on puzzles helps me get away and dive into the puzzle/picture - I become part of it. Oh, yes, I still have physical jigsaw puzzles - will never give them up, but Jigidi is right there for me as long as we have electricity. I LOVE Jigidi ! Judi


@MsBHaven I agreewholeheartedly.Feel guilty if I forget, LOL!


@Docdee, thanks for sharing your experiences, you have everything to be proud of. Much a;appreciated.


Please add an alternate pause to the space bar!
It is very inconvenient for people from many countries to turn on the English keyboard layout first, and then also look for the "P" key, it takes time everytime and is uncomfortable.

We will be very grateful to you, thanks!


I AGREE WITH YOU Firestarter.


I simply love puzzles!!! I don't care about time, I'm always out of the list of players but I don't care. It's great gym for my (aging) brain. Thanks for giving my the place for doing it!


I started doing puzzle's before I retired....I am an RN and worked Night Shift for 14 1/2 years. LOVED it, but I have LOVED retirement MORE, because now, I can puzzle all I want!!!!....I do other things, Word with Friends, READ alot etc. etc......I never thought I would be retired but it is GREAT..... The puzzle's here are wonderful. I love it!!!!


I love taking photos, but there are few places to share them. Here I can post a puzzle and know that people are enjoying the puzzle and
(hopefully) the picture.

Your post has motivated me to put more info on the puzzles. I live in Tasmania which is a long way from just about everywhere. Your site enables me to share the place I love with the world.

Thank you.


Jigidi puzzles is what I like most here, not only for the lovely puzzles to solve, but also, to make good friends all over the world. Wanda Ribeiro from Rio de Janeiro-Brasil.


On the copyright issue:
I want everyone to smile and have fun.
I post my own drawings and want everyone to have access to them.
You could add an extra copyright option, namely . . . .
"I created it but waive my rights."
Thus others can use my drawings and know that it is okay to do so.
Please consider my request.

===   To all Jigidians   ===

If you read this please tell me if you support my request.

꧴̑͜Ф̦̺͜Ф̑꧳ = keep smiling



Good for you!!

It is a persons actions, not their words which make a person. You should be proud of your father, and of yourself.


Eight years ago, my wife joined Jigidi so she could solve the puzzles. After a few months she showed me how create my own puzzles. When I viewed the puzzles others would post, I would sometimes see a landscape photo and wanted to know what and where it was. I would get frustrated, for rarely did anyone bother to identify to place. I decided to start posting puzzles using my own photos. I also would write a paragraph describing my photo and reveal where it was taken. I have since posted over 8,000 puzzles. I have made a few friends on here and have visited several jigidiers in person from other cities and states.

In my descriptive paragraphs and in my blogs, I have been transparent and have expressed my thoughts and feelings on all sorts of subjects. I have found there are a handful of folks on here that do the same. It is my belief that the majority of folks doing these puzzles, tend to be introverts. Even though their real names and locations are anonymous they are still reluctant to share their thoughts, feelings or opinions. I am guessing that fear is the root cause of that but it may also be due to lack of time, laziness or some other reason I am not aware of. The good thing about this site is the fact that those people who do want to communicate can do so. But it is also a place where folks can anonymously do the puzzles by themselves in peace and quiet. Terry from Oregon.

The purpose of slogans is to supress/replace thought. "Sharing is caring?" Not when it comes to diseases - you can keep your hepatitis, your Marxist propaganda, your bomb recipes, your State secrets, your horror stories, and so on.

I don't post because I don't have any pictures to share. I love the puzzles and I may not comment on every puzzle I do put together but I do make comments more now than I have in the past because I feel that each person had taken the time to post their puzzles and some even give us information about the posted puzzle - one can get a lot of knowledge doing puzzles on Jigidi. I appreciate you all and to each of you thank you for the time you spend to post such wonderful puzzles. Thank you, Jigidi Admin for a wonderful puzzle site. I have checked out many puzzle sites and this is by far the best one on the Internet - in my opinion. Be safe everyone and have a wonderful summer.


Thank you to all those who do leave comments. I spend hours and sometimes days designing and creating my own puzzles. It is always heartwarming to have my work acknowledged.
Thank you to all those puzzlers who share their work. Solving puzzles is a wonderful way to keep the mind active.
Thank you to those who take the extra time to research information about their puzzles. Shout out to woodowl for her amazing stamp collection collages from all over the world and jbp's collection of ancient tapestries to vintage travel magazines.
Thank you Jigidi for providing a platform to express creativity and connect with people all over the world.


Thanks Jigs.... My creative brain is now washed clean and the signs and fence are clear for all to see.


I try (as well) to reply to most that comment. I haven't found too much community here, but some people do enjoy an open exchange.


I try to answer all comments on the puzzles I share.


Bluebonnet : You're right, when I realized everything you were writing and what Jigidi had pointed out, I didn't dare put anything here.


I try to make a comment on every puzzle I work. If you took the time to find a puzzle picture that pleases me, you deserve to be told so. Thank all of you that publish, so that I can solve.


tesekkur ederim


Thank you for the information.
I would like to make just a small remark about categories : Would it be possible to show them in alphabetical order ?? I mean Architecture, Art, Buildings, etc., instead of having them all mixed up. Thank you again !!


I've stopped posting about a yr ago because of the copy write laws.
I also rarely comment because I don't say the proper things at times.

Well I'll try to explain a little bit about it and my self.


I'm now 70 I stopped going to school after 2sd grade.
My dad didn't believe in school sense it brought him bad luck in 3td grade so he quit. 12 yrs later he became a builder by the time he was 23 he had a 100 men working for him not to bad for a 3td grade drop out.
I taught my self how to drive car at 7 at 12 I taught my self how to drive 18 wheelers.
At 28 went it to my own business for 20 yrs until I got the howl left top side of my head split open.


And sorry for any in proper grammar.
Please no need to comment I just had to get it said with everything being said hear and things I am going through now in my life.

My dad always said no matter how bad off you are there is ALWAYS someone worse off then you..

God bless everyone

Thank you!


Thank You


Well done... thank you!


Thank you.


Excellent reminder/notice. Thanks.


there are also the people who haven't read what you say we can or cannot post, and the promiscuous results carry on.


Thank you thank you THANK YOU for addressing this issue! It has been troubling me for a long time that I see so many images where people obviously have no idea what copyright even means, and I have been worrying that this could get the site into legal difficulties.


I had two puzzles removed .. Posted as Memorial Weekend .. And never could understand why as they represented our deceased soldiers ..


Oh you can talk! I shared a picture I made myself and you deleted it - without even warning me! I was deeply offended!
And you haven't even bothered to respond to the form I submitted about it!

I'm really disappointed with you Admin.