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Pay peace forward

Attractors around divisive topics are too strong for most of us to keep us away from hardline opinions and convictions. We serve them up: On the rocks – hold the nuance, please! But common ground grows in the nuance of our shared humanity. So, we must try.

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Pay peace forward

Once again, we’re facing societal changes, and our emotional reservoir is filled to breaking point.

Anxiety, uncertainty, pain, sadness - an immense palette of tough emotions run so high as we’re drowning in the news flow on the conflict in Ukraine.

And however each of us is affected by the invasion; most of us are struggling to find ways to pay empathy, love and peace forward. On Jigidi also. And that is what this blog post is about. Because wars are (also) political.

Divisiveness is miserable

Some of you have already experienced having your puzzles or comments regarding the war caught by Jigidi guidelines for being political. This is because political conversations, particularly online, tend to become polarized and then divisive in the blink of an eye. And the experience of this is miserable.

But most importantly, on Jigidi, it leads to the opposite of growth for both the individual and the common ground. And these are values that are fundamental for all workings on Jigidi. To this, we must be true, even when it feels wrong (because our emotions are running wild too).

Choose platforms that fit your purpose

On Jigidi, we choose to exclude major divisive topics (which includes politics). We do this, acknowledging the overwhelming pull of these polarizing topics - especially when online, where we cannot feel each other to the same extent as we can in person.

Because we at Jigidi go further than other social platforms in how we frame the community, it is necessary to learn about the dos and don’ts on Jigidi - and what we’re aiming at with these dos and don’ts.

All platforms are not great for the same things because they have different aims. If you are looking to debate, for instance, politics or religion, then you can seek out platforms where this is part of the main practice, and they are framed for that service.

We have written about this in previous blog posts. And if you haven’t already, we hope you’ll take the time to read them. This will help you navigate Jigidi and get concrete about other aims you may have to pursue on other platforms.

Stereotypes block the view

Destructive polarized conflicts happen when we’re tired, anxious, feel unsafe, and when our emotional reservoir is filled with tough, negative emotions and we have no outlet in place that deals sufficiently with these emotions.

Polarized conflicts tend to have us glide deeper into the hardline opinion sinkhole where perspective-shifting is unwanted, and othering fellow men and women of different convictions are default.

When you steer clear of trigger subjects, there is room for us to see each other and listen to each other. In polarized debates, we so easily become stereotypes to each other. Once they emerge, little or no room is left for the actual person.

But are there really sides to this matter?

The current conflict in focus looks like anything other than a politically divisive topic. Because - how can there possibly be another side?

On the surface of the public opinion, you and I see it may seem there is not. But once the commentary starts flowing and we scratch a little deeper, aggression, blame and stereotypes will surface along with countless more or less associated issues.

And afterwards, we’ll likely find ourselves less inclined to interact with each other going forward, wondering what just happened.

Or we may not engage if that’s our go-to response to triggers. But either way, we will likely find ourselves pulling back from each other, having made a mental note of what we just witnessed.

How then can we react on Jigidi to the war?

What are we to do on Jigidi with the overflow of tough feelings that will have us act on the war?

We hold the reins on ourselves and focus on nourishing and spreading the antidote: Appraise curiosity, learning, perspective-shifting, peace, respect, kindness, hope and love. These actions work opposite aggression and violence and will help pay peace forward.

More concretely - on Jigidi:

  • Do not cheer for a side, as this is political. Instead, cheer for values you want you to appraise in this regard; values that work opposite aggression and violence, like hope, peace, respect, love, perspective-shifting, empathy and factfulness.
  • Fight the natural attraction toward who and what is similar to you and the repulsion (also natural) from what is different from you. This takes focus and energy but prioritizing this works opposite aggression and violence. It enriches you with perspective and ultimately breaks patterns of polarization.
  • Fight the natural urge to prematurely oversimplify others and issues we face in society. Zoom (way) out for facts before you zoom in - and leave room for doubt ♥

Looking to see people

When you practice tolerating and appreciating people of different convictions than your own, you will learn from them because you listen to discover what experiences, values, worries, and hopes motivate and guide them in their lives.

When we share our struggles, joys, memories outside of polarizing subjects, we are less likely to ‘other’ each other. We see each other as fellow human beings, and thus we will stay curious. And we will care.

Yes, sometimes we gravitate toward the attractors of polarization on specific topics because our buttons have been pushed. But eventually, we pull back because that road did not lead anywhere useful – the diplomatic, learning route did. And we find ourselves a little more wary of the dynamics that pushed our ‘go’ buttons for polarized behaviour.

This is how we all roll every day. Some days are better than others.

Now, let’s use our overflow of tough emotions to remind us that we need to still do better. We must let the pain guide and motivate us to break the destructive patterns of polarization.

Pay peace forward

It is contradictory. The emotional reservoir of tough emotions needs dealing with for us not to act out. And we want them to be a reminder that we need to make room for costly rational steering of our actions. But this is how we can contribute to the long game and move the world forward in the direction opposite aggression and violence as we are all part of and affect different social circles.

We watch so many of you do this on Jigidi every day, and we need you to keep it up. We take our cues from you.


Just as I was finishing this blog entry, our daughter came home, crying, from school. One of her friends from school was heartbroken today because a beloved relative in Ukraine was killed yesterday by a bomb. The bomb hit where she lived with her family, and while the rest of the family survived, she did not. She was 9 going on 10 next month.

War may be politics, but the experience is so very human.

Love and peace,



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Jigidi staff

Hi all,

Thank you all for being here; we read all your comments.

When we see societal changes that significantly impact the type of puzzles and comments posted on Jigidi, and they are problematic regarding our guidelines, we write a blog post to explain how this matter stands against our policies and how we can express ourselves on them on Jigidi within the guidelines.

We did this on the pandemic, Black Lives Matter and equal rights rising, and now on the invasion of Ukraine.

We realize that many of you aren’t aware of any political content on Jigidi and a blog post like this seems superfluous. We’re sorry for the confusion this may add to your daily business on Jigidi.

That said, we need to address a couple of things about the commentary on this blog post. This only applies to a minor selection of the comments here.

Firstly, this blog post is not an exception to our rules, but our rules applied
Our rules are focused on behavior and intent and are general. When we present these explanatory blog posts, they do not describe an exception to the rule; they describe the rules applied to a current scenario.

Secondly, respect our guidelines when commenting
It is required to respect Jigidi guidelines when you participate in the comments section on the blog also.

Emotions run high, but Jigidi is not where you can let loose and let go. Here you must consider the impact you make and express your opinion non-aggressively, respectfully, and refrain from othering your fellow puzzlers or us.

Taking what we write only to assign it new meaning and twist the points to have it better fit your narrative is unacceptable.

Thirdly, we are a framed community
As expressed in the blog post above, in our guidelines, and most other information pages on Jigidi, we are a framed community that chooses to exclude major divisive topics. This is not for all; therefore, we go to great lengths to be transparent about why that is and what it means concretely, so each puzzler can decide whether they want to be part of the Jigidi community.

Thank you all for being here.

Much love, Jigidi

So well said..indeed, war is not part of human nature


Well said.

Very well said, thank you for your guidelines, and, sadness for a little girl and her family.


I have found a favorite puzzle presenter and I stay with the four puzzles that are posted. They are huge and it keeps my mind concentrating on putting each together. Sometimes I almost nod away, but stick with it until it is time to rest.
What is happening in Europe reminds me of the 1992 war and Sarajevo.
How my mother cried, here in America, tears and praying all will be safe and the war would stop. Eventually it did. War is such a racket. God Bless all of Europe. Thank you folks of jigidi. You keep me sane. April 4, 2022

Thank you for your very thoughtful comments....Why do so many of us go directly to Jigidi as the first thing we tackle? Because it is fun, challenging, and

Thank you for your thoughtful and compassionate words.


We come to Jigidi for different reasons but do have choices here guys.

Like mpp, I have no problem moving on if I don't like someone's comments.

The only thing I have a problem with are personal, offensive remarks which are not ok and it is Jigidi's perogative to remove them if complaints are made.

I wish you all a Happy, Peaceful 2022. (⁎❛⟠❛⁎)

twice you have removed my comments about loving the Russian populace as well as Ukranians, and pointing out that the invasion is the work of one autocrat. The Russian people have no reason to fight for peace and democracy if everyone is against them. You sign off "with love", seems like it is tainted with hypocrisy


Thank you so much for this posting. And I must confess - tears came in my eyes when I read about the little girl - All my best hugs for the family and for all who suffers from the war

I use jigidi as an escape from the world we live in, so am more than happy to have it void of polarizing comments and rhetoric. Thank you, jigidi, for helping!


nossa não sabia disso


I'm saddened that it became necessary to post this warning again. Anytime there is a situation involving more than one person, there WILL be a difference of opinion, another viewpoint, something that challenges your values. How we handle these differences is important. Here, it's easy - just scroll past what you don't like. I'm grateful for these contrasts as it opens my eyes, adds spice to life, makes things interesting. However, if the guidelines say certain subjects are to be avoided, so be it.

I think a sore point with some is the inconsistent manner puzzles and comments are targeted. In this comment section alone, there are religious references, a restricted subject according to the guidelines.

We all come here for a reason of some sort. Some like to challenge each other, some like to see yet another post of the canals of Venice or a stranger's grandchildren. If we look hard enough, we can find offense in every puzzle. Try not to be one of them.


Thank you, @Jigidi.
To those who complain and upset about it - You just didn't get it!
This not the place to voice your opinions of what is going on in Ukraine. There are many other sites to express your views. This a puzzle community, Jigidi is a place to have fun solving puzzles. You can find an appropriate forum to post your views and any facts you feel should be shared. Jigidi is not the place.

Well said. To me , ever since I joined ... this has been a bit of a "get away" for me. I can do puzzles and still keep an eye on any TV show and still have a nice relaxing time here on Jigidi.( have told many people about it)
Love the puzzles and people. Thank-you for such a great sight . I appreciate all the effort that I know you have put into it.


Thank you for this post. I have wondered why this site felt so safe and I agree, "Divisiveness is miserable".


I agree this should definitely NOT be a place of side-taking! or pushing different agendas. I come here for calming. I truly believe there are a lot of lies swirling around and people get caught up without taking the time to look for the truth. Thank you.

Thanks so much for your kindness, integrity and creativity! You are my heroes! I discovered Jigidi soon after being diagnosed with a life altering medical condition. It has helped me to occupy my mind, to connect with kind people, to be in a creative space, to unwind, to find peace, to grow... Kia ora mō tō mahi, mō tō awhi! (Thank you for your work and your love ☮💜

Thanks for the reminder about our Jigidi guidelines. I am amazed at the thought and care that has gone into these. I feel that they are the reason that many of us continue to be part of this creative, kind, caring space. Thanks again.
Just one area that I have recently been struggling with is the idea of "tolerating other people's convictions". When their convictions disrespect others or lack any empathy and accomodation for others, I tend to withdraw. I am not comfortable around hate speech, selfish decision making etc . I am trying to maintain peace and spread peace - and I find it best for my overall well-being to be proactively surrounding myself with truth, love and kindness.

Jigidi is the only internet site I can trust to just give me a few moments of peaceful rest in the pleasure of solving a puzzle that will give me a pleasing picture that soothes or just brings a little sprit of joy. I didn't see the blog as a scold but as a reminder and representation of what Jigidi is and why it exists. In addition to all the strife in the world many if not most of us also have wrenching personal experiences to try to live with and continue to see hope and goodness in life. My heartfelt thanks to Jigidi and especially to my fellow puzzlers and those wonderful souls who make the puzzles for us. It means so much to be able to click on comments and know the conversation will be warm and friendly and no fear attack or anger. I'm not really looking to form friendships online anywhere--even here--but to know this is a community where one can visit without angst is precious. You all are a shining sliver of light in what sometimes seems like an ever darkening world.


Perhaps my head is in the sand but when I come on Jigidi to post or to solve a puzzle I am not thinking of politics or war or prejudice. I am thinking only of a picture I consider pleasing. In my years here I have never to my knowledge thought about politics or noticed anyone else doing so. In fact, Jigidi is one of the few places on the Internet where I can leave such things behind and enjoy a relaxing pastime. I feel the entire blog is unnecessary and that I have somehow been scolded.


A picture paints a thousand words and shows support for the millions of innocent people suffering through no fault of their own. 🇺🇦


I appreciate people caring about this place, and keeping it calm and friendly and informative.




Meow. Mrow?

Keep it positive. We can get all the bad news on TV or radio. Add puzzles of beauty and peace and scenery from anywhere. Including Ukrain or other places in the world.


what is this for i am counfesd


@zut83 C'est terrible. Je suis vraiment désolé pour ta perte.

D'accord avec @NiagaraEH. Ici, nous trouvons notre bonheur à résoudre des puzzles, ce qu'on recherche, ce sont des moments de détente. J'ai perdu ma fille, il y a 4 mois et ce site m'aide à trouver des moments d'évasion salutaires. Si je veux me prendre la tête, je peux aller sur plein de médias mais pas sur jigidi!

A time and a place. This not the time or the place to voice your opinions of what is going on in Ukraine. There are many other sites to express your views. This a puzzle community. May the Almighty bring peace to the world.


The sunflowers cannot be censored.


@mypup :-)


I pray for PEACE and PROTECTION of ALL civilians caught in the crossfires of war. PERIOD!

People can have a difference in opinion, and still be respectful, censorship for any reason is still censorship, as has been started by better people than I, “I may not agree with what you say, but I would defend your right to say it”!!!


Well said!


I'm not sure how to respod to your commment, youv've obviously gone to a lot of trouble wirh your answer, reed. :)

I love this site, but I'm with Lyricist. Just say it straight up,,,no puzzles or comments about the war in Ukraine...and skip the lecture.


I always assume that ANYTHING I type,
or click is monitored. There are many
outside places to explore friendships,
that are started here by just knowing
someone loves Airedale Terriers as
fiercely as you do. :)


It's just too sad for all those people to have to witness this first hand. It's wrong in so many ways.


Well said, it is hard these days where communication of any sort is so available. I just love coming in here to do puzzles and, for a time, drop the worry about what is going on 'out there'. Puzzles are very calming :)


i find this post appalling. It would have shown more respect for the Ukrainian people suffering through these horrors, as well as for all others caught up in them, if you had simply said, "Due to the grievous nature of the ongoing events in Ukraine, Jigidi will not be accepting puzzles or comments directly and specifically pertaining to the war in Ukraine."

Then eschew the urge to rationalize and justify your position or to lecture the community.


@rascalthecat Amen.

@Jigidi I understand the position you're in. You don't want discord on Jigidi. It can get ugly. But you do want us to form friendships, to form a community, and that's what a lot of us want too. But how can we form friendships and a sense of community if all we know about each other is that Bob is a dog person who likes fishing and Jane likes cats, knitting, and flowers? Especially now that we know you monitor private puzzles/conversations as well as public ones, so we cannot speak freely without fear of punishment, how can we form honest relationships?


Your comment is spot on @Robwout. I've loved coming to Jigidi for years and it very much helps me decompress.


There are many wars going on right now, but the MSM refuses to cover them. They only cover and cheer for the ones that serve their masters' interests. People should have no opinions on things they know nothing about, especially opinions spoon fed to them. If your knowledge of the world comes through a glowing rectangle, you have no clue what it is that you don't know, and it is what you don't know that matters.

I agree with what you are saying. My greatest satisfaction is doing puzzles that show the beautiful homes in many countries. I especially appreciate the homes or villages which state and represent what country they are in. My husband has traveled to many places but never Europe, we are now at the age where we can't travel. Jigidi allows me to visit countries, see the lifestyles, of each. Thank you Jigidi for this opportunity. I never knew anything about Ukraine and its lifestyles. looking to be able to visit thru Jigidi and learn about more countries and the life of people.
Thank you, Jmvand,


Shhhhhhhh, ommmmm, jig saw puzzles.


Your site, your rules. I understand the need to avoid devisive topics. But I don´t understand why giving credit to Powell was okay and honouring Selenskyj is wrong. And that is not the only example. Is it "political" to post puzzles of politicians, or only of those who are - unvoluntarily - at war?


To old676ssg and patsquire, Jigidi is a place to have fun solving puzzles. As the post says, you can find an appropriate forum to post your views and any facts you feel should be shared. Jigidi is not the place. It's not about censorship, its about the setting.

I've read this 3 times now. I just want to say that failing to speak or support those in need is the same as being or supporting an aggressor. Being not allowed to speak is censorship.

There is nothing to add, I would like most people to think (and act) like that ...

Love, peace, and happiness to everyone.


In spite of what goes on or what I go through I am a very Happy & Contented person. I try 2 change what I can & what I can't change, I Pray & leave in God's hands. Most everyone says "Pray for this or Pray for that (now it is the Ukranians/Russians) Why are we not Praying in advance 4 all Good things & 4 Peace?


@firstdawn, don't watch the news if it makes you feel helpless & angry...that is what the media likes 2 do ;)


Thank you for voicing these important concepts.

Pray for peace for all


I'm so glad that just I stumbled onto this site. I watch the news every morning hoping things are becoming positive. I'm feeling helpless and angry.


Heartbreaking. So sorry for your daughter's loss and the loss of so many others. Others includes persons on both "sides" of the conflict.


Thank you for your very thoughtful message.


Thank you for this thoughtful, well-written post, and the prevailing attitude of jigidi in general.
I have met many curious and open-minded people here, and I enjoy this site every day. Today, I am reminded that this is more than just a place to do puzzles - because you want it to be more, and because the majority of the community appreciates that. I am grateful.
Thank you, jigidi!


We all wish we could do something to end suffering. Many of us would confront the evil and end it, but cannot. It is that sense of powerlessness that I find so frustrating. Then, ironically, I feel agression and anger arising within me and replacing the compassion I felt. And so the mandala turns. Even would-be "good" people can do horrible things.

Invading and bombing a country whose behavior is peaceable is patently evil. Long before Homer wrote the Iliad, answering evil with evil created, at best, a temporary cease fire to prepare the next act of vengance. If there is something that I can do to stop this cycle, it sadly eludes me. Whatever we might force on people won't help and the sources of evil are many and multifarious. For every new generation the future is big with possibilites for both good and evil, but our track record is poor. Lions kill to eat. We have additional motives.

Thank you, Jigidi. I appreciate so much what you said and how you said it. What's happening in Ukraine is so heartbreaking and frustrating. It's easy to get into angry thinking and words aimed at whoever/whatever I perceive as the evil-doer. But that feeds the negative pot. I start most days doing a Jigidi puzzle that I pick for its beauty and color. It cuts through the stress and opens up a softer place. Everyday there's another thing I can do -- take in and feel the pain people are suffering in Ukraine, and send back peace and love to them.


Thank you for providing a peaceful escape from world issues.
I so appreciate the respite!

Very well stated.

If you want a world without wars, this is only possible when we listen to each others' concerns and respect them. It's only possible when we do not demonize other nations or subvert their interests. The current situation exists because a lot of this has been going on for years, and there is plenty of blame to go around. When an innocent civilian dies, who caused this? The person who dropped the bomb? The people who put military targets among neighborhoods? The invading nation? The generals? The political leaders? The diplomats who failed to listen? The three-letter agencies who overthrow and subvert foreign governments? There's a lot going on here. Don't hate. When you hate, you escalate and perpetuate and multiply the suffering. Instead understand what brings peace and what causes war.

Very well stated!


I see both sides of the coin here. While we all enjoy getting away from the real world and visiting Jigidi, the outrages going on in Ukraine from Russia are overwhelming and invading our lives as well emotionally if not physically.

Its hard not to comment when you feel so angry and frustrated, but as you say there are other platforms out there.

Thank you guys for posting - hope your daughter is coping with the awful news.


Well stated.


I come here to get away from the craziness. It gets very frustrating to read online and see pictures of whats going on in the world and you know what you reading is BS. It's like bizaro land where everything is the opposite of what it really is. Good is evil and Evil is good. You look for news and all you find is fraudulent narrative building articles full of falsehoods .


What can I add to what is allready said? Thanks for this side which is an antidepressing. Keep it like it is. God bless you all on jigidi. I`m not perfect, the more I try the less I am.....


As well as counselling the children need support and lots and lots of love.♥


Many of us enjoy solving puzzles as it takes our mind off situations in our lives that frustrate and even depress us. That's what makes Jigidi so enjoyable. Going by the comments I've received I can tell that people have enjoyed my puzzles and I have tried to voice my appreciation on puzzles that I have solved. Perhaps we should say "A Jigidi puzzle a day keeps the blues away". Thanks Jigidi. Regards - Rob.


Thank you.
I wish I could do more to support the people of Ukraine, sitting in my home watching the news, I feel so helpless when I see what they are going through for no fault of their own. The surviving children will need counselling, though they will never forget. Let's hope the war is over soon. God bless them all. ♥


Well said! This is not a political forum.




Well said! You are all doing great job! Thanks


thank you for the reminder.


Thank you for this ♥︎ post, Jigidi Staff.


Thanks to you, Jigidi for your post. For many years now I have kept myself happy and alert with working on puzzles. I love the opportunities you give us to work with many colours, designs, and subjects that come to mind whilst completing a puzzle.

A HUGE thank you for posting this and making this community. I have love in my heart for you, and all of us.

Děkuji za Jigidi, je to oáza klidu v této době. Jsem ráda, že jsem v této komunitě.


I am pleased and proud to be part of a community which has been so respectful of each other, and very, very impressed with the monitoring of posts, which can't be easy, and is endless. Thank you.


Amen to what dustydog said. We are all children of God.


Thank you, for the reminder. In these 'difficult' times it's GOOD to connect with the kinder, gentler side of humanity. Stay true to your platform, as it's good for all of us! You are all doing great job!
Dustydog : )