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Love your CEO

The health crisis we are all currently experiencing draws us closer to each other but also entails divisive features. The first because we are threatened by the same matter at the same time. The second because we get the infection from each other and need the same resources to get by (yes, that includes toilet paper).

In this blog post, we pay homage to the CEO we all hold within - he's our personal (overworked) hero through this. And also, we have something to ask of you.

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Love your CEO

We are designed to be curious, kind, and creative - to bond and build new tomorrows.

While the health authorities worldwide are instructing us to practice social distancing, you all continue to come together on Jigidi.

Here you induce life into life in these challenging times.

Thank you for that! ♥

Our statistics show that we right now have about 15% more Jigidi puzzlers than we usually have on an average basis. And we will do our utmost to be here in the best possible manner during this crisis also.

This blog post is about how we have to take extra good care of ourselves and each other at this time. This involves being sensitive to each other's trials while tackling our galloping stress levels.

We'll open with a message, that we hope you'll take it in the spirit it is meant.

Filter on humorous Covid-19 puzzles

We all suddenly find ourselves amid this crisis caused by the global Covid-19 outbreak.

Being humorous about your circumstance can be disarming and generous to the heart and mind - and a wonderful way to release stress. But only if you're in a mental position to pick up on the humorous angle.

And we're just not there at the same time on this subject.

At the time of writing this, news is reporting that China and South Korea seem to have gotten the virus under some control. Spain and Italy are in the midst of an outbreak, feeling the consequences very present and violently. And many of us are somewhere at the beginning of an outbreak with the freight train in sight - en route our way.

This crisis is stressful, and many have already experienced painful losses and find themselves in anxious, desperate situations.

Honouring the spirit of our guidelines, we ask that you:

  • Generally, approach the subject with respect for each other's different circumstances and feelings.
  • Respect that going forward humorous puzzles concerning Covid-19 is not for unfiltered puzzles on Jigidi. This concretely means that when posting a humorous puzzle concerning the outbreak, we have to un-check the box that says: "I'm sure this image is appropriate for all users".

React or respond?

The pressure we're all suffering under stresses us. And that particular state of mind tampers with our ability to hold the reins on our instinctive behaviour. Our reactive ways.

In a physical environment, for instance, we're instructed to stay at home, not to socialize to almost any degree, to keep an awkward distance when out and so forth. Restrictions like that require us holding the reins on ourselves extra tight because they comply so miserably with what our instinct is telling us.

And also, we have to hold the reins on our frustrations. Keep an eye on that we do not lash out - just to let out the bottled-up steam.

But our societies need us to do just that. And we need each other to do that ♥.

Think about our thinking

Due to the required social distancing, many of us find ourselves sliding in between a feeling of an internal love storm toward our surrounding human world and an astute awareness of the fact that we do not want to catch the bug from anyone.

It is a state of a generalized love wave combined with a self-protective snarl.

The teeth (presumably) stays behind the lips. But the knowledge that we very concretely have to keep our distance is such a powerful behavioural driver that it - if we are not very aware and awake - can take along with it more than mere physical contact.

But when we stop and see ourselves and the situation from an outside perspective, we can maintain eye contact (in a manner of speaking) and a sense of each other.

How do we do that?

We think about our thinking.

Once we acknowledge that we're under substantial pressure and that this affects our mental state, we activate our frontal lobes.

We think about our thinking. And then we stop reacting and start responding.

Love your CEO

(No, not that one - the one in your head).

Our frontal lobes are our rational CEO who is in charge of making smart decisions. Those beneficial on a long-time basis.

We need that CEO, but as nothing is easy - neither is the matter of our CEO. It is a severely inconvenient circumstance that our frontal lobes have limited capacity and a tough time overruling stress.

And because it is hard to maintain the necessary stamina to fight our more reactive ways when under intense pressure, we unconsciously look for reasons to give in to our instinctive desires and needs.

Meet reasons: His name is Post Hoc Rationalization.

Post hoc rationalizations

We, humans, love congruence. If things don't add up, we're frantically working on getting the dots to add up.

This includes us continuously making post hoc rationalizations to make our behaviour match the way we see ourselves. A logical byproduct of this is that we may not acknowledge if we're indulging our instinctive desires and needs rather than doing the right and often hard thing (established by moral codes or other instructions).

Now, the antidote to letting post hoc rationalizations allow us to get on that slippery slope is to be aware that we are making them. The rationalizations. And recognize them when we are making them.

Hello again, CEO ♥.

We'll end off with the basic protective measures against the new coronavirus as laid out by the World Health Organization:

  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Maintain social distancing
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
  • Practice respiratory hygiene
  • If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early
  • Stay informed and follow advice given by your healthcare provider

Please all, take very good care of yourselves and each other, on Jigidi also.

Much love,



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@lindaleigh It's just like using the mousepad to pick up and drop cards if you're playing solitaire on your laptop. To move a puzzle piece, you place your cursor over the piece, pick it up by pressing down on the mousepad with your thumb or another finger (not the finger controlling the cursor), and then moving the cursor to where you want the piece to be. When the puzzle piece is where you want it it, drop it by removing your thumb from the mousepad.

If this doesn't work for you, use the support form here to describe your problem and Jigidi admin will try to help you.

I cannot find a place to ask this question, but how do you move the puzzle pieces using a laptop mouse pad. I cannot move any pieces


Hi developers and all.

I have been a member for many years, but too busy to be active. I have rediscovered the site. It has always been a favorite. I appreciate your sense of global and social responsibility. Thank you for your words of wisdom.
May we all share with respect and goodwill. Stay safe.


As someone who has been socially isolated for over six months, partly by intention through poor health, and partly by Governmental imposition, I haven't seen a human being in all that time. I've never been so busy! Things I want to do get an alloction of time, simply because an 18-hour day doesn't have enough hours left over to deal with them. The blame lies with Jigidi; I like to put the occasional set of puzzles up, but no time. I love to go out on my motorbike, but no time (the poor thing thinks I've abandoned it). I like to have breakfast in the mornings, but never seem to get it until the afternoon. I don't like to tidy-up, but that's OK - it can wait until next week! Writing and playing music has taken a back seat, and even my flight simulator has been consigned to second place. Why, you may ask. Jigidi is the reason. It's compulsive, all-consuming, testing, brain-tapping and frustrating, because I'm not as quick as I once was. Yet, for all that, I'm a very happy bunny. I'm usually a sociable animal, but it's surprising how easy it is to adapt to solitude. I love people, but it's also so nice to be alone, although I thought being alone meant boredom. Not a bit of it! There are a few puzzles that I want to crack, so I must get on. That cup of tea I promised myself four hours ago will just have to wait. No callers please!


My puzzle keeps disappearing when I stop working on it when I go back it’s gone. Back to just pieces why?...


Jigidi has been the answer or support for more than the current medical problem caused by an unseen virus. jigidi gave the world a place to come any time we need a lift. jigidi is a vaccine for humanity, thank you Jigidi, you are loved ?:)))

If it wasn't for your wonderful website I would be crazier that I am now. My daughter Anniekay is deaf and autistic. She normally works in an artist group in a local county museum, but not now due to the pandemic and probably won't go back until July. She does commissioned drawings of people's pets, cars, horses, etc. She does between 6 and 8 jigidi large puzzles every day. Thank you so much for the variety of art you have in your puzzles. Mom Carole

Thank you for your kind thoughts and words as well as for the wonderful puzzle site.


Glad to be here - Thank you for the helping words! I have just joined and love doing the small puzzles - many of them I have draw. Thanks for a double "thing" to do!

Thank you for being there for those of us at risk! I have spread the jigidi message far and wide as an excellent use of time and mental energy. So many people have thanked me for passing the site information to them. Without this site I would have to question my sanity!

AS one of those who MUST isolate I have found that Jigidi is great for MY mental health a big THANK YOU from me and my family

Ana from Tenerife - 30 May " Dia de Canarias "
I can not imagine going through these "confinamiento" during 3 months whith
out JIGIDI !!!!


I so appreciate the thoughtfulness of our Jigidi staff, you're quite wonderful at what you do. I am also very grateful for this site! Retirement brought about a need for something to do with the hours I no longer spent "at work" and this is absolutely the most perfect way to do it! I've met so many new people and garnered many new friendships to value. Even more so at this particular time in our world. Thank you for being here and for your insightfulness, it too is most valued. THANK YOU! Voronica~

Thank you for your thoughtful, intelligent words. I feel that jigidi is saving me from desperation and despair. Without my daily time with jigidi I believe that I would have given up and wallowed in despair. At 86 years I feel that I have lived my life but I am not ready to give up. Thank you, jigidi, for giving me a place to go each day to spend some happy time.

thanks for your message, all the kind reminders and I see everyone staying well :-)

THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE. What a great aid in helping pass the time.
Stay safe and healthy.


If I meet anyone on the road I just step off the path and let them go by.


This must be really an exceptional community - am very proud being member of it. Thank you for your caring words, Jigidi... Wish all people on our Earth good luck and good health. And lot of fun on this site... :)


Thanks for raising awareness of the need for everyone to continually work at raising her/his own personal awarenesses". As a psychotherapist, I can certainly attest that this sums up 'the work' perfectly during normal life. When we know better, we behave better. Under these stressful
current circumstances, many are mentally suffering terribly and simply haven't the capacity to even raise their own awareness of choices which might benefit them. It takes the character strength of self-discipline to work on improving oneself, especially when the mind is focused on basic survival matters, such as unemployment, loss of meaningful job, financial strains, shortages of food, pre-existing conditions, absent day care, paralyzingly fear. The minds focused on experiencing deprivations are certainly not pre-disposed to find a covid joke funny. Prior to my present practice, I taught high school English and Computer Science. Please take my next comment as intended to raise awareness .... Frontal "lopes", mentioned twice, should have been edited to read "lobes".


Very well said! Thank you so much.

Thank You!!!!!!!

Thank you for all the work that goes into creating and maintaining this Jigidi platform. The puzzles are great, but it is the ability to comment and respond to comments that makes this site WONDERFUL!!


Thank you for this sound advice on how we can help in this current global situation. Like the vast majority of Jigidi users I always love to Read comments left on my puzzles. Needless to say that I try to make sure that I always leave comments on every other puzzle I do. Jigidi took me through recovery from open heart surgery last year so I strongly recommend it to my friends.


Jigidi is a very enjoyable saving grace at this time....thank you.

I've been a Jigidi Fan for many years , perfect pastime for me. Thank you for your inspiring message. Be well


I come here daily, whether or not there is an epidemic. I LOVE this site and find it a Go-To place to spend some of my time. It's relaxing, entertaining, tasteful and the best puzzles on the "market". I've been coming here for years now. I love this site, the puzzles in it, the people who run this, and the people who come and offer puzzles to solve. I'm grateful for this always. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO COME HERE AND TO ALL WHO PUT IT HERE FOR US TO ENJOY!!


Thanks Jigidi for all the sage words. I have introduced my family to Jigidi; people who under normal circumstances would not do Jigsaws, but now find how much fun it is to post their own puzzles for each other to do. I hope when this pandemic is over, they continue to do so as it's a great way to start the brain in the morning, and to wind down in the evening, and also at times very informative.

Thanks for your sensitivity. Puzzling is my go-to "calmer-downer" whenever I find myself too much inside my head -- not just during these trying times, but anytime. The beautiful scenes I find here take me away from my concerns; the challenge of solving the puzzles opens the rational part of my brain that deserts me when I'm brooding. Thank you more than you can know for providing this wonderful outlet!!


Jigidi is a form of meditation for me, hence, I am in a focused place of calm. I am spending more time on Jigidi these days, but both want to and need to. Better than pills! Stay safe and thank you for personalizing this site with your insights. ;o)


Thank you! My stress level has gone over the top - so much so, I requested pills from my Doctor for the first time in 67 years. Working on these puzzles help reduce stress by freeing my mind - or occupying it!

Thanks for the wise comments. P.S: Wondering where my favorite Jigidi contributor has gone? His name: Backgear!

I so love the openness of the site where we can come to relieve our tensions or boredom-related stresses, it is a joy to find you ready and willing with fun puzzles - I'm one of the "older" folks who love to solve puzzles and, with oceans of time on my hands, relish the new ones that you present to us daily. THANK YOU!!!


Thanks for these words. Very encouraging for us in these days where our worlds are turned upside down. So happy jigidi is here for me. Such a blessing and it is stress relieving for me as well. Stay strong. Stay healthy.


Through Jigidi, my world has expanded in ways I never thought possible before becoming a member. i am deeply grateful jigidi for all that you do and to thank you for the effort put into making this site a place of refuge, really. Most people I meet here, want to keep the warmth, love and joy ! ❤

Thank you very much for this site. Distracts and is good for health. Wonderful.

thanks for the words of encouragement, we all need reinforcement during this tough times. Love to you all. Lois o

I look forward to doing my puzzles before going to bed.Thank you for the joy.
I was wondering if we can have a choice on the cut of the puzzles like Jigzone.
Thank you.

I really appreciate this site and am grateful to have a place to share my pictures as puzzles.


Thank you very much Jigidi !! I fully enjoy the site. Here I have had the opportunity to upload my photos and transform them into beautiful puzzles. I have also met nice people who are company in these difficult times. For all that, I reiterate my thanks to this great site. Kind regards from Chile !!


Muchas gracias Jigidi!! Disfruto plenamente del sitio. Aquí he tenido la oportunidad de subir mis fotografías y transformarlas en bellos rompecabezas. También he conocido personas agradables que sirven de compañía en estos momentos difíciles. Por todo eso, reitero mi agradecimiento a este gran sitio. Saludos cordiales desde Chile!!

I tell a lot of people about Jigidi because the sites I visit are not only creative in their posts they also take the time to give us information on the subject. I enjoy reading the comments of their followers because they are also informative and amusing. I find Jigidi a lifesaver at this time even though I have been a member for about 2 yrs or so, so thanks to you for making this possible.


Thank you so much for this puzzle site. How you do it is amazing---especially when it is free. It has given me hours of enjoyment, plus as an amateur oil painter, I have found dozens of wonderful subjects to paint.

Regarding the virus, my wife and I are in our mid eighties and both in reasonably good health. In the last month we have had 4 neighbors, whom we barely knew, stop by and offer to help us in any way that we might need. It is so wonderful to find that there are still kind, thoughtful people in this world.


I love this site, and thank my sister in law for introducing me to it. Thank you to the jigidi staff and all who are involved. Bev. 5-7-2020 USA

Calming, informative and insightful commentary.

I thank Jigidi for that!

I have been a member from before the viral crisis. I find puzzles very soothing...always did. Keeps the mind fresh!

Good souls out there stay strong yet flexible! Peace and kindness to all.

Debbie- doo- da - day!


Thanks for your comments. "And we're just not there at the same time on this subject." Makes me realize that me thinking I see the big picture is not the same as someone else's big picture.

I have the upmost respect for you. Thank your for reaching out to us, it warms my heart that some one in your position really care for us. I have been doing jigidi puzzles for about three years..When I am stressed or have to much on my mind, what a blessing for me to read or go on jigidi. My husband will both be 80 years old in December. Thanks for people like you. My blessings to you and your love ones, Stay safe.


thank you for this wonderful site.


Since my husband has passed away this is the best way to pass the time because these puzzles are funny and keep my mind of other things.Thank you very much for all you do and don't stop what you're doing because I love everything about your site


I’ve been gone a long time. It’s good to be back. The site has changed a lot. Will need to spend some time learning how to get around again.


Good to have you with us ... ♥♥♥


I am glad I'm part of this community. Jigidi is my place of serenity.


Thank you for this thoughtful and sensitive commentary. I've enjoyed my time here on Jigidi - and I especially appreciate the lack of bad-taste, political commentary in the form of a puzzle. We get enough of that on other social media. I know very few puzzle creator/posters here, but appreciate the warm connections we all seem to share.

Thank you for the calming advice. The isolation is difficult, but it helps to be a part of Jigidi.

Love this web site and these puzzles. Thank you for reminding us to be kind to ourselves and each other.

Thank you for your kind words. Jigidi has taken my mind of being so isolated away from my family as I am at risk. I have been doing the puzzles for a number of years now. But I do speak to family often via internet, mobile and Alexa. We are all keeping each other going and so is Jigidi keeping me going. Thank you again.


Thank you for your kind words and wise suggestions. And thank you for supporting all of us through Jigidi.

What a wonderful and heartfelt message this is. Thank you Jigidi for a great way to pass the time and relax.

I love very large stress buster for me...Thank you for the good words, the hard work and the GREAT puzzles...


I'm in New Zealand. The bug is here too. I'm staying at home and don't see anyone.


I find all of the advice here excellent. Thank you!

I have a very stressful job even without a health crisis. Coming on Jigidi for an hour after work helps me to relax, decompress and just forget about work. Then, I can go on with my evening. Thanks for making it easy to use and so enjoyable!


Well stated! Thank you.

Thank you for these wise words. I have been in the Jigidi community for a few years now. I enjoy the challenges of jigsaw puzzles and when I have created some myself, it is always good to see that people have done them and some have added comments. Keep up the good work. From Melbourne Australia


I love doing these puzzles and do them almost every day. I am staying home because of that virus and these puzzles help past the time.

Honestly, I am sending a virtual hug! The wisdom, understanding, and care I hear in this message is a kind of virtual hug to me this morning. Blessings and thanks. Linda, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Thank you so much for your calming letter. I have been doing Jigidi Puzzles now for at least 3 years. It means so uch for me to sit and work on puzzles before bed as it settles down your thinking. Keep up the good work you all. Much appreciated. Pat from the Okanagan in British Columbia, Canada Thanks again

Excellent words! Thank you!

Well said, and thank you for reminding us that our humanity and kindness is
what will get us through this. And thank you for filling some empty hours in each day. Lum in Los Angeles


Thank you for a job well done.


Love right back atcha! I love Jigidi and have recommended it many times. Thanks for making this possible all around the world. You stay safe now, you hear?

What a lovely letter, thank you! Stay safe you all around the world and please, take care of each other!


Hoping all @ Jigidi stay well and thank you for this wonderful sight to share what we are happy to do. To your CEO, a reminder is always timely, we have to think twice about the present situation as it is not normal to be unable to meet and greet family and friends as before, it is not normal to lose so many to a pandemic, not normal to be restrained from doing what we have taken for granted. We all must adjust to what is happening in this world and help those we can as best we can. When we are all on the same page we will be able to return to normal happier times.


Well said. Thank you. Diolch yn fawr.

Thank you Jigidi for this lovely letter,and thanks to all the people who create the puzzles,been doing them for quite a few years now and especially at this terrible time we find our selves in mean more to me than normal.stay safe.


Beautiful and meaningful message. Thank you so much for reminding each of us of our humanity as individuals and as part of one or many communities. Love this site.

Jigidi is my happy place. Thank you so much for your efforts to keep it that way -- especially in this difficult time. Please stay safe. The world needs you. :)

Thank you so much for this beautiful letter that you wrote. I ve been on Jigidi for seven years now, and I will be on it till the day that i died. Their are so many wonderful people on this site. That I can call my friends , I care about them, and worry about them with what's going on in the world. I would too say too all the that work for Jigidi stay heath and well. thank you for all you do.


I have been a subscriber to jigidi for many years now, as I have always loved jig-saws and have spent many enjoyable hours solving these puzzles. In the present circumstances it has become even more important to me , as I am 82 and disabled, I have been in isolation for 6 weeks. I love to read the comments from fellow puzzlers all over the world which makes me realize that I am not alone, and emphasises the seriousness of this pandemic. I thank all of the contributors of the many and varied puzzles that keep us all focussed and hopeful of better times. I am in England

I am a new subscriber but a life long puzzler. I found you because you offer an honest, dependable source of interesting and challenging media. I have recommended you to several relatives, friends, associates because you are fulfilling an important role in 'escapism' that is visually exciting and mentally challenging. Thank you, jigidi...jig jig jig.


I love people and want to see this viris come to a end, I have self isolated myself most of the winter and now spring, I went out once for food and wore a mask and gloves. God Bless us one and all.

My fellow puzzlers have said it all. Thank you to CEO & everyone.


The letter put me in a better place this morning. The comments show we humans from all over the world aren't very different in what we basically need. I love the seeing scenes from other countries, art from the masters to those that create for themselves and then to be able to put them together in puzzles, what a treat.

Thank you!


Thank you for your message**


Thank you for all you do.


Thank you for your conscientious letter.


Thank you. That's very helpful, and not just for here on this amazing site.

What a lovely letter. Thank you and stay safe!


Thank you for a clever, helpful letter. Like probably most people, I dislike being shut in and unable to speak to ANYBODY! Keep the puzzles coming, especially the bright happy ones. Being on my own, they are a comfort.


Thank you so much!! Stay safe.

Thank you for the caring, thoughtful message. As always, I enjoy Jigidi puzzles so much but especially during this stressful time.


Love and wellness to you.

Thank you for your sensitivity, take care.


Thanks Jigidi for the caring of humanity. Love the puzzles, but am wondering is their a way, or rather it would e nice if we could "jump" pages without having to go every few, if we could go from page 7 clear to page 100 of a members puzzle pages in one jump?

Well done. Thanks for helping so many thru this

thanks for the wisdom and thoughts....and thanks for the therapy jigidi has always provided but more so now....take care of you, everyone


Thank you for the wisdom in this post. I have often thought about this website and the opportunity of affords is all, the world over. It is amazing. Before I found Jigidi, I went to other puzzle sites, but there is absolutely nothing that remotely compares to Jigidi. I salute you. Blessings

Thank you Jigidi for a lot of straight thinking. We're all expected to match our situations but it's reassuring to get some thoughts on the right lines from outside of ourselves. Am I trying to speak for all? No, but a lot of us feel the same frustrations and limitations. Jigidi puzzles are a relief and I for one am grateful for that. I still haven't created a puzzle but say Thank You to all those who have done so; "Watch this space!"


Thanks you for caring. I do enjoy getting together here on jigidi and doing the puzzles. Right now I'm having problems with my pieces going back to where they were and I have to put them back in. It is probably because of my Internet being overloaded with everyone home and it keeps dropping me off. But I keep at it.

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