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I (try to) see what you're saying

27149 comments were shared this week on 7558 puzzles on Jigidi. Did any of them have you working overtime trying to figure out what on earth the meaning and the intent was with the message?

Chances are a good many of them did.

When we interact, we read meaning and intention with each other's actions from body language.

So, what does this mean for the merely textual communication many of us enjoy on Jigidi?

It means that we have to do some extra mind work to make good for it!

I'll get back to how - and start with why it's worth it. ♥

The whole world is within your reach on Jigidi

Jigidi has the benefit of being an internet-based community.

This amazing technology enables us to connect across all kinds of physical borders and develop a greater sense and understanding of each other.

But - while the internet can carve out space for us across borders and let us meet with our minds first - it also has an apparent downside in regards to us getting a better sense of each other: we fall short when it comes to information passed on via our body language.

This is so obvious that we put tend it in the 'of course-drawer' and move on with our lives.

But for the next 3 minutes, please don't close that drawer on me, because there is a trap awaiting us down this path that we'd like you to steer clear of.

First, meet: Mirror neurons

Mirror neurons are neurons that allow you to imitate the action of another person you're observing, as though you were performing the action yourself.

You do this unintentionally but with very good reason; your brain understands things through the information it accesses and processes with your entire body.

This sort of 'testing out' what the body language translates into as far as emotions go helps you to understand the person you're observing better.

We're wired in this manner because we're profoundly entangled as a species.

We learn from each other, and we need each other to be healthy and happy. Therefore, we continually seek out information about 'the temperature' in the group or person we're looking to.

We autofill intent

Now, onwards to the Jigidi point (I'm sure you saw the first part of this point coming).

We do not have each other's body language to navigate by on Jigidi when we seek to establish the meaning of each other's actions.

This missing information means that we do not understand each other full well right off the bat. And consequentially, we may not always regulate our responses in a timely fashion on account of how the other person seems to take what we say.

Here comes the second part of the point.

In the name of safety and efficiency, our brains make forecasts of meaning and intent based on our experience and knowledge.

This particular function of the brain is invaluable when you hear a rattle coming from the bush and see something long and sleek gliding towards you. But it can really add insult to injury on those rough days where we generally do not expect the universe to come at us with any form of kindness.

On those days we're highly at risk of inferring ill-disposed intent into a communique. Our expectation of intent thus takes the place that was left open because the melody was only 'tapped' not fully played.

So, acknowledging that online communication is missing information from body language, tone of voice, full context, and so forth, we can take this into account when interpreting online communique.

And in the process help shape our fellow puzzlers' expectation of what the universe has in store for them today.

When in doubt - choose kindness

To make up for the sparse information and our instinctively filling in the gaps concerning intent, we have to be open-minded regarding our fellow Jigidi puzzler's communication.

That almost always ads up to giving each other the benefit of the doubt for the first 'rounds' of not finding common ground. And also, being genuinely curious about what is fueling our counterpart's behavior. When not necessarily sharing a full palette of values, it's awfully easy to cross each other's lines by mere accident.

So, what about those rough days where kindness is more the result of a personal choice - an act of will - than it is our default disposition?

That takes nothing away from the power of your kind actions.

Nothing at all.

But it does shape your fellow puzzlers' expectations of what to meet from the universe and the Jigidi community. ♥

With lots of love, Jigidi


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I love this site. been doing puzzles for a long time and always wondered how some people can do the puzzles so fast. WELL, I figured it out. They arent faster than us. NOPE. They arrange all the borders and patterns without connecting two pieces .... then they connect two pieces and log out. when they return, they are on their first minute

I find the puzzles on Jigidi and my husband, 85, sits every night and spends hours in enjoyment, solving them. Now when I find a good one (over 500 pieces), I can't seem to save it and I don't see anywhere in your comments that answers that concern. Does anyone in the "Jigidi Community" know how to save a puzzle originally so my poor husband can go back and find it to work on it????? HELP!

Why anyone wants to go back to Flash Player now when it is ending this month is beyond me. You just have to go through all this agony again anyway, don't you? Thanks Apple

I love jigidi and how wonderful has it been during our period of isolation! I am quite competitive and so the Leaderboard is a big part of my puzzle solving. However, since my latest system update my times aren't posting anywhere. Yes I did log in again! So I am hoping someone can help me with my problem, Thank you in anticipation. Elizabeth


which ne is the lady?


100% agree
Wonderful and true post.


dear @Mettem and @Magnus - i am so thrilled ☺☺☺ I am able to solve my puzzles again xx Thanks to The powers that be at jigidi for fixing the problem xx thank you thank you - it was a very sad and boring 7 days being unable to solve ☺☺☺☺ ♥♥♥♥♥


is any one else having these problems ??????


still cannot solve - now 2 days and 2 nights - praying you will get it sorted out soonest - i am getting serious withdrawal symptoms @Mettem @Stefan


dear @Mettem and @Stefan ~ I was able to post my puzzles today @brightspark and @sparklightie but not able to solve at all, this is so frustrating - when i press solve it says preparing puzzle and then my screen completely freezes - hoping that you will be able to solve the problem soonest xx thx so much xx michelle ♥♥♥


The written word can be taken entirely the wrong way, the reader cant see the eyes of the writer, or hear the tone of his/her voice. Does it mean laughter, or contempt? That is why we need to carefully select the words that we use.
I have always had requests for smaller puzzles answered. Love jigidi, thank you for providing this world wide place for interaction and enjoyment. Fay.


Many thanks for making this a soothing and tranquil place☺♥


I love sharing my artwork & photos but am not so great at commenting so I just say thanks or you're welcome, My apologies to all but I do get tongue tied. I have found the folks here are kind and considerate, it's a big reason I hang out here. ☺♥




mrheaume, please ask me anytime you would like a puzzle enlarged. I will always give it my best shot. I have even enlarged others' puzzles, too, if I can find the image with google, when I notice the original puzzle creator has not responded, or has declined. I believe if you insert @Zsuzsineni in the comment/request, I will notice. Zsuzsi


I teach communication so I know just what you mean - it's so easy to misinterpret text due to the lack of context. As Rebeccab says, emoticons can help when you make a jokey comment that might be misinterpreted. Humour doesn't always cross cultures that successfully. The English vs American sense of humour, for example, are often quite different. I have made wonderful online friends through Jigidi and people leave lovely comments and compliments. It's also a great place to learn about different cultures and experiences. In my experience Jigideers are innately kind and thoughtful - maybe puzzling draws that kind of person. Thank you for the many happy hours I spend on Jigidi and the chance to share my creations with many others. It is my daily hobby and joy. Jayne

Definitely true. main thing is to not take offense unless the comment is obviously mean.


Well said.


yes . . . I love how you and Magnus have made kindness and acceptance and friendship and interesting knowledge and the beauty of this universe we live in the first things we think of when we hear the word "jigidi" We just assume kindness and the desire to communicate from our true heart is the "platform" upon which we all stand as we make our puzzles and comment on other puzzles ☺♥☺


I fully agree with you on this subject. I cannot deny that I have been unintentionally guilty myself from both sides of misunderstandings. Even though I try to be careful in how and what I say mistakes can be made so easily. My "alter-ego" on Jigidi posts puzzles that are interactive and encourages comments to be made so have seen these misunderstandings evolve and have found myself acting as a bit of a peacekeeper before the situation gets out of hand . . . thank goodness for the "Private Puzzle" facility that you introduced a while back as it means this does not have to be made public and cause embarrassment to either party. I usually mention the main points that you have talked about particularly referencing intonation which I believe to be the main cause of these misunderstandings.

Thank you for mentioning the problem and opening the matter up for discussion. I am sure it will make us all more aware and of how an innocent comment can be misconstrued and be more careful in future . . . ;-)


Thank you for such a thoughtful, intelligent, caring post! This is something I try to keep in mind, but it's not always easy. I don't solve many puzzles, but I love finding artwork and making puzzles. I enjoy getting and responding to comments, although on bad days I don't have much to say. I wish I spoke many languages so that I could respond to comments that are not in English. To @mrheaume, who asked about enlarging puzzles, not everyone might know how to do that, and sometimes the puzzle just won't get more pieces, no matter how much you enlarge the original photo! It depends on the size and the shape of the photo. I always try to honor requests to enlarge puzzles (or make them smaller) but sometimes it just doesn't work out. There must be lots of other reasons why someone wouldn't respond to a comment though, so don't take it personally! Thanks to all who keep Jigidi going. It's such an enjoyable part of my life.


I feel like you wrote this for me. A couple of days ago I left a comment and must have insulted the person when I made a silly remark about a detail in the picture, I did mention how much I enjoyed the puzzle. All her comments were deleted, no explaination, so I deleted mine, and will probably not visit her site again. Amazing how bad I feel about something I don't even understand. Yes, indeed, we need to be careful. :(

I don't know if anyone else has this problem but when I add a comment on a puzzle and ask them to enlarge it if they can I never get any response and I don't ever get the puzzle enlarged. I know you can't enlarge all the puzzles but after asking for a larger puzzle on at least a dozen occasions what am I missing.


Hi Mette!

Your blog is nicely written, well organized and meaningful. This indeed is a valuable add on to the already wonderful world of Jigidi where we learn more about other people's lives and cultures, and gives me an added learning of good communicative English which is my second language.

Thank you for giving us access to this wonderful place.

More power to you and the JTeam!


Thank you, Mettem;

After reading your wonderful post, I must confess, I do not leave as many comments as I should, even after the joy of completing a puzzle and gaining so much insight, I do, indeed, have some comments I should be sharing, but instead, go carelessly on my way.

Your words have brought back to mind those young days in New York, when after work, we would all get together for coffee and have, what I call, a 'Meeting of Minds', and this is exactly what Jigidi is for me these days.

I love working the puzzles - afterward, I have a wonderful experience of being lifted from my present situations - just like sitting down having a cup of coffee with an old pal.
I may not see you, but your spirit is with me.
Except that, now, you will all be hearing from me.

Being as adobe flash player won't be supported any more soon , how will this affect the site ?


I have found the most wonderful, caring, sharing people on Jigidi. I wish that EVERYONE could be part of this Jigidi world. If this were true, I am certain there would be more peace and love in our world.


I enjoy the comments on this site. They elicit a grin from me, whether it's a simple thank you, a statement about the picture, a wish for good things for participants, or something that I can't understand (not due to language).


This is where I think emoticons can help make the meaning clear - a winking face ;) if you're joking, a smiling face if you're just curious but not criticizing, etc. Or explaining your intent before the comment or question, like "I'm just curious, did this actually work?" I've hardly ever run into trouble, but a few times have seen a possible interpretation I didn't intend or expect only when it was pointed out to me, and so I just apologized, and it was accepted graciously. GREAT people on Jigidi, but yes, it can get a bit sticky now and then - especially when using Google translate, LOL.

body language is non-existence, person's preferences maybe can be figured out with what puzzles they choose to work on and those on same page , not chosen, (but the sheer size of puzzle may throw this preference figuring right out the window, if people shy away from too few or too many piece puzzle). Comments made are real, and kindness of course should be foundation to anything stated, but sometimes the Truth hurts, so still, people ought not get indignant or insulted if a Truth is being stated, trying to diminish it, as if it is merely an opinion. So take everything with a grain of salt and be happy. There are so many different puzzles offered by so many different people who spoke/write different languages, that JIGIDI is really a wonderful place to spend time.


Thank you so much for your post! You have an incredible insight and also the ability to translate that insight into kind, respectful dialogue with others. I wish more of us could be as talented. However, I believe that many of us, including myself, could at least try harder to be kind and respectful toward our fellow Jigidiers. I have been on both ends of misinterpreted comments, so I know how it feels to be misunderstood and to misunderstand. In the future, I will make a concerted effort to be kinder both in my own comments and in my take on others' comments.

Thank you so much for your efforts to make Jigidi the wonderful place that it can be!


Well said, Mette. I have found people incredibly kind here on Jigidi. I try to do likewise. I especially appreciated how Magnus replied personally on each of his birthday puzzles. A lovely example for all of us and actions usually speak louder than words. ♥♥


Thanks, Mette. You are someone I would love to sit and talk with, and I appreciate your posts. I followed the first link in your post to and found not only an interesting book extract but a wonderful stitched illustration—by far the most attractive illustration of the human brain I've ever seen!


A well-intended post, that I take with the best of intentions, as I usually try to take posts at this site! ☺︎
After reading this, I will try harder, on "off" days, to assume kindliness, on the part of others, and in my own approach. ♥︎
Thank you for kind and insightful, and helpful, post. ☀️☺︎☀️