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Growing the common ground

Right now, we watch our societies moving, standing up for equality and against racism. For new policies and raising awareness on systemic issues. No upheaval regarding rights stays only local in a globalized technologized world. This is one of the ways the internet help humanity taking leaps forward. Help us cooperate to find common ground.

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Growing the common ground

We unite on matters important to all of us. Revisit moral issues (seemingly) settled upon top-down, but not executed down-up, like equality and lawfulness for all.

Thanks to our newfound level of connectivity we can on a very large-scale help educate each other and find nuance in otherwise stifled rhetoric. And thus, keep the conversation going towards real dialogue and establishment of common ground.

Lawfulness for all. Equality.


So, when real dialogue is necessary to move forward on current and important issues, why are puzzles reflecting the movement then caught by our guidelines on Jigidi - when we also say we wish to help grow the common ground worldwide?

Because dialogue rarely occurs on hot topics on online social platforms. Tribalism does, as also on Jigidi before we made a change in 2018. And online tribalism does nothing to help undergird cooperation or empathy.

But connection in between groups does. Listening to stories about each other’s’ lives with our guard down.

So, how do we get to that point? And at what cost for the community?

Moving towards understanding and cooperation

Because it is quite demanding doing the necessary mind work of finding common ground on divisive subjects (and rarely a state of mind one expects to be in need of when entering a jigsaw puzzle site), we exclude such subjects on Jigidi.

Our guidelines are designed to be accessible to people of all (moral) faiths/beliefs, including those with no faith - and to have us see each other as people. Not opinions, objects or stereotypes (to the extent this is at all possible). Thus, creating a safe space where we can meet as people.

And, over time, with our guard down.

This does not mean we suggest one can go about life in this framed manner.

But we can spend our Jigidi-time in this manner, exploring some of the gains of connection:

  • Interaction with people from all over the world with whom we may have chosen not to interact with were we to present ourselves with our political views or other moral convictions first.
  • Further down the road, we may find that a fellow puzzler whom we’ve come to connect with is of, for example, a different political or religious opinion than us. And we may find our heart rules that it is of little consequence to our connection - and if any, that we actively choose to build on what connects us.

Because we are people - not opinions

We are not wandering, two-legged opinions. We are humans with a thousand stories and worlds within us and a creativity and intelligence that has made us able to outrun any other species on the planet by many, many miles.

By bypassing the instinct to create in- and outgroups segregated by the big ones: politics, sexuality and religion, we can continue our conversation on matters that are (also) us. And grow a better understanding of each other across mental barriers.

Thus, we grow the common ground from within.

Morality with a catch

Far too often, we construct solutions that count on us being rational and thinking about the long run (remember the CEO?). The problem with that is that most of the time, the rational part of our brain is not the one running the ship. It’s the parts much more driven by instinct, gut feelings - lessons learned by ancestors and adopted as moral lessons we intuitively steer by.

Now, these moral lessons will have us tone down our own desires and needs to care for the needs of our ingroup (smart seeing as your clan is the one having your back on the plains). But they do very little to help cooperation between groups (not smart in a globalized world where cooperation is necessary for the collective wellbeing).

So, we need to practice overriding the instinct to widen the distance between us. It doesn’t make sense; we are not that kind of world anymore.

Architectures of serendipity

We will all get a lot better at this simply because we’re giving it still more attention. It is a supply and demand kind of situation. The demand being cooperation between groups for the collective human wellbeing across the globe.

In her wondrous book 'Hivemind' psychologist PhD and emotion regulation specialist Sarah Rose Cavanagh writes:

As we increasingly separate ourselves into ideological, geographical, and economic silos, we lose opportunities to grow and change, to be nudged out of our narrow ways of thinking.

Pursuing the question of how we can make different social environments work for us, making good use of the possible connectivity (online also), she among other things suggest that we: Build and Support Architectures of Serendipity. Meaning social environments where people from all kinds of groups come together across differing ideologies and other groupings.

With our guidelines, we are attempting to create such a place where we all - with our guard down - can practice:

  • Being curious about our counterpart's core values and being clear about our own.
  • Recognizing and building upon already settled upon moral issues.
  • Acknowledging our counterparts' rights and understanding our own stereotypes and prejudice.
  • Acknowledging that none of us knows everything and practice perspective-shifting.
  • Acknowledging own transgressions when seeking common ground (we are reactive beings) and taking into account both our own and our counterpart's current mental state.

Endnote: Primary values always come at a cost

We are a jigsaw puzzle site visited by 40.000 people from around the world every day. There is no question this adds to our responsibility which goes beyond growing the individual via the functions our website offers.

We must reflect on online connectivity and how we as a website with a global audience can help undergird cooperation and empathy.

We choose to be a value-driven platform, and that means that we stand for something, and this necessarily must come at the expense of other values. For you and us, the cost is that not all content is allowed on Jigidi. Life on Jigidi is not life as it is - by design.

And that is a particularly high prize on matters and movements we wholeheartedly support.

But we believe in the gain: We are more inclined to listen and share our personal stories, learnings and reflections with our guard down. And thereby in small steps, build empathy and understanding that is necessary for problem-solving in between groups outside of Jigidi.

Growing the common ground from within.

Much love,



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I will try to hold comments to a minimum.


Puzzle on Honey bunny


Tímhle posouvání kvůli reklamě dole, se nedá čas udělat líp, pokud to byl záměr jigidi tak se Vám to opravdu povedlo a asi budu první kdo to přestane skládat bolí mě hrozně oči


Thank you for the updates. Wanda


We the users DO NOT come here to hear politics, religion or money talks !
Let's forget those hate-spreading ideas.


How about allowing us to block certain users like I've been asking for for years?


Your wordy post about community and common ground is pretty lame.

Please stop banning automatic solving Tools.

We Geocacher are needing them….


Jigidi don't do this, please, please, pretty please.
I'd rather focus on positive things than argue with negativity. Let's promote puzzles, love, peace and respect. ❤️ ⌣ ❤️
caseykay, you said it beautifully.

Lets just have PUZZLES and forget the commentaries.


Please stop with the political and social commentary. Your own policy says that all puzzles must not have anything that could be controversial. Which I support. Yet, you take sides on social issues and post it when it has nothing to do with anything related to jigsaw puzzles.


Thank you for this wonderful site! It calms me and keeps me busy at the same time... with no guilt... not playing games, not wasting time .... but improving my mind for an hour most days.

Thank you Jigidi for my great escape of the day. Otherwise , some days would be very depressing to see the way the world is turning now! I enjoy doing all the great puzzles from some very talented and nice people from all over. Keep them coming as we could be in for a long haul with all the problems currently going on.


I was born in the 50's and came of age in the 70's. It has been my first-hand observation that the ability of human beings to communicate with each other began to erode the moment the word "dialogue" came into use for anything other than scriptwriting. I remember a time it was actually used as a verb.


To be honest: I had to read the above text at least twice. It is in beautiful English, but has so many difficult words and complicated phrases in it, that I got lost.....
but I do - more or less - understand what is meant. Perhaps that is enough!


I agree with Tinker (one of the first comments).




In the spirit of understanding and appreciating our neighbors on this earth l
want to recommend a series posted by our Canadian Jigidi friend @dhi

@Woodowly; Jayne, thank for your kind words and for your prayers. I am usually awake most of the night. It is a rare night that I sleep a full 8 hours. But this is again due to health issues caused from the MS and not by choice. But your kind words came at just the right time as today has been more difficult than normal. Have a good night/day and a fantastic week. God bless!!!


Wow! Unexpected and terrific articulation of a new way. Bravo.


Hi Jeri, @jbp, I'm sorry you have such major health issues to deal with that make coping with life when it's so called normal difficult but even more so at the moment when there is so much going on in the world. I know how challenging severe MS is, having had several friends who suffer from it.

I think Jigidi is a real haven for people like yourself whose lives are seriously compromised by chronic diseases. I have met online a number of people for whom Jigidi is their only major social outlet and solving puzzles is one of the few hobbies they can enjoy.

I will pray that God will comfort and ease you each day and, probably more importantly, each night. As an insominiac i am frequently online at two or three in the morning along with others. Bless you. Jayne

Woodowly; I am glad you said what you said what you said because this is what I was trying to say but have trouble putting my words and thoughts together so it all makes sense to those whom I am trying to talk with. I have Primary Progressive MS (and am in the late stages of the disease) plus several other chronic autoimmune diseases that cause me to have this problem plus a slight birth defect in my brain due to lack of oxygen prior to my birth. I have been able to manage fairly well but as I get older, am in early 70's, it have become more of a problem for me. So, please, everyone I apologize for anything that I may say that sounds totally off the wall or doesn't make any sense to any or all of you. If this does happen please before you get all upset with me I would ask that you would ask me to clarify what I just said. By doing this I hope to help everyone to enjoy there time here. Also, due to the health
issues it is very difficult for me to understand what people are trying to tell me. I hope this explanation will help everyone to understand why I sometimes get defensive over what is said to me. Let's all try to do our best to enjoy this site and enjoy each other and learn from one another. There may not be a lot of peace out in the world but lets try to make this small corner of the world a place of peace and enjoyment as we share the same activity. Thank you all and may we all have a wonderful night's sleep or enjoy the day you are beginning or are already into. Jeri


Thank you for addressing the social issues going on currently




@Woodowly Thanks!


A very thoughtful and thought provoking article. This is a very stressful and difficult time around the world for everyone. Our stress points differ so much, as do our opinions, values, attitudes and stereotypes. I teach communication and one of the core aspects is that of our frame of reference which is constructed by our culture, family, upbringing, age (generation) and experience. Even with siblings we find differences between our experiences. As the eldest child my experience is different from that of the second, third, fourth and fifth child in the family. This can easily lead to arguments and misunderstandings, along with hurt feelings and unhappyness.

Another problem with communication is context and lack thereof. When communicating online, using only the written word, there is very little context such as non-visual cues, tone of voice, gestures, facial expressions. This means that the emotions are not conveyed clearly and it is very easy to misunderstand what someone else has written. They may have meant it as a joke or a wryly ironic comment but it is read as something serious or offensive. Emoticons can help to ensure that the reader understands how it was meant but they are not infallible. There are also big cultural differences when it comes to humour. George Bernard Shaw said “England and America are two countries separated by the same language.”

Jigidi has widened my circle of friends and acquaintances. It has enabled me to reach out to people like @jbu and be reached in turn. The comments on my puzzles often cheer me up or make me feel better on a bad day. I have been able to have interesting conversations and meet some fascinating people online. We have been able to share and compare life stories and experiences. I've learned so much from other puzzlers and from the process of making and sharing puzzles.

Cut yourself and others some slack. Consider that they didn't mean to upset you or make you feel angry or demeaned or however you feel. I participate in quite a number of online groups and Jigidi is by far the best and most positive of all those groups. Trolling and nastiness is really exceptional. People don't swear and rant and generally are very civil even if they do disagree with you.

Jigidi team, thanks for this safe space, thanks for all you do to keep it that way, thanks for explaining why you do things the way you do. In the language of my family - "a gold Noddy badge for each of you" (*-*) I love Jigidi and my Jigidi friends. Long may you keep going. Jayne


@Blubonnet, What does my Love & Belief in Jesus have to do w/me Loving Mermaids or anything else? What do you know about God's Word to make such a statement? Why are you judging me after reading what Jigidi wrote?


@owls65 When you click "Solve," the page containing the puzzle pieces will have a plus symbol, a minus symbol, a pause symbol, and a square with two arrows in it at the top right. Clicking the box with the arrows will give you the whole page to work on (no ads). Then click the box again to leave full-screen mode.

You can eliminate ads altogether by becoming a Jigidi Plus member:


@sillychick I am just another Jigidi member, not someone in authority. I did not delete any of your puzzles, although I have noticed that some of your choices seem inconsistent with being all about Jesus.

The filter does work—that is why I assumed you had not read the instructions. If you are seeing offensive things, use the Report button. If you want to give Jigidi admin a piece of your mind, use the Support form.


@jbu I'm very sorry to have upset you further. I know how fortunate I am to be staying at home with a husband and a dog and not isolated in a nursing home. It must be awful. I am truly sorry, and I hope you can continue to draw some comfort from your friendships here on Jigidi.

I am not an admin at Jigidi, I'm just an old hand, and I thought since Jigidi admin had not responded to your concerns that I could be helpful. I don't understand why you are seeing nudity if you have your filter enabled—that should not be the case. If you have the strength for it, I suggest you use the support form to reach out to Jigidi admin about your concerns.


@Bluebonnet, I ALREADY HAD DONE WHAT YOU SAID, so why do you assume that I needed instructions? The filter does not work. So you delete the heavy bosom mermaids that are covered in a bikini that I post, yet you keep Hilda around when she is covered the same way DOUBLE STANDARD here. I call it discrimination just b/c someone is bigger busted than someone else & NO the nudity is not less but more in the past couple of years. I address it when it comes up & even so, Children do not always have their filter on b/c they are curious. You have a responsibility to remove that curiosity, by removing & sending the sender a notice not to do it b/c a lot of people do not read the rules.

@Bluebonnet; If I misunderstood what you were trying to day then I am sorry. But in the past 5 weeks I have lost not only my Mother but also a good friend and roommate here at the nursing home where I live. I know many of you are able to go out and be about in restricted ways - what with social distancing and lockdown and all but you haven't, thankfully has to be in an assisted living - residential care facility or a nursing home in which are you in lockdown so you can't go out but on top of that no one is allowed in to see you and you aren't even allowed to have window visits with family and friends. If they want to bring you something they have to mail it in and then you have to wait 48 - 72 hours before they even will bring it to your room and give it to you. This last thing has eased a little and they have put a bin in the yard for family and friends to drop off things. But it still takes 48 - 72 hrs before you get it. I understand they are protecting us - and I appreciate all that's been done as so far we have been virus free. But it all messes up your emotions as one tries to deal with it all. So. again, if I misread your intentions I do apologize. Jeri

To the folks at jigidi; You had a post awhile ago in which you mentioned that by only being able to respond in writing it is hard to know how what is being said is being said in a manner that doesn't cause others to get upset and respond in a negative way. Twice this week this has happened to me and I think that we all need to be reminded of this. The first time it happened someone stepped in to explain what they person actually meant and I am thankful that she did. This action saved a lot of hard feelings and eased up the situation. As you mentioned we are from all different walks of life because we are from all over the world and each country sees things differently. Please, I am starting to feel that I need to spend less time here and find somewhere else to do my puzzling and only come back once in awhile. This will be upsetting for me as I have come to see this site as "family" and yes, families have their disagreements and if it is a good family they will make up, apologize and continue on and hopefully become better friends as well as family and all will be at peace once again. May we all please try to understand that what we say may come not sound right in your ears but there was no harm or wrong intended. Thank you. Jeri

@Bluebonnet; I have read all of what you suggest and thank you for mentioning them but I feel your assuming too much and don't you think it would have been better to have asked if this has been done. I have been enjoying this site for many years and am tires of people assuming things instead of asking the person involved about whether they had done whatever it is first instead of saying things that make that person look like someone who knows nothing about the topic being discussed. I wish you a pleasant evening or day - depending on where you live and hope you will be safe from the COVID-19 virus. Jeri


@sillychick @jbu For the past 2 years, more or less, nude and suggestive photographs have been banned on Jigidi. Now, the only nudity you should be seeing is on some art puzzles. If those bother you or you want to keep your children from seeing them, do this on each of your Jigidi accounts:

Click on your username at the far right of the black strip at the top of any page. A green strip will appear below the black one. On that green strip, click on "My Profile." On your profile page, go to "Settings." The first setting is "Filter content O Enable this if you do not want to see puzzles that may be offensive." Click on the circle in the middle to enable your filter. Be sure to click "Save changes" at the end of the Settings section. Voilà! You will no longer see potentially offensive puzzles. (NOTE: Political and religious puzzles are filtered as well; you won't see those either.)



Thank you for this. It is said that we are only different from one another by six degrees of separation. I enjoy this platform, not only because I find solving the puzzles relaxing and a form of emotional therapy, but also because I enjoy communicating with other puzzlers, and the philosophy of this site.

Even though we may not always agree with one another, on many issues, I believe we can respect our basic humanity.

Someone asked a question the other day that I found deeply profound, and it was this:

"When was the last time you learned something from someone you didn't like?'

We don't have to always agree, and we can disagree without being disagreeable, by fending off fear and ignorance, and by at least being open to other points of view, we may indeed learn a great deal, and perhaps become all the better as a result.



I love doing Jigidi puzzles but the one change i don't like is the advertisments in the bottom of the screen . Its hard to do a puzzle on the computer especially the large ones which i prefer when part of your screen is taken up with an AD

@sillychuck; I definitely agree with you that the amount of nudity has been increasing and we do have to be careful as this is a family puzzle site so we adults need to think of who all will be looking at it. Having things like that on this site is totally inappropriate and disturbing to the point I have even thought about cutting back on the time I spend here. For me that is something totally not good because this site keeps me from going crazy having to be bedridden and since 3/2 have been in lockdown so we haven' had visitors since then. But because of the guidelines that have been set for all of us to respect each other and to be using a site that is free from the stress of disagreements and ridicule and disharmony so I am not able to respond to your first comment but accept that that is your opinion and it is quite alright for some of the rest of us not to agree but this way we can stay as friends and "puzzle family". I wish you a great evening and the best of health. Please stay safe. Jeri


I agree w/all of the comments below (Buddha & Jesus or who ever you worship are not religions, they are Historical figures, people make them into religion) I whole heartily agree w/ @jbu, Jigidi you have kind of set up a double standard here in your comment. I really love this site b/c @ least you do have guide lines & though I may not all agree on those guidelines I do respect them. Just get rid of the Nudity (genitals & women's nipples actually showing). I have on my Follow page a 13 year old and a 10 year old ,they do not need to see that stuff HERE on Jigidi, would you not agree? Thank-you for creating a gr8 place esp for us disabled folks :)

Thank you for this puzzle site - it is the best one I've come across on the internet. There are many wonderful folks that post puzzles that you won't find anywhere else online. For this I am truly grateful as being bedridden you all help me pass away many hours. Thank you. You ask that we stay away from political and religious discussions but this would be no problem in an ideal world - which unfortunately we aren't in - but people will still bring up these topics and if I have strong enough feelings opposing what was said it is very hard to just ignore it. But if I post something that someone may take issue with I always state before I give my opinion or reaction that what I am about to say is only my opinion and I am not stating it to cause a deep discussion or any dissension on this website. What I have to say is not to cause any bad feelings or name calling or get someone so upset that they start bullying someone. Yes, we need to be careful about what and how we say what we say but we also need to realize that someone's opinion is just that THEIR opinion and it doesn't mean that it is better or worse than yours but it is just the way that one person thinks about that particular topic. So, again, thank you for a wonderful puzzling site and I hope it continues for many more years and we all learn to get along as best as we can considering we are a puzzling family that is scattered all over the world. Jeri


ALL lives matter, is the only truth. The other two .....Black lives matter and White lives matter, are created to divide and conquer and their message is racism.
But this is for me not a place to discuss that matter. I go here to have a pause and relax from the matrix, so please don´t destroy my calming haven.
I appreciate all nice and beautyful puzzles. Thank you.


With all the chaos and cruelty, we need an oasis. I think this place is one of them, at least it is for me. I come here to escape from the awful reality we are faced with these days. And just let my mind 'veg out'. It helps. And appreciate that political discussion is discouraged and the reasons why. There are other forums for that. Let this be a place of refuge for an hour or so each day.
Thanks for all the wonderful puzzles which help to keep me nearly sane.


Like Heidi, I too am a little confused by this.


I am a little confused by this attitude. Jigidi puts up puzzles about refugees in their name, which takes a side on human rights issues. Yet we cannot speak about equal rights for all. Many people put up puzzles promoting their religious beliefs, which I strongly disagree with (but hold my tongue), yet you say we should not express political or religious opinions. I am not happy with rules that don't apply to all equally. That is what these worldwide protests are about.

This is absolutely wonderful and wise. I feel like Jigidi is a type of kindred spirit. That may sound weird, but I am also very aware that Jigidi exists through real people and those are the "spirits" that create the spirit of this site.... and I'm going to stop now before I seem even more weird. Thank you Jigidi People for the connection you offer here.