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Creating tomorrow

Tens of thousands of people come to Jigidi every day. They share their passions, experiences, and outlooks via puzzles and comments - and you thus refashion your own. This is human creativity at work.

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Creating tomorrow

Who is Jigidi?

Let’s see - this is attendance called this week on Jigidi ♥:

Countries colored green have visited Jigidi – counting altogether 135,532 Jigidi puzzlers online from 184 countries. 135,532 Jigidi puzzlers who have:

  • published 8,953 new puzzles,
  • left 30,737 comments, and
  • solved 796,201 puzzles

Creators, solvers, and commentators from all over the world reflect and build on images along with each other’s reflections – this makes Jigidi a global petri dish for creativity.

Even though we may not think of it this way, being creative equals training your brain.

(Did that point make you sink into your chair of sheer expected boredom for the next couple of minutes? Hang in there; it ends with you being a superhero).

Agreed, brain training has a bit of an obnoxious tone to it. And it does not sound like something one would happily indulge in daily (anything that has ‘training’ added to it has it rough, really).

Luckily, we’re built so that what’s beneficial for us usually makes us feel good. Hence, we seek it out (some things get stuck in the ‘plan to-zone’ for obvious and very reasonable, reasons, though – like clearing out the cluttered attic and cleaning the fridge).

Similarly, creativity has a somewhat dubious ring to it.

It’s the sort of activity that to some sounds like a guilty pleasure one indulges in when ‘the real stuff’ is done for the day. While, in fact, creativity is the engine inside us responsible for what we have today of modern solutions, challenges, and pleasures.

Exercising creativity means breaking, blending and bending what stands today for a newer tomorrow.

So, joining the obnoxious sounding activity with the somewhat lesser valued guilty pleasure – voila: there you have what made humans outrun all other earthly beings from the animal kingdom by endless miles!

And this day and age – all things being equal – are glorious for our creativity.

The internet and the democratization of intellectual and artistic raw material mean that many of us have access to all kinds of knowledge about an endless number of subjects from a never-ending display of perspectives.

And we seek to share what is in our hearts and minds, as part of the creative process.

(Here comes the superhero part)

By sharing our ideas and thoughts with fellow Jigidi puzzlers, we’re fueling each other’s imagination. Thus, giving our creativity building bricks to come up with ideas for new solutions to create, curiosities to satisfy, and ideas to pursue.

So, when you lay your head on your pillow tonight bear in mind, that you’ve done your bit to thrust us onwards to a new tomorrow (honestly, no wonder we lack the energy to clear out the attic as well).

Thank you for this week! ♥

With lots of love, Jigidi


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What @Robbos said :-))


Siempre he sido un fanático de los rompecabezas físicos con fichas de cartón; pero demasiado costosos. Desde que descubrí Jigidi el fanatismo es mas adictivo, menos costoso, no me ocupa tanto espacio y mantengo mi cerebro en pleno funcionamiento cuando y donde quiera...!!! GRACIAS Jigidi.


Dear Jigidi - i am having problems and cannot solve any puzzles - was able to post but when i want to solve it just freezes and will not let me solve - hopefully this can be fixed soon - so frustrating @Mette @Stefan xxxx hello and hugs


I do really think that for some persons like me, Jigidi is a way of staying alive. It helps me going on with my day, with the things I really have to do.
When I do feel very bad and cannot go on, I come to Jigidi. I work on a very difficult puzzle and it helps me a lot.
I can go back to what I have to do.
It helps me relax, allows me to relate to wonderful persons and feel well with myself.
Thank you Jigidi.

I love to do the puzzles on this site. I wonder if there is any way to choose the puzzle you want to solve, then choose how many pieces you would like. I know that many are published that have various piece counts on them. I would love to do some of those 500+ puzzles, but just don't want to do ones that many pieces. Those are the ones I put together on my dining room table!

A lifelong puzzler here. When I discovered jigidi I knew it would become part of my daily routine. For a long time, I did only medium-sized puzzles but now have branched out to the really big ones. Yes, it does make my brain work harder and what a sense of accomplishment when I complete one of those behemoths!
Thank you for jigidi.


If you exit a puzzle before you're done it will still be there. Check on the line under Jigidi where it says "Puzzles" and click on it. Go to "In Progress". Your unfinished puzzles will be there. Happy puzzling!


I to must say thank you all for posting puzzles. A lot of the time I spend hours and hours every day.
I real life I've been disowned by everyone I get to really know so I have no friends. But that's ok with me you get use to it after all I've had 68 years to learn how to be a loner.
There is a plus to it I do puzzles all day long and not a person stops me and that's a good thing.
So think you Jigidi and all you puzzle posters.


Add my voice to those of praise for Jigidi! I love the puzzles but more than that I love that the people using this site are kind and courteous to each other. This is an oasis in a brutal "social network" world. Thank you to Jigidi and THANK YOU my fellow puzzlers.


this site is really amazing..."woodathunk" that so many many people do jigsaw puzzles!!!......I along with everyone thank you over and many people and so many hours of "gettingawayfromitall"......thanks to you all


I love Jigidi.

Thank you to the creators and all the staff at Jigidi :-)

Best regards, Jason.


For me, the day doesn't begin until I've completed a few puzzles with my morning cup of tea. It wakes up the brain for a fresh new start to the day and gets you thinking. Since becoming a member of Jigidi, I find myself always with my camera while out walking, looking for those unusual pic's to post and just love it when someone posts a comment for me. It great to feel part of something so creative.


In the evening, Jigidi is my ritual for winding down. Thank you everyone.


I, too, love jigidi. It has given me many, many hours of pleasure. I talk to lots of puzzle creators and participants from all over the world. It's an uplifting site and I thank jigidi personnel for making this possible. I appreciate the map and figures for this weeks attendance as it shows how vast the jigidi family is. Thank you.




I don't know how to save my incomplete puzzle when I am doing it on my amazon kindle. I am a member of jigidi for 2 or three years. please help THANK YOU

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do. Our world needs your gift! We need to share fun and joy and friendship. Jigidi does this, day in and day out, for this world we share. You are a precious jewel! Thanks is not strong enough but THANKS!


Like Laura says also; love it! ♫☀♥☺

As a retired data analyst -- thanks! Both for the site, and for the figures. I've been wondering how many people visit daily. Love the map. I think of some other ways to look at the data, too . . .

Creativity, yes -- but also good exercise for the mind.


Waking up in the morning and before going to sleep at night i spend a minimum of two hours on Jigidi, mostly solving, commenting and posting. For years now, i look forward to another day because of jigidi. It is not only meeting friends from the world over but learning about life and the world we live in. Thanks to you Jigidi Admin. May you have more strength and will power to keep up this goid work.


When I get up in the morning, it's a nice steaming mug of coffee and a cryptic crossword puzzle. Then once I am awake, I onto jigidi, visiting all the notifications and responding. I have made some wonderful friends here from all over the world. I don't stay on Jigidi all day. I tend to potter round the house, do a bit of tidying, then post another puzzle and check notifications. I don't complete many puzzles as I spend quite a lot of time researching for the 4 quizzes I post. All great fun :))


First and last thing I do each day is look at notifications, love to chat with the puzzle makers. It’s also the last thing. Plus jigidi fills in a lot of gaps in my life and I am very grateful. And those amazing puzzles, so many choices. Looking at all those green Countries, the WORLD needs Jigidi.


Awesome !! Jigidi is how I unwind and end my days. Don't seem to feel complete or able to fall asleep without it.


Amazing. Thank you. Jigidi is why I wake up in the morning.


Enjoying life with Jigidi, thanks☺


Love it! Thanks for sharing.


Jigidi you have opened our minds and our hearts xxx you touch us every day with gifts of humanity, caring and sharing for one another across the globe ☺☺☺ well done for being in almost every country - i am so proud to be part of your world - day in and day out striving to make life better for ourselves and others, enticing our brains and souls with inspiring fun puzzles and messages, spreading joy and happiness, uplifting souls in need. JIGIDI COMPLETES MY LIFE AND I THANK YOU xxx much love brightspark and sparklightie


Most eloquently expressed, Jigidi. It seems overly dramatic to say that Jigidy has changed my life, I suppose, but it has. It sends me on an amazing journey across the world many times a week, opening new experiences (albeit, only armchair). Thank you for your creativity in imagining this in the first place. 8-)


When you look at this map, no other word but 'amazing' can be used for what Magnus started just a few years ago. Who would have thought of the doors it would open, the people who would meet, the challenges - and sometimes frustration - it would present. Thanks to all who participate.


Thank you for creating such an Awesome place where I can come and relax and unwind from the stresses of life. There are so many beautiful, wonderful, exciting new adventures that await us all here at Jigidi. But, the most important of all, is all the beautiful, wonderful, and lovely people here, whom I never would have met otherwise, being closed off in my little piece of the pie. Thank you so much. Jigidi is my guilty pleasure for sure. I have learned so much from all the explanations on the puzzles, and I can TRAVEL all over the world, from the comfort of my chair. Many Blessings To All. ~Raden~


"a global petri dish for creativity" Perfect word image of the Jigidi World. Thank you.


Daily life is training. Many of us who are disabled have to re-train ourselves to do things differently. Not an easy task when you've done things a certain way for years, then have to figure out another way.
I've always loved puzzles, started when I was very small and my gramma always had 1 in the works when we would visit & she let me help. still loved them even when a cat would scatter them around when I wasn't looking, or 1 piece was missing, only to be found on the floor chewed up. Now my puzzles can be safe til I get back to them. I'm sure many of the cat lovers here have had the same experience. (:

Oops, my hand slipped off the key board and sent comment off before I was done, Oh well, as I was trying to say... This is my favorite place to be - even when i don't have the things done I really need to be doing. But that's ok cuz I will catch on those things later. Sometimes you just have to go Jigidi!!! Thank all for all this fun and growth and we don't even realize we r making ourselves better - thankfully growth is painless. Have a super day/night everyone and God bless!!!

Thankfully we have the right place to join all these things together along with a wonderful group of folks world-wide that we can enjoy sharing and growing together.