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We cannot guess the tune by only hearing the drums

Have you ever tried? You know - that game where you here happily tap along to a tune that plays in your head. And a friend gets the miserable task of trying to guess the song.

Oh, ye poor friend!

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We cannot guess the tune by only hearing the drums

I’m guessing you outgrew the game, because you learned, that while you hear a whole symphony in your head, your friend only hears the odd tapping. And thereby she lacks way too much information to come up with the brilliant tune playing in your head (a measured success rate of that game is 2,5% ... ).

The thing is that although we may get it in the context of the game, we tend to forget this lesson of ‘tappers and listeners’ when going about life in both business and the private sphere.

Before getting to the Jigidi point, let’s first take a sneak peek into a meeting you’ve probably attended more than once:

Your boss lays out a new vision for the company in super abstract terms. You and your colleagues feel an instant thrill and enthusiasm. But upon returning to your desks, you go about business as always - while instinctively shaking your head at ‘management.’

Your boss was tapping a melody while only giving you drums. She failed to make sense of the goals and aims and put them into actionable terms regarding your jobs.

Let’s follow that up with a conversation between Magnus and I the other day:

“It must be a salary. Don’t you think?”

Magnus answered a question I had not actually asked, but it was playing in my head as well as in his. We had just passed a young man and woman sitting in a café and overheard her saying:

“45,000 Danish kroner – I’ll accept no less”.

While continuing our walk, her remark had us guessing to ourselves – for WHAT would she not accept anything less than 45,000 Danish kroner?

To me, she looked around 20 years of age, so I placed her outside of a professional context and went straight for a private sale scenario.

Furthermore, I had her pegged as a rich kid (merely by her appearance and the rather posh neighborhood we were in), as I was trying to figure out for what item she would expect that considerable amount of money. And I resolved on an expensive couch (because we’re in the process of remodeling our daughter’s room).

I know, my deductions were a tad (!) catty. I let myself because I was hungry and had my frontal lopes preoccupied with a whole other issue that was mine to solve - but I couldn’t seem to crack it.

Magnus had spent the afternoon joggling numbers and went straight for the employer scenario. But like me, he also questioned how reasonable that amount was. Trying to make sense from his perspective, he was taking her age into account and in that the experience she could have gathered in her field.

When we vented our thoughts to each other, we were a little embarrassed about how judgmental we’d gotten in our initial deductions but congratulated each other on being smart enough to know it (🙄).

Here comes the Jigidi point (besides Magnus and I being judgmental when we think no one is listening in):

Our brains fill in gaps when they are left open to us. And we fill them with deductions based on our knowledge, mood, experience, and imagination.

As is so often the case with our beautiful brains, it is a matter of efficiency and safety:

"Your brain is continuously making guesses as to what might be coming next, building templates or ‘guide images’ to help us take shortcuts to get on with navigating our lives. We could think of the brain as some kind of predictive texter’ or highend satnav, helpfully completing our words or sentences, or finishing off a visual pattern to let us get on with life quickly, or guiding us down the safest paths for ‘people like us’." (Gina Rippon, "The Gendered Brain", 2019)

Being equipped with a brain that continually looks to project behavior means that we’re always trying to get ‘a full picture’ of each other’s puzzles and comments. It so follows that we construct context and intent with each other’s postings.

What this means for you is that when you have a particular intent with your posting, you can help our interpretation much along by using the title of the puzzle and the description field for that specific framing.

Making good of these two elements, you can present your perspective on the image and also the necessary knowledge for us to get a sense of it.

Show us your lens – what tune you’re playing for us -, and we’ll reflect ours to you. ♥

With lots of love, Jigidi

P.S. If you recognize yourself as the young woman from the café, please forgive us. (But also, please get back to us ASAP with the answer to the question of the 45,000 Danish kroner).


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Thank you. I am a people watcher and I have an over sized imagination. $6,000 to $7,000. She might be selling a vintage trailer she has glamped up. That is where my mind would go with her "accepting no less." That is because we just purchased our second vintage trailer and her numbers are spot on for a sweet little 1968ish trailer/camper. I can play out a wonderful scenario where she redesigned the inside with fresh paint and new curtains on the inside and a nice two tone paint job on the outside. We each could play out a different and unique to us situation based on our knowledge of what in our world would cost “45,000 Danish kroner – I’ll accept no less”.


I agree - could be a car ☺☺ love your posts dear Mette - always a lesson to be learnt ♥♥


I think she was selling a car.


Jigidi puzzles are pictures. Jigidi is a place where anyone in the world can post. the name of the post may be in an unfamiliar language, but the photo might not need a translator. A curious dog, or a smug comfortable looking kitty. Beautiful scenery, or a gorgeous flower. None have to have words to define our enjoyment.
Any of us, from any country, can show the world via Jigidi a special place in our own world, or something enjoyed while visiting in another culture's world.
Your interpretations of the young woman, those are basic politics.

I often do random QuickPlay puzzles without looking at the title or the "top of the box," so I can have the fun of guessing what the scattered pieces will become when joined.
I very rarely guess correctly at first, except sometimes in a general sense, like "beach scene," or "a building." The more pieces I put in place, the better I guess. Still, sometimes I can't even figure something out after I see the completed picture! It is then that I'm glad whatever it is has a title more meaningful than 157xb97q. And I'm really thrilled when I find an explanation with terms that will be understood in a search engine.
I love learning about the multitude of places and activities shared here!
This "only listening to the drums" analogy is spot on!

There is no question about the young woman in the cafe. She was naming the amount of moeny she would require to watch her uncle's cats while he trekked the Himalayas. I draw this obvious conclusion from the fact that she was wearing a purple scarf on a warm October afternoon.


Iinteresting analogy, Mette. You write well as I've said before. I like knowing about puzzles I solve and try to identify ones I post that are not obvious. Thank you. ...Ardy


I too am convinced it is a piece or art. It may not be it's actual monetary worth in a sale, but it's worth to her :) Bonnie x


I am almost convinced she was selling a collectible piece that she knew the value of
otherwise, why would she say she will accept nothing less? It could be a fur coat, a necklace, or a first edition script - something that she was sure of the demand.
Your description of a tune or idea goes far - and correct, many people do not totally listen
but for those that do 'get it' there is always the joy in the thrill of it all.
I enjoy your writing and love turning to jigidi for my challenges - it serves me well.


Was she selling a car? Selling art? I'm trying to think of things worth between $6,000-7,000 that she might be offering for sale.


You just put into writing what Jigidi means to me Mette! Good day and more power.