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What’s your pleasure today?

Over the years, we have received more than one (…) request to make finding the different types of puzzles on Jigidi easier. To this end, we have been working on making the selection of jigsaw puzzle categories on Jigidi more granular. We launch the result in about a week and hope you will enjoy the easy access and inspiration this change offers ♥

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What's up with the cat?

Are you looking to boost your energy with artwork with vibrant colours? Or maybe destress via an emotive puzzle of a beautiful timeworn barn?

Shortly, you’ll be able to go directly to a variety of popular subcategories. We will launch this change in a week, on November 13th.

The purpose is diabolically dual:

  • easy access to your preferred categories and
  • offer inspiration to branch out in your puzzle selection.

‘Fine’, you may think. But what does this have to do with the baffled cat in the puzzle above?

This is our fault, entirely. The cat was thrown by a question we ask later in this blog post.

But before we address that question further, let us first address what is to come ☺

What will change?

At the top of the ordinary puzzle selection page you currently find the option to choose puzzles by category and size. This placing will not change.

What will change is that by November 13th the category selection will unfold a drop-down menu featuring main categories that, unlike now, will have subcategories added to them:

Jigsaw puzzle category popup

To keep the drop-down reasonable in size, not all main or subcategories will show on this drop-down. But at the bottom of the drop-down, you see a link: ‘All Jigsaw Puzzle Categories’.

This link will take you to a (new) page that unfolds all the 10 main categories along with their subcategories.

The page will look like this:

Jigsaw puzzle categories

So, what ‘makes’ a category?

The collection of main and subcategories you find on Jigidi come November 13th is a balanced product of:

  • what you have most searched for on Jigidi (when using the search function), and
  • the keywords puzzle creators have added to their published puzzles

A puzzle without keywords added to it will be found in the main category, the creator of the puzzle selected when she posted the puzzle on Jigidi. But the puzzle will not appear in any subcategories (as it lacks the keywords to help guide it into relevant subcategories). In contrast, the addition of keywords secures placing in the appropriate subcategories.

That said using keywords to help populate the puzzle subcategories may accidentally lead to some non-meaningful placings. So, please do feel free to get in touch should you come upon a clearly misplaced puzzle.

Will there be changes to the main categories?

Yes, you will find, we have adjusted and reorganized the existing main categories some. One has been renamed (as it turned out that “Machines” almost entirely relates to transportation), and others have become subcategories.

It is also worth noting that puzzles with more than one keyword added may appear in more than one subcategory (but always only in one main category).

This enables us to showcase your puzzles in a manner that reflects more aspects of your puzzles.

How keywords work

Take a puzzle featuring a cat in a tree.

When you create this puzzle, you may choose ‘Animals’ as the main category and then add cat, nature and tree as keywords:

Keywords and jigsaw puzzle category

Hence, the puzzle will appear in Animals as the main category, and in ‘Cats’ and ‘Trees’ as subcategories.

But note, that the keyword ‘nature’ will not exchange into a placing, as it is the name of a main category, and a puzzle can only appear in one main category - and here you have already chosen ‘Animals’.

So, this was it for the run-down on the upcoming category-selection on Jigidi. Once we get it up and running by November 13th you can try it on for size and let us know what you think ☺

Now, we will end this blog post by addressing the point of inspiration (remember - the diabolically dual aim from the beginning of the blog post?).

Appraising novelty

We will start by asking one of life’s big questions: Can one overindulge on cat puzzles?

And - while we’re at it - on:

  • Christmas puzzles,
  • beach puzzles
  • or flower puzzles?

That was four out of the five most searched puzzle categories on Jigidi. (The fifth is really second and well outside of our guidelines – so, we’ll quietly step over that one to get to the point).

Remember to throw new things at yourself (sorry about that cat ♥).

On the days you are up for it, try fighting the urge to stay within your Jigidi-habits. Because our brains L.O.V.E novelty.

Novelty has a very direct payoff. It awakens us and makes us widen our perspective. And, as a result, we progress as humans.

Not at all bad for a Tuesday afternoon on your couch with Jigidi ☺

How to step out on your Jigidi-habits?

Three notes on this one.

1. Take a firm step over the usual suspects

For instance, when you select a puzzle, try to choose a new category or size than what you would typically go for. The new categories with their additional subcategories will offer further inspiration to this end ☺

2. Branch out in your Jigidi challenges

Try creating a puzzle on Jigidi if this is not common for you.

Similarly, consider dipping your toe in the social life on Jigidi. Think about how you can give back to your fellow puzzlers for just being here with you - and then take a leap of faith and leave a comment on a puzzle.

Engaging in meaningful and positive social interaction has such a profound impact on our wellbeing.

3. Step up the game on the activity of choice

For example, if you are already a puzzle creator, you might consider conceptualizing your puzzles (create a series) or maybe put more work in the description of your puzzles?

If creating puzzles is not to your taste, and you most enjoy solving puzzles, you can try challenging yourself in that discipline. Such a challenge does not have to include time or the size of the puzzle. It can also involve trying a mindful solving style, where you focus only on the puzzle—leaving the world (and the leaderboard) to handle itself for a while.

So, that was it.

Come November 13th; you can visit the new jigsaw puzzle category page and see if it adds to your joy of Jigidi. We hope it does ♥

Thank you for being here. We do so appreciate you all.




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Hi all. Thank you for all your feedback to us, here and in our support system.

We do appreciate hearing about specific problems you may experience with the recent change regarding categories on Jigidi. This is precisely what we need to correct any errors and design faults we cannot test ourselves or that we have missed. You may have noticed; we have already lured out some of the issues.

Changes as per default require work, and we understand this can be frustrating. What previously caused no effort now causes more till you get comfortable with the new system. But - and this is very important to us:

1. The guidelines for Jigidi applies to all communication on Jigidi; including here on Jigidi Post and in our support system.

2. We need information on a problem to address it. Different versions of ‘I like the old way better’ are jabs and not carrying much information.

So, please read the blog entry on this page for information on the new system for categorisation - and then give it a real (explorative) go. For instance, many of the categories you ask for are, in fact, there. But you have to explore the pages to find out.

And then, if you find you have problems or suggestions, please write to us via our support function. We read everything you write to us on the blog, but we can get much better organized at our end when handling errors and design faults via the support system.

We know there are bound to be some issues when entering with changes of this magnitude. And, again, we thank you for your feedback as we work through them alongside you all ♥.

Much love,

I joined Jigidi as Scotty Brown and then you disappeared me and then I started again as Deborah LeSueur. now i am no longer a member. I have written a number of times but never heard back. I love to do the puzzles and find it a restful thing to do. I am 93 now and I have a good time doing the puzzles. I wish that I could put my 2 pages together. I have posted pictures to share with others, but now I dont as i do not want to bother if i get erased again, I hope this time .....

Didn't сatch the old format times. However, I like your new format, overall, it's user-friendly and easy to use.


I have the same problem as @dlanderson! @Joco uses keywords that have nothing to do with the puzzles he appends them to and it really makes searching for a particular category very frustrating. For example, he uses the keyword "painting" for all of his puzzles, which are not paintings but photographs. @Jigidi @JigidiPost

when I search 'farms' - 70 percent of the puzzles are houses by Joco, who seems to have precedence over all other choices:(


I so much enjoy Jigidi. It's a place to relax and get away knowing that all the puzzles have solution. No tricks or traps in Jigidi.
Thanks for being here.


How do I find puzzles that are for kids?


Thank you for the changes BUT yes they can and ARE confusing.
I think there may be just a few of use older people like me, or may be has trouble controlling the mouse like me again.
Then you also have others with other types of challenges.


drop down boxes are needed for subcategories


It's all good.


ben blij met jigidi liefst in het nederlands. bedankt


I'm sorry, but I didn't like the new format. I enjoy those puzzles and they are a therapy to me. I know you will not go back, but I have to say that I prefered the other one.


I am not leaving Jigidi, but I agree with several points made by @purpley, especially "It's so awkward and doesn't move gracefully the way it did. It's clunky and doesn't have that slight magnetic pull when the pieces get close to snapping together. It needs a perfect line-up and then a tight push to get it to connect." There are many small differences between the old and new Jigidi experience, and I don't believe that all of the differences are due to the switch from Flash to HTML5.

Changes that younger, more tech-savvy people think enhance efficiency have the opposite effect for older people who have learned one way to do something and have difficulty imposing a new "map" over the old one. And while we can learn new ways to do something, it's very taxing to have to learn MULTIPLE new procedures and routines within one system or activity.


I need to say "thank you" for the many hours I have deeply enjoyed playing on this site. However.... I need to stop and I will truly miss it. Literally everything about the new website is so frustrating that it not only takes most of the fun out of the puzzles, but it hurts my wrist using the same mouse I have always used.

It's so awkward and doesn't move gracefully the way it did. It's clunky and doesn't have that slight magnetic pull when the pieces get close to snapping together. It needs a perfect line-up and then a tight push to get it to connect. This puts extra pressure on the wrist. The coloring is harsh and ugly. It's hard to look at for long. The quick access to the pause button is totally gone. There is definitely a glitch even when you click the proper icon. The ability to stop abruptly to answer the phone or react to the door is lost. The choice to get in AND out of the full screen takes more patience than I have.

As a person who is disabled and enjoyed the escape of playing with these puzzles, I will forever miss the website. But, the site is free and I therefore have no right to complain about losing it. Instead, I would like to say "thanks" for the years of fun and for all of the nice conversations that I got to have with other players.

If, in the future, if there existed a site that worked as well as the old one did, I would gladly pay for it if need be, just to have that pastime back.

I am possibly addicted to Jigidi solving several every day and repeating them until I can't get any faster. Cheating? I can't see the point in that and I find the pause button so useful on so many levels as there are constant interruptions in a busy home so thank you for including it again. I don't bother too much about categories as I go by the size and the look of the puzzle. If it is interesting and between 70 and say 250 pieces I'll give it a go. The one thing I've notice in the last day or maybe two is that the clock is slow to update and sometimes I have redone a puzzle before the previous time is showing. This evening one of my times hasn't appeared at all. No doubt that is just a glitch and will right itself in due course. I really enjoy the puzzles and thank the Jigidi team and everyone who takes the time to produce the them.

@Bluebonnet - Yes, I do follow my favorites. I guess my point was that I may also at times want to search by category. Also, if a puzzler doesn't appear in what seems to be an "obvious" category, then others might miss out on puzzle types for which they are searching.


@wahinebeeb Under the category Art, there is a subcategory Cartoons. Click on Cartoons and there you will see your puzzles.


@PuzzleUp Do you not follow your favorites? Go to @ribu and click on "Follow this user" under her name. Then you will receive a notification every time she posts a new puzzle. If for some reason you do not want to follow your favorite puzzle creators, go to the black bar at the top of any Jigidi page and click "Puzzles," then on the drop-down menu click "By User."

I admit to currently avoiding the new format and will solve in Flash until the last possible moment. Having said that, I have done a little searching with the new Categories format and cannot find puzzles by one of my favorite creators - Ribu. One would assume that since so many of Ribu's puzzles are of coffee that they would be listed under category Food, subcategory Coffee. Are Ribu's puzzles not displayed because of the non-English spelling "Koffie"? How can this be corrected?


I always do the big ones. Just an idea .... Is it possible to make one extra (small) screen so you can put pieces in it? As for the rest, I'm very happy with this site!! ♥


Have you considered making jig saw puzzles that have shaped edges instead of interlocking? It would be fun to choose between the two when making or doing a puzzle. PS..I love looking at and doing all the puzzles that are posted. Thank you for this place I can go and relax!


p.s. Having read some of the comments, I'd like to suggest to anyone who would like to see a particular puzzle as a smaller size or as a larger size: ask the person who made the puzzle. It is too easy to create and recreate a puzzle in different sizes.


Thanks for all the cool changes. Though first of all, thanks for the cool site.

I work at least one puzzle each day and select first by category (I like nature) and then by size. Working a 200-250 range works great for me--large enough to be a good puzzle and small enough that it doesn't take a large amount of time. Puzzles that have forests, buildings, waterfalls, etc. are essentially my choice. This new way of selecting really creates a very, very difficult way of choosing for me and will require more time for selecting than for working. Working with this will be a challenge, but I certainly will try what is the best for all and not just for me. Love this website.

I always wished we could have a choice of picking "horizontal" or "portrait". Portrait puzzles are hard to fit on some monitors. They are hard to do on my laptop, i know that for sure.

I don't like your new format, the old one worked just fine for me. If you change again Please go back to the old format. Unclemike


Okay. So now I’ve had some time to use the new categories, both as a puzzle maker AND a solver, I think there are some issues that need to be considered.

My feedback is about “my” category – Art, which is the new category I both now have to post in, and try to find puzzles to solve in.

I used to post in the old category – “mosaics”. Although, I have to say that I never understood why the kinds of puzzles that I make, and like to solve, were put in a category called “mosaics” when that means “a pattern or image made of small regular or irregular pieces of coloured stone, glass or ceramic, held in place by plaster/mortar, and covering a surface.” - per Wikipedia. However, there seemed to be a common understanding by all that this is where “digital art” kinds of images would be.

That common understanding no longer seems to exist with the new sub-categories in the Art category. I’ve had a solver of mine say she can’t find the puzzles by her favourite puzzle-makers anymore.

I have the same issue as that solver. Looking through Art returns lots of puzzles that aren’t what I’m looking for. So I have to use sub-categories to narrow it down. And currently to find what I’m looking for I have to try colourful art, mosaics, modern art, abstract art, fractals and kaleidoscopes to find the kinds of puzzles I like. This is time-consuming and frustrating. And I used to find all those things just in one category.

The new sub-categories are very granular. And will only work where there are clear definitions about what goes where. This would help both puzzle-makers and solvers know where things are, or should go. It’s important that both groups know, in order for the new system to work better for everyone.

I also think that something that would help solvers navigate the number of possible sub-categories that might contain the puzzles they are looking for, would be the ability to multi-select sub-categories. It would make it easier for me to find the puzzles I like to solve if I could select all of the colourful art, mosaics, modern art, abstract art, fractals and kaleidoscopes sub-categories at once, rather than one at a time.

Lastly, I have some feedback about some of the other categories. I’m not sure why there are flowers and blossoms in Nature. Or sunsets and sunrises in Scenery. Clouds and sky. Or why there are airplanes and planes in Transportation. Locomotives and trains. Boats and ships. All these similar things being separately categorised make it harder for a solver to find what they’re looking for as they need to look in both!

I understand that you asked for feedback/suggestions to be sent through to your support desk. I will send this through there too. But I have posted it here as well, to encourage either those that feel the same way to voice it or those who might feel afraid to express their feedback.

I also want to acknowledge that you have added “kaleidoscopes” as a sub-category since your initial roll-out, in response to feedback, and thank you for that.


I wish it were possible to select the number of pieces to play for each puzzle. There are many puzzles I'd like to play if they were around 100-160 instead of just 30 or some other small number.

I have never chosen a puzzle based on category. Size and visual appeal are my criteria.

To find puzzles, I scan through the recent looking for ones that are about 100 to 300 pieces. Small ones are too fast - I don't 'get' into them. Very large ones are hard to work with on my screen. I don't use the provided size ranges - they don't suit the sizes I prefer.

The ability to specify a minimum and maximum size would be wonderful.


I like the old system, tks

Why would you change anything. I can no longer find the vintage store fronts and vintage homes.

I would say, Never change a winning team.........

When I create a puzzle I'm now given a much shorter, more general list of category options, which seems like a step backward. I'm seeing no link to a more extensive, more specific list. So what good will it do for puzzlers to be able to select more specific category designations if those who create the puzzles don't have the option to apply those designations in the first place What I'm seeing now when I create puzzles just doesn't make sense.


Sorry I do not like this. When I look for puzzles I post, I am not even able to find them. Lots of postings will now be done under miscellaneous. I post puzzles that do not exactly fall under a certain category and I don't know where to put them, so they go under miscellaneous.
Why did you change it? The way it was, was perfect.

This is one of my favorite sites.

The only thing I can think of would be to add a "none of the above" or "other" for categories such as Animals


Mijn plezier vandaag ?
Gewoon , gezellig puzzelen .
Prima site , veranderingen ? Aanpassingen ? Geen probleem.

people need to stop whinging and get on with their lives.(Love one another).
Unless you contribute to the maintenance and upkeep of the site, you should keep your inappropriate comments to your selves. Personally I just use the random button and see what comes up, if I don't like it,I just hit refresh and try again. sorry if I have offended anyone, this is just my humble opinion. Keep up the good work jigidi.


I have a request on a completely different issue. I would appreciate having more background choices for the puzzles I do. I have poor vision and it's sometimes hard to see a contrast between the puzzle piece and the background. Having other textures and colors would be helpful. Thanks,

How about an Artwork category if y'all do not change it back???

I enjoyed solving the theme puzzles. With the new change, I can't find them anymore. It takes too much time to find the puzzles. Please go back to the old way.


Just a quick message to say thank you for including "kaleidoscopes" in your sub-categories as mentioned in my comment (8 November 2020) . . . ;-)

Whatever has happened to Jigid? I really used to like solving puzzles on your site. It was easy to use and enjoyable. I now find it very frustrating and not user friendly. Why did it have to change? If it ain't broke don't fix it.


But on the whole, I prefer it the way it now WAS.




I often sit and just look at what is available all round.


I agree the new search format is cumbersome & intrusive, & I don't think it's better that the old format - the 'old' format wasn't broken so why fix it?

I'm glad the key words & the search bar are still present, but why can't I search for just SMALL puzzles in a given category that I've typed in the search bar - say, 'snow' or 'fairies'. This has always been annoying as I have to wade through all the large & huge ones to find the small ones, & this hasn't changed for the better yet.


"WHO designed this mess? And what was it supposed to achieve besides frustrating users? Did you bother asking users what they would find useful or helpful?"

"I don't like it."

"Leave well enough alone."

" Just some feedback from an unpaid Puzzle Maker who attracts people to your site so that you can make money."

"It seems a great deal of progress is created to make more profit."

"I want to stay with Flash." [You can't. Flash will DIE on December 31, 2020.]

"I don't like it!"

I have always been resistant to change, and as I got older I found it harder and harder to adapt. But finally I learned that when the technology you use changes, you have to play with it for a while until you start to see how things work. Click on a button that you think might be helpful. If it doesn't help, try something else. You won't blow anything up, and you will learn some things.

The people who designed and operate Jigidi are NOT getting rich from it, and they are working more than full-time. And just think: What would all of us do with ourselves, especially now in the age of Covid, without Jigidi? Try to have patience with the changes, learn to work with them, and PLEASE, be polite and considerate toward the creative, clever, kind people who have given us this great gift.



So my Mom uses Jigidi only on her iPad and neither of us is able to see any of the subcategories, only the ten biggies. What are we missing? Has this change carried over successfully to the mobile apps?? Please help!

Like what you did with the categories. Yes, I'm guilty of being a mega cat-lover. Didn't realize it was so popular with others. But, I do skip around once in a while.
Thank you for continuing to serve us puzzle maniacs.


Hi please can you add the following categories : COLLAGES (i post a lot of collages that i make myself and many people enjoy them ☺☺☺ on @brightspark I am on No 508 of my Series : STAX OF CUPS and make them up every day!!!) Under @sparklightie i post Vintage puzzles (tonight posted My 498th Vintage puzzle!!) as so many others do too so VINTAGE would be awesome, how about ADVERTS, PATTERNS, DIGITAL ART, FRIENDS, FATHER CHRISTMAS (as many people call dear old Santa) TRAVEL, SEASONS GREETINGS ie ANNIVERSARIES BIRTHDAYS HOLIDAYS, OCCASIONS, NEW YEAR. COLORING IN. CALENDARS, TIME, CLOCKS, DAYS ,MONTHS. ICE CREAMS under FOODS what about DRINKS. KALEIDOSCOPES, COMICS, CARTOONS, BOOKS, we also need a Category that has sub categories : Sewing Knitting Needlework Quilts Arts & Crafts. DISNEY. COLORS !!! ALPHABETS NUMBERS thanks and hoping and praying to see a lot of these categories appearing ♥♥


I think the new category idea is great! Gut... I'm confused about how to post my created puzzles in the correct subcategory. Maybe the feature isn't deployed yet, but how can I change my category from "Art" to "Mosaics"?

i really like it.. you did wonderful.

I like it the way it is! Lovely to be able to scroll through and see all the different puzzles, even if I don't have time to do any but the very smallest then! I always go through them all - morning and night, and do puzzles I never would have if I had to "find" them!

Me to!!!!!!

RandomWorship, I'm afraid pattern puzzles are not 'my scene', as I am sure, the rubbish I enjoy is not your's. I enjoy rummaging through the new postings to see other folk's pictures. Unhappily my day is only 24 hours long and I am one of the slowest solvers in the game so I stick to stuff I know about and only comment on puzzles I've completed. I met the new system this morning and was greatly less than impressed. I believe in the old principle, 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'. As a seriously non-computer person I am shocked and terrified at the continuous urge to change things. Progress can be good but it seems a great deal of progress is created to make more profit.


Funny you mention asking for new subcategories, ferretneck - because that's exactly what I am about to do!! As a puzzle-maker, predominately what I make are my own patterns, that I then make my puzzles from. The digital art world calls them seamless or endless patterns. But I think "patterns" would suffice as a subcategory name. I'm not alone. There are loads of puzzle makers who post pattern puzzles. Including Willymon - who makes possibly Jigidi's most prolifically solved puzzles!! I also think that "fabrics" and "plaids" are needed. Collages of fabrics and plaids are hugely popular too. I hope that you will consider these requests/suggestions. (❛ᴗ❛)


Themes has disappeared! My puzzles are all (virtually) going to be miscellaneous. They are quizzes/brain teasers/puzzles/cartoons/funny!

Why not leave well alone? It was fine. Your new system adds unnecessary complication. I appreciate I am rubbish with computers and the concept of building a program that makes jigsaws is beyond my comprehension. The original categories dealt with everything. It left room for a few funny blunders but everybody knew where everything was. You leave yourself open to an interminable string of demands for new sub-categories. I liked 'people' as a category, I suppose they must now be 'miscellaneous'. But I foresee new requests for sub and sub-sub classifications Pipe smoking, tattooed, wrestling nuns? It will only get worse.


As a librarian, I appreciate your move toward granularity. I have always enjoyed the metadata creation part of making a puzzle - subject words, source of image, descriptions.

Keywords were the number 1 thing I worked on as a library cataloger, and I go to (what some might call absurd) great lengths to describe all the parts of the picture. It's fun. You never know what might be helpful to someone.

So, when I post puzzles of a cat eating pizza, I supply keywords: "cat pizza funny humor" as well as whatever else is central to the pic. If you create a subcategory for humor, will people who might like it be able to find it, even though I selected Cats for the category?


@TreMenDous If you just click on "Puzzles" and then "Most Recent," you will get a page headed "Latest Jigsaw Puzzles." Below that will be pull-down menus for categories, sizes, and one for "Search" where you can, as in the past, enter a word such as "interiors" to narrow down your results. @MaryEPear

Why can't I select for size? I don't want to see every single puzzle - just the 60-120 sizes. But if I put that in it just ignores me and gives me everything in the category regardless.

La innovación es buena. Probaré y haré comentarios


I would like to see a sub-category for "interiors" under Buildings.

Posted my puzzles under Art before I knew of the changes. I really don't know what category to place the puzzles I post, only know that they are artworks, period.


Not a fan but I'm only one voice.


@mstevens1020 When you find someone whose puzzles you like, you can "follow" that user and you'll be notified of all her new postings so you can bookmark the ones you want to solve.

I do not like having to select the puzzle size everytime.

I like the mosiacs. But today, I notice that one of the best author of puzzles - I think it is grandma or grandmother or something like that no longer is shown. I hope that can be corrected.


Thank you for your humour and always trying to improve the user experience! Stay safe!


I do not like having to select the puzzle size every time. I love the basic randomness of selecting a category and puzzle size then I let the algorithm choose the puzzle.

I really don't like this format. Can't find my puzzles under Art.


I really like the new side panel, which shows the picture and gives the ability to pause instantly. The old delayed pause often spoilt my attempts to get on the leaderboard!! Your new ideas relating to category look good - I await these with interest. The only other facility I would like is to be able to separate edge pieces at the start, as can be found on one or two other (and inferior!) puzzle sites. Keep up the good work.


@JayneH You're welcome! We all have way too much stress and anxiety these days. I'm pleased I could help!

I so love everything about this puzzle site - tried many online this is by far the best even post flash! When I need a break and to play this is one of my go-to places. Thank you for all you do to make this possible for us creative puzzle lovers!


@Bluestockings - I tried your suggested method and it works fine enough for me. I really appreciate your giving me my first page!! Using the URL hadn't occurred to me! Duh! Thanks for making my life easier by removing a little stress and anxiety today! :-))


Thank you so much, Bluestockings . . . I'll give your suggested technique a whirl . . . or perhaps a stumble......... just for an FYI to anyone questioning previous suggestions to Jigidi for 'Help' or "Support" - my previous 2 suggestions were posted through 'Help' and 'Support' and I did receive acknowledgments of receipt but that has been it - no further response. I thought perhaps placing a request via 'Comment' might trigger further Jigidi interest.


@JayneH They may be able to accommodate you (it would be convenient), but this is not the place to ask for things or make suggestions. Use the "Support" form at the bottom of any page, under "Help."

In the meantime, here's what I do: I click on "My Puzzles" and then on, say, page 7. Then I replace the 7 in the URL with a wild guess at what the earliest page might be (e.g., 70). Then I just keep clicking on the last number in the row of numbers until I get to the end, thus skipping several pages at a time. Occasionally I check one of the pages as I go through to see what month and year the puzzles on that page were published, so if I think it'll be a long haul I may be able to skip 20+ pages at a time. If you overshoot, you will get a message saying "This person has not created any puzzles." After your heart stops pounding, use the same system to go backward until you find your first page.

Your first page is currently 252. That's as far back as your archive goes.

You just made something great truly awesome!!! Thank you!


My 3rd request in 2 years is for creators - please make our search for previously posted puzzles capable of 'skipping' directly from current postings to early postings . . . in simple terms, I started creating puzzles in 2013; I want to look through some of those first puzzles by immediately skipping to page 1 and searching 'backward' to present-day page.

Any chance this tweek to your cumulated puzzle pages can be made?? This creator will be heartily grateful!!! :-))

Thank you the changes sound awesome. I love puzzles of dogs, kids, dogs & kids together.


You have already brought new meaning to my life - entertainment (yep, really do love those cats!), education (insects, birds, lifestyles, clothing, hobbies, art, cooking), philosophy, and just having fun, and communication with others. I can hardly wait for the new format. Seriously - VERY EXCITED!! Thank you for continuing to evolve! :>)


Thank you for finding ways to increase our exposure to new ideas and broaden our lives!!!


Thank you!


I was hoping there was also the possibility of changing the n. of pieces (for example, if I really appreciate a 500 piece puzzle, why can't I make it 30 pieces, or vice versa, without having to disturb the creator?) In short, there should be a choice. Unfortunately there isn't, too bad


Just updated my very slow laptop so look forward to your new and old categories. They sound great. Thanks for your updates and the site. Can't believe so many Jigidi friends and I've been here so long. It just proves you are doing something right. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Anne


Merci pour ces nouveautés et pour votre travail.


Thank you for the thought you put into this app. I so enjoy puzzling and finding good puzzles to share. Thanks for making it easier for all to enjoy :)


I love flash. It looks good and feels smooth. I tried the new one and I hate it so much that I anticipate not coming here anymore once it's changed. I'm so disappointed, but I don't think there is anything you guys can do about it or you would have. Thanks anyway - it's been really great.


Would be so lovely to have a category for cartoon/anime oriented puzzles. :-)


I do like the flash, because I like to see where I stand on the leader board. Not that I make it to the top 10 very often, but it is nice to see how I am doing. I do like the pause button.


All sounds good to e and your efforts are appreciated. You are amazing .


That's wonderful news about the category improvements, thanks :)
As a digital artist and puzzle creator of mostly Fantasy themes, I've deliberated on what category to select. Now I can be sure my puzzles will go out there to the right people who DO want fantasy scenes :-D

In recent weeks I have been trialing the new HTML system of playing a puzzle and I have to say, it's not that good, sorry. The best feature is having the picture available in the top-right of the screen, but the worst feature is that the pieces are much, much harder to match. Especially with the new 500+ sizes - the pieces are so small that it hurts the eyes. But I have also found that even 100 and 200 piece puzzles are not the same to play either. I used to be able to play quickly, but the newer mode is just too hard!
please fix it, thanks :)

I don't seem to be able to work with the new format. It isn't as easy as I thought it might be!

I do not like the new format and want to return to flash


Thank you for the update . . . ;-)

I do have a problem with your sub-categories though under ART. Despite having mentioned it before you have still not included a category that accurately describes one of of the popular puzzle choices yet still include 'mosaics'. There are many creators out there who post kaleidoscopes (and collages of them). For many years we have had to post them under mosaics but if you look under that category you will find very few mosaics. On behalf of any other frustrated 'kaleidoers' out there can we please be acknowledged with our own category?


I am also terrible at filling in the keywords. I thought that if the title was descriptive enough for a search it could be found. or does it not search titles.
I also didn’t see in Nature or should it be Scenery( I never knew where to put them). Sky and Clouds and Moonshots.
We definitely need a Food category. I am a cookbook writer.
I am a puzzle maker more than a solver. I have strived to always post a varied array of puzzles. I like to make puzzles that are small amount of pieces but hard. Like Popcorn or a photo of just tadpoles. Then do them over and over to get a better score or until my carpal tunnel kills me, lol.
I also would agree others about some sort of translator for comments.
I have always enjoyed Jigidi for relaxing and positive reinforcement.
Keep up the good work. Sincerely Marian from BC, Canada.

thanks for updates and keeping us posted. keep up the good work


Less is always more.


Might make it a little confusing for us seniors and take a bit of adjustment/getting used to.


Hmm sounds interesting :) Will keep my eyes open for all the new stuff,but for now :) TY Jigidi for making my life more fun-filled :)

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