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Update on pause function in HTML5 jigsaw puzzle player

You now have the option to pause manually in the new puzzle player. This blog post gives you the how-to. And also, we will share with you a few shortcuts we’ve implemented in the new puzzle player.

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Time to take a break?

In a previous blog entry, we explained how we created the new puzzle player with automatic pausing as the only pause-option, and that after much feedback from you all on the matter, we had decided to bring back a version of the manual pause.

This option is now available to you when you solve puzzles in the new puzzle player ☺

How do you pause?

You will find the manual pause-option in the time-section of the side panel after you have begun solving your puzzle.

First, to open the side panel, you click on the three dots placed in the upper right corner of the screen:

How to access the side panel

Then, when you have opened the side panel, you click on this icon: .

Once you have begun assembling your puzzle, the option to manually pause your puzzle will appear:

Time and pause

You will find that when the puzzle is paused manually, the puzzle pieces become blurred.

Once you are ready to resume your puzzle, click anywhere on the blurred puzzle pieces (or click the pause button again), and you are good to go.

Prefer not to have a timer show?

For those of you who enjoy solving your jigsaw puzzles without a timer present on the screen, you see from the image just above that you have the option to disable it.

Please also note, that the automatic pause function still is part of the new puzzle player - it will kick in after 60 seconds of inactivity.

Now, as previously mentioned in this blog post, we also take this opportunity to introduce a few shortcuts to the new puzzle player. And one of them is assigned to the manual pause.

Introducing shortcuts

Shortcuts in the realm of computer devices mean that you have the option to use the keyboard to access functionality you otherwise would use your mouse to activate.

Some l.o.v.e. shortcuts, and find they make matters flow better. Others find shortcuts to be utterly contra intuitive in general and prefer to interact on a more strict mouse-and-program kind of basis.

(If you know for a fact you belong to the latter group, then please feel free to blink through this last part of the blog post). 

Shortcuts in the new puzzle player

Sizing: + -

When you press + or - on your keyboard, you will increase or reduce the size of the jigsaw puzzle pieces.

Side panel:  

When you press the space bar, you will open the side panel, (the one with the three dots in the upper right corner of the page in the puzzle player). To close side panel, you can press the space bar once again.

Pause: P

When you press P, you will pause the timer. To unpause press P again.

Fullscreen: F

When you press F, you will go to fullscreen. To exit fullscreen press F again.


That was about it ☺

Thank you all so much for being here, and we hope you will enjoy what we have introduced above. Happy puzzling, everyone!

Much love, Jigidi


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Can someone please assist me? I am not able to find the puzzle I had started. What is my error? Thank you all for your time and help.


I like the pause button. For me using my PC the entire program is fantastic! But I do have a couple of questions.

Can I turn off clock completely? I become too competitive and really just want to work puzzles for relaxation...I end up watching the clock and stressing that I'm not working fast enough.

Another there a way to surround a group of pieces to move them at the same time?

Thank for for all the hours of fun you have given me.

Once I start a puzzle if I try to start it again. My jigsaw will not complete the cicle.

Pause is ok, but in a former version there was a SAVE button i like...
I think PAPERCRAFTLADY say what many of us think about this!


Thanks for the pause button.


Ps I like toe new format ... it is clear and works fine. Change is hard for all species.


Wondering if you could elaborate on the value of puzzlers to leave a comment. The comments are as interesting as the puzzles. Comments are helpful.

Do not like this new version AT ALL! Not at all user friendly for an iPad. I guess this has been in the works for awhile but surprised when Jigidi was down this morning and got back in this afternoon only to see “The puzzle could not be loaded.” Too bad and so disappointing. Six years of fun while it lasted. So sad to have to look for something else.

Too Bad,
first contact with the new flash player as Player and maker: Big disappointment.
the edges of the pieces are not so sharp as before.
The message on completion is on only one Line.
and for the Rest, i completely agree with PaperCraftLady

the program is a disaster compared to the possibilities of flash player.
I hope the program in HTML5 will quickly become the twin brother of flash player.
Nothing is Right.

I have to say that I was confused today when I logged in and couldn't use the old Adobe Flash player. I managed to find this blog which answered all my questions and now I use all the keyboard shortcuts and everything works fine for me on Chrome. Change can be confusing at times.


as a maker of puzzles, i see that with the new version i can only make my puzzles once. will there be a way to remake one if i wanted to please?


Do we no longer have the option to use the old program? Let me preface this by saying that I have never had a problem with change! I have found over the years that change often brings about better. And maybe there are ways around the things that make me unhappy about this new Jigidi, but it is very frustrating! 1) I can't seem to get into full-screen mode. 2) as with @humminbirdlvr, I don't like that you can't save or exit out of a puzzle like before so that you can leave a comment or pin to Pinterest. As far as I can tell, you have to click on Jigidi to exit the puzzle you just completed, then click on "Completed," then click on the puzzle you just completed. Just to leave a message! 3) Although it's annoying, I'm ok with the AD box in the lower right if that is how we are able to keep using Jigidi for free. Like I said, perhaps there are ways around all of this, but it seems a lot to [re]learn at once. And it doesn't seem that some of the tips offered in the blog actually work for me. Is Chrome not an acceptable browser or is MAC not an acceptable OS?


I am not happy that when I finish a puzzle, there is no button that pops up that says "Work another puzzle". Why would this be gone? I am also not happy that I still cannot find a "Save" button. It sure seems like with new program coming out, Jigidi takes two steps forward, but 100 steps backward. I sure liked the features of the old program so much better!!!


Was not happy for a bit but now that you have explained it and I can use the "P" anytime to pause (it seems) that is super useful. I like the background not being white (white pieces were so hard to find! Thank you for this blog to help.

That did not come out right I said I love Hildo I guess everyone does Queston When I finish one how do I get back to them again The thing you had is gone.Thanks I love them Bernice


I'm not going to lie. The new format for the puzzles is quite ugly. The background colour is quite hideous. I liked being able to choose the background colour that was easier on my eyes.

I realize that Flash support is ending, but I wish there was some way to make it look similar to what I was using before.

To complain about a site that allows me to do digital jigsaw puzzles for free is probably kind of entitled of me, but I guess it could be looked at as a way to perhaps have more options in the future?

I really do appreciate the ability to do these puzzles for free, and I will continue to do them. Thank you for that. :)


@laguapa the completed picture is still available at the top of the side panel.

When I paused on the old style Jigidi it was useful to look at the completed picture displayed ie the one when we select the puzzles. The new blurring when we pause is not helpful and I do not like it at all.


Hello, I have sometimes there is a number in the little q3 questions. First, I always do puzzles a bit at a time, my quiet relaxing drop ins. Usually this works and I find the puzzle, as I left it, on the Puzzles in Progress place. Sometimes, though, the darned thing has dis-assembled itself and I have to start over. Progress: 0, it tells me. Very frustrating! Not at all relaxing. Is there a specific set of steps to be sure the puzzle will wait for me to resume on the next day or week?
Second, is there a way to make a puzzle with, say, 100 pieces, into 300 pieces for a greater challenge with a great picture?
Third, sometimes there is a number in the little square indicating a message or comment but I can rarely find where it is. If I click it, noting appears except a change to "0'. How do I find the message?
Thanks. I do love this site and all the pictures people put in for others to enjoy.


The p and f button are no longer working for me. Is anyone else having this problem?

Auto pause does not seem to work if I hibernate my computer before it's paused. On reopening initially it appears to have paused - for example, I hibernated after 2 minutes or so and when I reopened it said 3 minutes or so - which is probably correct. However, as soon as I moved a piece and restarted the timer it jumped to 14 minutes.


It seems like pausing is one of the most frequently accessed controls. Why not just add it as another icon square beside the zoom controls, right beside the 3-dot option icon for easier access?

Since it is a play state toggle, maybe you could have it switch that bar of buttons to dim when the picture goes into blurred paused display mode, with the resume button in a full (and blinking?) colour green.

A simple dot as the icon for this would probably do it.

I know that you often see the triangle play and double bar pause icons toggling used on other player controls, but I find that can sometimes be confusing to use as a play state indicator.

Since the image blur in pause is the obvious state indicator in the Jigidi player, you don't need to change the button graphic -- just show the user where it is with a strong colour as 'resume' is the only control option while paused.


Is there a better way to scatter the puzzle pieces not just dragging each piece one at a time?


I'm getting used to the new pause function as I often start a puzzle in the evening, and then carry on at breakfast the next morning or lunch. But when I forget to pause and click my Surface off, the timer just carries on. I started a 600 piece starfish puzzle last night, worked on it for 2 hrs, and went to bed. When I put my Surface on this morning, the timer showed 11 hrs. I've added another 2 hrs now, but it's so disheartening seeing that clock. This isn't the first time it's happened. I do puzzles for pleasure, not time, but I admit I get a thrill when I get on the leaderboard with these big challenging ones. This timer is taking the pleasure out of using Jigidi.


Hi, just checked out your new html version. How do you save a puzzle to go work on it later? I can't find the save button. Thanks.


great news, glad you've added a pause option, thank you ?

When you have a chance could you place the pause on the main screen (maybe beside the clock) I'm using the galaxy tablet so I use a pen to navigate and to drag puzzle pieces.
I dont have a large screen so the options cover nearly half of it and it takes a few mins to find what I need... like full screen and now the pause.

Thank you. I couldn't find a way to pause and interruptions were critical!!


Thank you!


To refer to a past comment, Ok we have to have ads with our puzzles, the top left hand corner would be a more appropriate position than the lower right. Can anything be done about it please.


Wow! Thank you for the pause button and the shortcuts.


Awesome innovation!


Thanks for giving us the pause button back!! I can now start doing the very large puzzles again :-) Cheers!

Awesome improvements!!! Thank you!!!

Any chance to have the "Click and drag for group selection" in the next update or the near future?

@roberta21 - I've had the same problem more than once! These days I double check that I am signed in especially if I'm doing a large puzzle or one from a link someone has sent.
When you first open a puzzle, move a few pieces into a distinctive pile and go out of puzzle. Then go back in and see if your little pile is still there. If it is then you are signed in.
Another way to check is to see if you can bookmark the puzzle. If you can, you are signed in, if you cant find the bookmark option you aren't.
I'm not tech savvy and I have to learn things basically by pushing buttons and seeing what happens. The important thing I've learnt is to check I'm signed in before l get too far along in the big puzzles so that I don't have to start again! Cheers :)


Thank you very much!

Merci beaucoup pour cette fonctionnalité bien intéressante. J'aime Jigidi!

I'm having a problem. Usually do large to very large puzzles. Can't do the puzzle all at once so I close out. When I come back to the puzzle, it just starts all over again. There is not always an automatic save--very frustrating. Am I doing something wrong? Please explain. Thank you.

I appreciate your work on the puzzles and the different categories. Thank you.


I find that I use Jigidi to consume time, not quickly solve the next puzzle, but fill my slack time meaningfully, ie., have something to do before bedtime, etc. The Pause Control will satisfy my need to not have unused (wasted time ) counted.

Thanks for all your hard work. Have you ever considered using more than one design for the shapes of the pieces, have them selected at random by Jigidi ? I work mostly the 540-piece puzzles (now 600-piece puzzles). I have noticed that the shapes and sequence of the pieces always seems to be the same.


I thank you also, but for the full screen shortcut. That will eliminate 5-6 mouse clicks every time I go there. Thanks again.

These all sound great. So glad to have the pause back and to be able to change to and from full screen quickly. Didn't realise that there were rules as to whether or not one should have the picture in view. As to lowering my time I just do it over again until I've convinced myself I can't get any lower.


So much better.Thanks


The pause is helpful, but when doing puzzles about buildings or scenery, it would be nice to be able to see a picture of what is being done. I know people have used it to cheat, but we all know that anyone with a very low time score is cheating somehow and that they aren't known for their solving abilities, but are suspect. It just tedious to stop the puzzle to see what is going on generally, and then have to set it back up. At 70, I do forget a few things.


All great revisions to an already fantastic web page. The keyboard shortcuts are especially valuable - Thanks guys and keep up the good work :)


Damn, yall good!

This is excellent! Thanks so much Jigidi-I love this site and use it all the time :)


Thank You! I hate answering the phone or the door and it always adds to my time. I'm not usually competitive but the additional time irked me!

Love all of this!


Thank you,☺☺


So pleased with all the improvements. Thanks.


I like the pause thing, both by mouse and keyboard. thank you


Thanks! I love the shortcuts!

I'm so impressed with the HTML player. Jigidi is the absolute best jigsaw creator and player. Bravo!!! I can see the pause button is big for many and appreciate your response for them. I have 2 requests, one is akin to calluna and notawahoo, and the other is about wanting to have a puzzle save without having to connect pieces.

I create large puzzles (thanks for the increase, BTW), 4 at a time, and then start them so I can have them in my IN PROGRESS list. When that's empty I know it's time to create 4 more. Before playing for the first time I resize my window to get the best scatter pattern (I like them somewhat long & narrow, but spread evenly). Then I go full screen, zoom in and move scatter to left side of screen so I can build the puzzle to the right of the scatter (I have a wide screen).

The HTML scatter pattern requires more work to adjust after enlarging than the Flash one, because the density of the pattern varies from high in the middle to diffuse at the edges. It would we great to have a consistent density pattern across the entire window during puzzle initiation.

The HTML save of the puzzle doesn't seem to occur until after a puzzle piece has been joined to another, whereas in the Flash player I could get it to save after just moving a piece. This is helpful when I'm generating my first in-progress save and when I've rearranged a lot of puzzle pieces by color around the edge of where I'm going to build the puzzle. For now I make sure I connect 2 puzzle pieces just before I leave the puzzle to generate a save. Would there be a way to make it so that we could force a save in HTML?

Thanks for whatever you can do. Regardless, Jigidi HTML is night and day above the other puzzle sites out there or even puzzle apps one can buy!!


thx so much!! LOVE your site but without pause capability, I had to forego visiting most of the time. like others, life has so many interruptions -- namely the big Daphne dobie!!
thx again!!!


Thank you for the good "pause" news....and other info. Much appreciated.

Further to notawahoo's comment below.....HTML seems to mix "all in a pile" and "spread out". In Flash they were more distinct. Any chance HTML can be tweaked to behave similarly to Flash?

I prefer a pile that I can shift a bit to the side and pull pieces to a clear space. In Flash I could "manage" the pile by opening a puzzle in a smaller window, then maximizing it, dragging the puzzle area so the pile is off to the side and start working it, pulling pieces to the clear area. The smaller the window, the tighter the pile.

Doing this in HTML (with a ~400-600pc jig) doesn't get the same results. Puzzle pieces are tiny, some in a pile and others scattered out quite a bit. Increasing the piece slightly (so it the size is what they would commonly be in Flash for similar sized jigs) pushes the pieces beyond the screen size (22" widescreen) . Maybe this will just take some getting used to..... but if you could work some (more) magic.... :D Appreciate the work you've already done!

In the Flash Jigidi, I can open the puzzle in a large Windows window, and the pieces will be spread out over the whole window. If I do the same in the HTML version, the pieces are all on top of each other when the little jigsaw is finished. Is there an HTML way to spread the pieces out more? Thanks!

Thank you for adding the Pause! I have two basset hounds who always "must" go outside just as I'm in the middle of a huge Jigidi!


Sounds great, thanks!


Lovely - thank you.


Thanks for the info.


Thank you.


Thank you!


thank you for the useful update,, keep up the good work. god bless


THANK YOU!!! I get interrupted so often when I try to solve puzzles, and I am just competitive enough that I have missed the pause feature terribly! I will also be using the shortcuts quite a lot. :)

Thank you for all you do.
I love these puzzles!


Excellent, thank you. Stay safe.


Thank you!


thank you


Thank you also from me too, for the changes you are making. :)

I really like how you took user feedback on board re: the manual pause and still found a solution to address the issue with cheating. It's so simple but effective! Also really love the shortcuts and how intuitive they are - my mom will definitely appreciate them as well. :D


You are doing such a wonderful job. I am a senior and sometimes I find other program changes very baffling and annoying. You are brilliant to make it all so clear. I like jigidi more than ever. Thank you.

Thank you . Very helpful.


Thanks for all of this! We do appreciate your taking feedback into consideration!
Will there be a way to go back to the puzzle page directly from the puzzle again sometime?
You are really on top of things, in anticipation of Flash going away. Glad you did not wait till the last minute. This is a great site!

Nice. Thanks!


Oh, yes. I missed pause too. And I like the shortcuts. I'll probably have to refer to this blog post a few dozen times til it sinks in but a big THANK YOU!!



Thank you!


Thanks for that I’m sure going to use the pause option


Well thought out guys, very good shortcut options and the blurring is a great idea. Thanks for all your hard work. ♪♥♥♫


Thank you!! I was missing the pause option.


Thank you so much for trying to accommodate all of us. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


How do I get the new puzzle player? My computer still wants to use the old one with Flashplayer.


Děkuji :-)


Thank you for bringing back the Pause button, I usually use the mouse but will be trying your shortcuts.


I L.o.v.e. the new shortcuts! I am a keyboard person vs mouse person. Thank you!


Oh, what a relief! and the shortcuts are great! Thank you!


Love TigerCat's comment because for me the "P" option is indeed the Pee option LOL!



Thank you!


Thanks for the shortcuts!


Thank you. Looking forward to trying your shortcuts.


Love it!! Thank you for this alert, Mette ☺


Thank you, you have 'almost' persuaded me to try the HTML version again, well, you and Apple both, as they have removed flash from their latest updates.


One of the short cuts Mette wrote out at the end of this article. Great.


@ringleader I just tried it and yes, pressing the p button does pause the puzzle! Pressing p again un-pauses it.


Thank you so much for these changes! Having the manual pause back is fantastic. I'm especially grateful for the keyboard shortcuts you listed because it makes pausing an even quicker process!


Thank you!


I tried just pressing "p" and it worked by pausing the puzzle. It blurred the picture but that was what it did in Flash. Thank you once more.

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